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Udon Thani

An alluring land of the northeastern of Thailand

Udon Thani is another critical region in the northeast of Thailand. As a strategic transportation hub within the area and also connecting to the neighboring country – Laos. Mentioning the tourist attraction in Udon Thani is a variety of whether beautiful nature, an exotic historical site, recognized one of the most extraordinary world’s heritage sites and worshipful holy places. Those we don’t want you to skip.

Significantly, the most favorite corner in Udon Thani, definitely, the Red Lotus Pond at Nong Han. The fabulous blooming red water lily in the vast pond is so splendid with the aurora is breaking at the horizon as a perfect background.

Another must-visit, specifically the ancient fans, is Ban Chiang Historical Park in Nong Han district. The location accepted the world’s cultural heritage site, one and only in the northeast of Thailand that certified by UNESCO since 1992. Outstandingly, this ancient remains dates back to the pre-historic age about over 5,000 years ago as one of the most remarkable civilizations in Southeast Asia and the world.

Further than Ban Chiang World’s Heritage Site, Udon Thani provides an intriguing natural attraction that is interesting in terms of history titled Phu Phra Bat Historical Park in Ban Phu district. Just so you know, it is on the tentative list of the world’s cultural heritage site.

Drop the history stuff, Udon Thani is marvelous as the home of many beautiful and exotic Buddhist temples. Predominantly, Wat Pa Phu Kon, the holy site nestled in the woodland on the towering mountain in Na Yung district. The complex is quiet and tranquil, the ideal spot for pilgrimage and meditation practice surrounded by the shady canopy of the trees, soaring mountains, and cooling weather. Inside the temple enshrined “Phra Buddha Saiyaslokkanat Sassadamahamuni,” the magnificent reclining Buddha image meticulously made from the white marble imported from Italy. The 20-meter long Buddha created to celebrate in the occasion of HM King Bhumibol’s the 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary in 2011. Also, the elegant golden pagoda called “Phra Prathomrattana Buraphajarn Maha Chedi” on the summit of the hill.

And another must-not-miss holy place to visit in Udon Thani is Wat Siri Suttho or better known among Thai people “Kham Chanot” or “the Temple of Naga.” Kham Chanot situated inside the space of Wat Siri Suttho in Ban Dung district. The location is mysterious and outstanding as an islet floated in the middle of the expansive pond, plenty of bizarre palms called locally “Chanot” that is the origin of its title. Locals believe that the venue is connected realm between the world and underworld where is the residence of the Naga King named “Sri Suttho,” the great naga who rules over the land.

Yet, for one who looks for somewhere to touch the mood of the local way of life, Kiriwongkot, a charming community with a homestay experience, would be the right place. The village is in Na Yung district circled by refreshing atmosphere and towering mountain. Although it has welcomed the tourist for a long time, you will not miss the rustic way of living here, plus many activities to entertain, including rafting, hiking, and camping.

And before leaving this lovely city, do not forget to shop at Nakha Market that is the critical distribution center of traditional weaving textiles here.

So, that is to say, Udon Thani is another fantastic province in Thailand, which are outstanding attractions. Trying to plan your trip here during the weekday when it is the lesser crowd, and you can lingeringly observe its beauty properly.

Udon Thani Travel Guide