Silverlake Vineyard

Silverlake Vineyard pattaya

Just like heaven, the beautiful vineyard in Pattaya, “Silverlake”

Pattaya, the world top list resorted town attracting the numbers of tourist both Thai and international to visit as the holiday’s destination. Rich in the tourism facilities, unsurprisingly Pattaya welcomes numerous foreign visitors. And among many famous attractions in this popular city of Thailand, a beautiful landscaping land called “Silverlake Vineyard” is a must-not-miss site while you are taking the tour here, as well.

Not too far from the heart of Pattaya, Silverlake Vineyard presents the role as both manufacturer and distributor of fresh and various products from grapes. And recently it became the top tourist spot of Pattaya region which draws lots of visitors to this remarkable place. Silverlake Vineyard belongs to the former Thai actress “Suphansa Nuengpirom” who turned this land to the so-called heaven on earth space. Besides enjoying the beautiful landscape and taking the fresh air at this vineyard, the visitors also can taste the delicious food at the restaurant sited across the grapevines, as well. Imagining witness the stunning remote view of the vineyard while you are indulging with the delectable meal, it’s the ultimate experience, isn’t it?

What makes Silverlake Vineyard as the must-visit in Pattaya

What makes Silverlake Vineyard as the must-visit in Pattaya

The beginning of Silverlake, the pleasant grapevines near the city of Pattaya was in 2003 by Surachai Tangjaitrong and his wife, who is a famous former actress, Suphansa Nuengpirom. With lots of journey of the couple, in particular, many vineyards in the USA which impressed and inspired them enormously. After that, they developed the idea to make the vast land with over 1,290,000 sqm of space to be the dream vineyard. Also, the manufacturer and distributor of grape products.

Anyhow, this location is beyond that resulted from the beautiful vista lured lots of the tourists to witness the beauty of the Silverlake Vineyard and expanded its reputation. Then, it becomes the famous attraction in Pattaya. Undoubtedly, the charm of the place is favored for the people to take the picture and chosen to be the location of lots of local film and drama production, environed with the vast space of flower garden that replaced seasonally.     

Initially, Silverlake began with the experimental plot about 80,000 sqm in the estimate to grow the grape imported breed from the USA. The investment was about THB70,000 per plot.

A year after, the good result of the productivity but there’s no supported market. So, it’s time to expand the business by spreading the grapevines and develop the property to support tourism in the future, as well. With the idea, so the project organized lots of events and concerts and built the accommodation to serve the visitors. Thus, the property allocated up to 448,000 sqm from 1,290,000 sqm in the total as the vineyard and the lake (Huay Tu Reservoir).

Taking Tour in the Heavenly Vineyard

Taking Tour in the Heavenly Vineyard

The activities to enjoy while you are taking the tour at Silverlake Vineyard, definitely indulge with the beautiful nature of the location. Whether riding on the carriage or cycling to wander around the farm and get the gentle breeze is such a great thing to do. In mainly, the time before the sun goes by, you can spot the stunning scenery of the sunset at the lake. The most beautiful spot reflects the glittering silver shade contrasting to the warm tone of the twilight is a breath-taking moment, indeed. And this is the origin of the name ‘Silverlake“. 

Atmosphere of the Silverlake Vineyard

Atmosphere of the silverlake

Apart from the magnificent beauty of the natural atmosphere of the place, Silverlake Vineyard offers enough activities for the visitors to entertain. Nonetheless, it focuses on providing the real touch of the natural vineyard with the tour all through the farm by riding on the carriage or elephant, riding the all-terrain bicycle along the edge of the grapevines, otherwise enjoy the trip by the tram with an extra charge of THB70 for the adults and THB30 for the children.

The Tuscan Italian building “Villaggio”

The Tuscan Italian building "Villaggio"

Well, fill up your mind with the lovely environment, Silverlake Vineyard also where you can fill up your tummy with the delicious dining, too. The Tuscan Italian building “Villaggio”, a shop that would be excited for the tourist with the broad array of the grape products of Silverlake Vineyard, fresh and preserved goods from the grapes, grape juice, jam, jelly, cookies, as well as gift and souvenir, for example. Alternatively, someone may fancy a beautiful place to sit and relax, so the chilling café “Movie Café,” a coffee shop with delight atmosphere is waiting for you.

“Vino Villaggio

Taking a break during your tour here with a nice cup of coffee or iced drinks together with a various selection of dessert included ice-cream. And visiting the base producer of the grape so you should expect to taste some wine which offered for you at “Vino Villaggio.” And if you find for a serious meal, the Italian restaurant with the original taste “Silverlake Wine & Grill” is an absolutely perfect place for you to dine.


Anyway, for one who is not enough just only a day trip, Silverlake Vineyard offers you the accommodation in a lovely small cottage style for you to stay a night. The 10 cottages are different in the design nestled by the charming vineyard. Anyone who would like to get the accommodation service, please contact the office for pre-booking at +6689 895 9886 or +662 261 6565.

Admission fee

The trip at Silverlake Vineyard is free of admission fee; however, the place charges THB10 per person to use the restroom service at the site. And most of the tourists who visit here will buy the products at the shop. And the income of the shop is allocated for the venue maintenance. (Some people commented about the restroom fee is too expensive, so you may use the restroom at Khao Chee Chan, the Buddha Mountain that is free. The place is just only 300 meters away from Silverlake Vineyard).

Well, for anyone who plans the itinerary in Pattaya, a pleasant land with natural atmosphere and remarkable sundown spot of Silverlake Vineyard may be another good idea for the journey for every type of travelers. Also, the location is not too far from Pattaya Town or even Bangkok metropolitan in case you plan for a day trip. 

Taking Journey to Silverlake Vineyard

Taking Journey to Silverlake

From the Sukhumvit Road, heads to Sattahip district to the 161st km of the road that you will spot on the left side is the entrance to Wat Khao Chee Chan. Then, you make the turn and keep driving for 6 km more, and the destination is on the right.

On the Motorway Road, you drive to Rayong and keep the right fork to make the U-turn to enter the road number 331. So, drives in about 14 km and notices on the left side where you will spot the sign of Silverlake Vineyard and make the right turn. Then, drives more about 2 km and you will see the Silverlake Vineyard on the left.


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