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The ideal seascape paradise of the Andaman Sea

Renowned “the Emerald of the Andaman Sea” would not derive easily. Krabi, actually, rich in tourism resources, partially charismatic islands just like a haven in the sea and became one of the world’s premier hideaway destination. How the beauty of it would be enough claimed by it once the production base of the box office movie “The Beach” starred by Leonardo Di Caprio.

So, what else to know about Krabi that you can drop into your bucking list for the trip? The following details would be useful tips.

One day for the 9-island tour

In case of time is your limitation, and you don’t want to miss the highlight of Krabi. The journey to nine islands in Krabi’s sea would be a perfect idea for your short trip. The voyage to visit top-class islands of Krabi, including the Separated Sea, Poda Island, Thab Island, Gai Island, Phra Nang Cave, Railay Beach, Hong Islands, the Inner Sea, Phak Bia Island, and Lao Lading Island. Absolutely, this would not disappoint for the sea lovers, plus a chance to witness the dramatic cliff where the place is the top-ranked checkpoint among the cliff climbers worldwide to challenge, too. Yet, for one who has plenty of time to explore the real world of Krabi’s sea. Definitely, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to undergo one of the most escorted seascape paradises in the world. Phi Phi Islands, Maya Bay, Pileh Bay, etc., flawless and powdery sandy beach and crystal-clear emerald seawater are waiting for you to touch. More than that, those places are welcoming diving spot to entertain the divers with the diversity of sea beings; sea turtle, coral reef, and various kinds of fish.

Taste the signature food of Krabi “Hoy Chak Teen” (the dog conch)

The journey to Krabi would not complete without tasting “Hoy Chak Teen” (the dog conch), which a kind of shell and how to have it in Krabi is grilled or boiled served with spicy seafood dip. And Krabi is second to none in its local cuisine and variety of food shops for the visitors to try. One of the must-eat things here is “Roti & Cha Chak” (Roti and Pulling Tea). Also, Dim Sum, and famous local snack “Tao So” (salted egg mung bean cake) and “Nam Prik Gung Siab” (grilled shrimp chili dip).

Supreme natural spa experience

What would be better than soaking into the hot spring? And Krabi features the fascinating “Klong Thom Hot Spring,” one and only in Thailand that nestled in the abundant woodland. Time for you to relax in the natural spa surrounded by delight environment. Otherwise, the Emerald Pool” is another unseen in Krabi that you should not miss, as well. The venue is a natural pool with hot water that emerged by the hot spring in the low plain wood of the southern region. Try to imagine you were in the film “Blue Lagoon,” gorgeous green water in the middle of lush trees and refreshing ambiance. Apart from that, trip in Krabi will be unique for you by visiting and pay homage the Buddha image housed elegantly on the lofty mountain at Wat Tham Suea that needs your effort to climb up to 1,237 steps of stairways. Besides worship the sacred objects, the venue also offers the splendid and stunning scenic point with the top-view to see Krabi Town. And frequently it features the mind-blowing scene of the sea of fog covered Krabi city that is not less in its beauty than one in the north of Thailand, too. And this would make the adventure fans happy with the world’s famous kayaking route at “Tha Lane Bay.” Stunning with the charming nature on both sides of the way; limestone rocks, the abundant mangrove forest, and diverse species of wildlife, such as Long-tailed Macaque, fish, crab, and bat. Last but not least, Krabi also offers a fantastic viewpoint at “Khao Ngorn Nak.” A mountain trail is ideal for the tough ones with the precious reward as the heart-taking and expansive vista from Ao Nang, Hong Islands, the Separated Sea, Yao Island, through Tha Lane Bay. And the highlight of the location is a little pond that is full of clear water throughout the year. The locals believe it is “Tear of the Naga” that anyone makes a vow and drink water from the pond will be blessed.

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