Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street in Thailand

The Night is always young at Pattaya Walking Street

Mentioning Pattaya, the celebrated resort site in the eastern of Thailand, we can skip a must-visit the nightlife on “Pattaya Walking Street.” Here is the top of the list which is enormously famous among the tourists from all directions especially the foreigners that pinned the location as a must-not-miss on the trip; otherwise the journey to Pattaya will not complete.

So-called name as the “City that Never Sleeps,” the liveliness and vibrant atmosphere of Pattaya Walking Street is not less than the famous Silom district in Bangkok. Undoubtedly, the site is top-rated among the tourist of both local and international, partially the party lovers. Specifically, anyone who likes the show you will not disappoint to come here. Or someone prefers to find somewhere to have a seat, nibble some drinks and chitchat with your friends. And in case of the night is still too young for you to get back for rest you shall move onto make a move with the vibrant beats in the pub which provides enough time for you to have fun until about 2am in the next morning.

About Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street located next to the coastal line in the South Pattaya. This vigorous street covered the vast area from the end of the coastal road in the South Pattaya and tracks through the Bali Hai Cape at the pier where you can get the boat to Koh Lan.

Expectably, the walking street mostly is fruitful of the entertainment nightspots and variety of restaurants that would be the perfect place for the travelers who love in the energetic nightlife. Additionally, the tourist will be entertained by the numerous shows along the side street, i.e., magician show, dancing show, a singing show, for example. And some bit of the money would be appreciative for those street artists from the fabulous entertainment.

Pattaya Walking Street is glazed with the Neon glow from the signs of the hundreds of nightspots located there.  Combined with the loud thumping music coming out those venues, unsurprisingly, the travelers who visit Pattaya Walking Street might lure to a surreal experience of the place.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are numerous of A Go Go bars (striptease show) on the Walking Street of Pattaya. The beer bars are mainly situated in large complexes that house the numbers of bars under one roof.  You shall not have any trouble finding a spot to stop and drink on Pattaya Walking Street, at all.

And for any visitor who is refreshing to come to Pattaya Walking Street, the parking is a charge and crowded. So, the best option that we recommend is to get the picked-up truck service that is so convenient.

The Recommended Bars & Nightclubs on Pattaya Walking Street

As the place is highlighted with the amazing vigorous nightlife, thus a must-not-miss while you are taking the tour at Pattaya Walking Street would not complete if you skip trying the nightspot here. And here are some bars and nightclubs that you should not miss to check in.

Club Insomnia Pattaya

Club Insomnia Pattaya

Club Insomnia Pattaya, a famous nightclub located on Pattaya Walking Street with a lively atmosphere. The club decorated with the high standard of light and sound system. Every night the customers will be entertained by the hits dance music by DJs allowing you to dance until you drop. The place contains 6 separate bars, a VIP zone, and the stage with the performance show by lovely dancers.

Monthly, Club Insomnia Pattaya organizes the special event with the entertainment by famous DJs and live concert by the band. Club Insomnia Pattaya nestled at the base floor of iBar Building where offers many pool tables to serve the customers. The iBar opens from 10.00pm while Club Insomnia Pattaya operates since 11.00pm upwards.

Flexx Club Pattaya

Flexx Club Pattaya

A nightclub that situated on Pattaya Walking Street behinds McDonald’s where the place focuses on entertaining the party animals with a variety of beats, including Hip-hop, Reggae, Afro Beat, Rap, and Urban.

808 Club Pattaya

808 Club Pattaya walking street

808 Club Pattaya is well-known among the tourists as one of the newer and best clubs in Pattaya. This hi-end nightclub opened in 2014 located on Pattaya Walking Street at the upper part of Candy Shop. 808 Club Pattaya features the large bar and remarkable dance floor with high tech light and sound system. Moreover, it offers the fantastic porch where you can watch the movement of the nightlife on Pattaya Walking Street, too.

Plus, a must-not-miss for the football fan as the 808 Club Pattaya set up the big screen TV for any sports games. Apart from that, 808 Club Pattaya has organized many significant events joined by the top-class international DJs, i.e., DJ Snake, Mash N Kutcher, DJ Angelo, DJ Cut Killer, Leeroy Thornhill, and more.

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

This glitzy and glamorous nightclub debuted in 2007 and then became the most significant nightclub in Pattaya. Mixx Discotheque Pattaya sited on Pattaya Walking Street next to the Bali Hai Pier. The venue allocated its space to two clubs with a different theme which is Rouge Club (Hip Hop and R&B) and Crystal Palace (House, Trance, and Progressive).

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya furnished elegantly with the hi-tech light and sound system. Thank you for the club with the promotion “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” for the customer during the happy hours from 10.00pm through midnight. Plus, for one who cannot apart from the connectivity, the club provides free Wi-Fi for the visitors, too. 

Lucifer Club Pattaya

Lucifer Club Pattaya

Known as one of the longest standing and most famous venues on this vibrant street of Pattaya. Lucifer Club Pattaya or also known Lucifer Disco Pattaya features the remarkable entertainment by the energetic DJs and live bands, as well as the pool tables. The venue divided into two sections, the front part is lounge style with the lived band. While the rear area which is a spacious room features kinds of music, including Hip-hop, R & B, and Top 40 Hits. Lucifer Club Pattaya operates since 10.00pm upwards.

The Pier Pattaya

The Pier Pattaya walking street

A large nightclub in the heart of Pattaya Walking Street. The 3-story structure decorated and installed with top-class light and sound system. Additionally, the place setting as the venue of many special events with the international DJs often, too.

Ice Bar V2O Pattaya

Ice Bar V2O Pattaya

One of the best places to start the night in Pattaya. Ice Bar V2O Pattaya has lasted alongside this party district for years. Ice bar V2O Pattaya located in the center of Pattaya Walking Street and allocated the place into 2 sections which are the cocktail lounge zone and the Ice Room with up to -15 degrees Celsius!! So, the visitors visiting here might need a coat. So, it could say that the place is the most unusual nightspot in Pattaya. The club provides an array of drinks for the customers – beer, cocktail, and wine, for instance.

Candy Shop

Candy Shop pattaya walking street

Candy Shop, a dazzling nightclub on the lively street of Pattaya Walking Street. It features a variety of the music, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, and lived band. Candy Shop divided into 2 zones are the seating area and dance floor. Candy Shop opens daily from 9.00pm.

Well, strolling around at this thriving nightlife street is a must-not-miss experience in this famous landmark of Thailand. However, another thing you should be prepared is to travel with safety and take care of yourself very well. Now, let get a dress on and go out for the party!


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