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one of the most favored highlands of Thailand

Known as the top welcomed and beautiful plateau of the country, Phetchabun is remarkable with mountain ranges and excellent climate all year round, an ideal destination for one who yearns for somewhere to rejuvenate body and mind and takes some deep breath. Besides, many exciting tourist attractions to fulfill the holiday break included tasty local cuisine.

Phetchabun Weather

Significantly, Khao Kho, the wonderland with the misty sea and cooling climate throughout the year, splendid mountainous landscape of the Phetchabun Range with up to 1,174 meters high above the sea level of Khao Kho summit. Also, the Rattanai Reservoir, nestled in the basin land, resulted in the sea of mist happened at the site almost every day all year round.

The trip to Phetchabun would not complete without a journey to Phu Thap Buek, where one can expose breath-taking vista, layered clouds, and mist blanketed up to the peak of the mountain at 1,768 meters high above the sea level and cold weather all year. One best thing about this lovely mount is the vast land of cabbage farms planted by Hmong; the tribal people reside on Phu Thap Buek. And the best time to visit here is between July – August and October – November yearly. 

Predominantly stood on the mountain, Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew, the notable Buddhist holy site, is outstanding with the 7-tier lotus-shaped chedi. The sacred structure is delicate and marvelous, presenting faith towards the religious firmly. Renown as 1 of 10 Dream Destination of Thailand tourism that should visit the place once in life.

Another holy place in Phetchabun that is worthwhile in terms of art and culture is Uttayarn Phetchabura (Phetchabura Buddist Park). The location is well-known as the home of “Phuttha Mahathammaracha,” an enormous statue of Buddha, which is a replica of the most worshipful Buddha image of the province. The complex serves as the venue to practice rites and religious ceremonies, as well as a recreation park for people. It located next to highway number 21 just a bit away from the city center.

Also, on the Route 21 is the home of signature food of Phetchabun that expanded reputation nationwide, Wichian Buri Grilled Chicken, specialty grilled chicken that is crispy skin with aromatic and delicious taste. It is perfected to have with a spicy dip made from tamarind, which is a signature fruit of Phetchabun, too.

A precious land with a pleasant climate, definitely, Phetchabun features the sweet moment for the couple tourists spending romantic time at Flora in the Mist, an annual flower festival of the region that one can experience the vibrant and colorful flowers over 64,000 sqm of B.N. Farm‘s plaza. At the fair is an exhibition about the history of Khao Kho and the must-visit attractions in Phetchabun, live music in the middle of flower garden and mist. And Phasutthasilpa – Land Art, the fantastic piece of art created from earth and flora.

And one who seeks for a bit more adventure for the trip, Wang Khum Waterfall would be thrilled enough. Newly promoted as the new attraction, the fall features adventure activity for the visitors to entertain, slider, or rappelling. Or experience Savanah of Thailand at Thung Salaeng Luang, a significant natural pine forest and savannah field with stunning landscape and terrific plants. In particular, in the early rain and beginning of winter season is the perfect time to trail and camping, also riding on the road bike across the field from Thung Salaeng Luang to Thung Nang Phaya.

Completing trip in Phetchabun, try the local deliciousness dish, Khanom Jeen Sen Sod (freshly made rice vermicelli). Of course, you may find this menu in other parts of Thailand, but specific in Phetchabun is distinctive with chewy and tender texture of rice vermicelli in various colors made from natural ingredients. It freshly prepared daily and rolled in a bite, served with a variety of curry; Nam Ya (fish curry with coconut milk), Nam Prik (sweet and spicy peanut sauce), Nam Ya Pa (wild curry without coconut milk), and Nam Ya Pla Ra (fish curry with pickled fish). You can find Khanom Jeen shops in Lom Gao, Lom Sak district, and Phetchabun town.

And wrap up the tour here at Gaeng Bang Rajan, a fantastic and vast cataract, the vital and only habitat of freshwater jellyfish in Thailand that can be found at the location once a year.

Phetchabun Travel Guide