Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village

Learning the Elephant’s Life at Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village is a tourist attraction of the elephants, including entertained activities and talent show. The tourist who visits the place will enjoy the life of the elephant, a symbolic creature of Siam in another should-not-miss location to take the trip in the Pattaya region. Whether local or foreign tourists would have a great time to get close to the largest animal on the land and also the verdant natural environment. So, this would be a great memory for your trip to this city of Thailand, definitely. 

About the Pattaya Elephant Village

About the Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village started its operation since 1972 by Khun Pairat Chayakham, the owner of the place. Pairat is affectionate and care for the elephants those suffered and abandoned caused by illness, senility, and deformed. He then initiated to develop his property to be the home for the retired elephants that aren’t able to work hard in the forestry anymore. The elephants who retired whether from aged or illness brought here under the shelter of Pattaya Elephant Village, consequently another possible way to preserve the elephants in the country.

At the property, the visitors will be described by the guided tour regarding the objective of the establishment of Pattaya Elephant Village, how to nurture the elephants, including feeding, training any necessary skills, taking bath to the elephants, directing the way to the elephants, how to catch the wild elephant with safest, for instances. And worry free for the foreigners do not understand the information since the script is in English as the significant visitors are from abroad. And of course, the most favorite thing to do among the tourist would definitely be taking the photo with the elephants.

From that time on, more than five decades that Pattaya Elephant Village is more than a tourist spot, instead it’s so-called a real home for the elephant where the place also provides the knowledge about the elephant. Furthermore, offering the opportunity to the visitors joining in the elephant care program which compliments the trip at this charming residence of the massive creature.

What to do at Pattaya Elephant Village

What to do at Pattaya Elephant Village

Many interesting activities offered to the visitors to enjoy at Pattaya Elephant Village, such as watch the talented elephant show, take the picture with the elephant, feed the elephant, bathe the elephant, and spot other animals that also reside in the village. More than that, the tourist can entertain with the ATV car, experience the silk weaving demonstration, Kasha Kanesha Devalai Show, ride the bamboo raft, and ride on the yoked cow cart. Anyway, the most exciting event when you visit this elephant village is a ride on the elephant to tour in the forest that services to any attractive tourist as a package ticket.

The package pass included many activities for the visitors to have fun besides the jungle tour on the elephant, plus it’s exclusive to the foreigner customer who booked the package with the shuttle bus service to pick up at the accommodation to participate the program. The shuttle is free for the tourist who stays in the hotels in Pattaya, and the extra charge will be supplemented for one who stayed outside the area (anyway it’s still convenient for the visitors, though). 

The Elephant Talented Show

The Elephant Talented Show

“The Elephant Talented Show,” a special show that you will see the accomplishment and loveliness of the elephants who performed with the mahout. Putting the hat to the mahout, shooting the ball into the hoop, raising the trunk with the mahout stands on it, for instance. And anyone fancy to try to sit on the elephant trunk, of course, you can try it with carefully assist by the mahout. Also, for the group tour, you may enjoy the tug of war versus the elephant. So, let see between the 10 of people and an elephant who will be the winner.

Apart from lots of activities with the well-trained elephant at Pattaya Elephant Village, the venue also arranges the section with other animals for the visitors to sight, including duck, rabbit, birds, chicken, fish, swan, and parakeet. Otherwise, anyone prefers to feed the fish, there’s an area that set for the tourist to feed the fish, too.

The Silk Weaving Demonstration

“The Silk Weaving Demonstration,” which shows the visitors all process of the silk fabric production. From the silkworm, cocoon, boiling silkworm cocoons, draw the silk from the cocoons, and weaving as the last process.

Nature Trail by Riding on the Elephant

Nature Trail by Riding on the Elephant

“Nature Trail by Riding on the Elephant,” the activity is providing you the chance to explore the beautiful nature, forest, and fresh watercourse. The tour opens 4 rounds a day with the first trip at 9.00am and 4.00pm is the last schedule. Riding on the elephant here is so convenient since there’s a shooting stand with the same height as the elephants.

Thus, the tourist can step from the scaffold to sit on the elephant’s back comfortably. Two passengers on the elephant will be taken the trip into the beautiful natural land which included the rice field and running streams. The tour takes approximately 50 minutes, and each program of the tour contains different detail of the activities.

The first program

For example, the first program consists of riding the elephant, seeing the silk weaving demonstration, watching the classical Thai dance, including the pick-up service from the hotel. However, the talented elephant show, riding on the yoked cow cart, sailing in the bamboo raft, and driving the ATV car are excluded from the package.

The second program

While the 2nd program consists of riding the elephant, seeing the silk weaving demonstration, watching classical Thai dance, as well as the pick-up service at the hotel, plus the program included the talented elephant show, riding on the yoked cow cart, sailing on the bamboo raft, and buffet meat. However, it will be an extra charge of driving the ATV.

Kasha Kanesha Devalai Show

“Kasha Kanesha Devalai Show,” provides 4 shows a day with the first round starts at 12.30pm and 6.30pm is the last. The show is an exotic and fabulous contemporary Thai performing art that anyone visitors should not miss when you come to the location.

Pattaya Elephant Village located at 48/120 Moo 7, Nong Prue sub-district. Not far from Pattaya center on the Sukhumvit Road at the 146th km and enters Pornpraphanimirt Road in about 6 km more. The site opens daily from 8.30am through 6.00pm.

The admission fee is THB500 for adult visitors, both Thai and international tourists and THB400 for the children. The tour takes about 1.30 hours. Nature Trail on the Elephant to see the perspective of the mountain and lake takes about an hour which is 4 rounds a day from 8.00am – 3.30pm. The price is THB900 for adults, both Thai and international visitor and THB700 for the children. The package included riding the elephant, nature trail, cruising the raft, riding on the cart that takes approximately 3.5 hours. They are 2 rounds daily which are at 10.00am and at 3.3opm.

The charge to ride on the elephant, both Thai and international customers is THB1,800 for adults and THB1,200 for the children.

How to go to Pattaya Elephant Village

How to go to Pattaya Elephant Village

By Car:

From Bangkok, drives on Bangna – Trad Road to the 144th – 145th km of the Sukhumvit which entering the North Pattaya region. Then, entering Pornpraphanimirt Road and drives more about 2 km. Please notice the sign of Wat Sutthawas and then turns right and continues about 2 km more to the destination.

By Public Transport:

The tourist can get on the public van services which depart from various locations, Future Park Rangsit, Mo Chit, Bangna. Also, the public bus to Pattaya that you need to hire local transport to the destination. If you stay in the accommodation in Pattaya or a neighboring area, you can contact to Pattaya Elephant Village to have the pick-up service is also a good idea.


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