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The city that never sleeps

As one of the premiers resorted destinations for travelers, both domestic and abroad. Pattaya has never stopped to welcome the guests who want to spend the holiday in a city beach resort, sea activities, and nightlife.

What makes Pattaya is distinctively interesting to other places.

Many seashores and beautiful islands

Pattaya features charming and expansive beaches;

  • Jomtien Beach, a 6-km long sandy beach, separated from other parts of Pattaya district by the hill backward of South Pattaya. Driving crosses the mountain and the giant Buddha leading you to the peaceful beach, perfect for one who seeks the place to escape from the crowd.
  • Wong Amat Beach considered the best beach in Pattaya. The location is quiet, flawless, and clean sand, and lovely circumstances. An ideal spot for tourists who need privacy.

Pattaya Mount or also called Thap Ya Mountain or Thap Phraya Mountain, a beautiful viewpoint providing the wide-angle panorama of Pattaya city. It opens to the public from early morning to late at night with the highlighted spot “Pattaya Peak,” which is the spacious court with benches and telescope arranged for the tourists. The point features the terrific Pattaya town through Larn Island and glittering lighting in the city at night.

And a must-visit for everyone who comes to Pattaya is Larn Island. The magnificent island in the Pattaya sea provides clean sandy beaches and clear water, suitable for a swim. Also, the sacred Buddha image to worship and the scenic point to take some deep breath and splendid top-view.

Variety of tourist attractions

Not only the beach and sea that make Pattaya is unusual for the trip. There are many attractive locations for one to enjoy the holiday. For example, Mimosa, Ripley Museum, Miniature Town, Nong Nuch Garden, Walking Street, Wat Nyannasang Wararam, and so on. Further than that, lots of activities to entertain and pleasant weather all through the year for you to do things besides sea activities, such as temple tour, water park, zoo, vineyard, floral park, and bicycle tour. That is to say, you will not get bore for the trip to Pattaya.

More than that, Pattaya is second to none for its nightlife. Renown “the city that never sleeps,” Pattaya is plenty enough spots for the night hawk being vigorous; nightclubs, bars, entertainment complex, and fascinating cabaret show of Alcazar and Tiffany, for instance.

The broad array of delicious food

There are numerous good restaurants in Pattaya in various classes and styles; seafood, Thai, and western cuisine. Also, local snacks and sweets that you can find anytime and anywhere.

The full scale of tourist facilities

Recognized as one of the most advanced cities of the country, Pattaya features the full range of facilities and infrastructure to be the world’s premier resorted destination; hotels, dining rooms, transportation, and facilities. Those provide one a pleasant and enjoyable trip, certainly.

Prime location

It is very convenient to travel to Pattaya since the place is just only a couple hours away from Bangkok. And transportation within the district that facilitate excellently to the tourists.

Big happenings organized in Pattaya

No doubt that the crowded city like Pattaya is a perfect venue to set up lots of significant events, both local and international. Pattaya features many exciting happenings, for example, Pattaya Music Festival, Marathon, International Firework Festival, Songkran Festival, Halloween Festival, etc. that you can enjoy all year round.

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