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Discover Sukhothai, one of the world’s most fantastic heritage site

Maybe secondary tourist destination in Thailand among many travelers, in fact, Sukhothai is another unsurpassed region in the lower north of Thailand that you should not miss. Literally, Sukhothai refers to “The Dawn of the Happiness Land” is rich in exotic cultural and historical resources to accepted as the world’s heritage site by UNESCO. Besides experiencing the glory of the Sukhothai Empire, which is one of the most significant civilizations of southeast Asia via the numbers of magnificent ancient remains, arts, inscriptions. Sukhothai also offers the guests with its abundant nature and charming local way of life that you will not find somewhere else.

Back to the past, visiting Sukhothai Historical Park. A complex features the impressive collection of ruins and architectures since the Sukhothai Era, which was the political center of the kingdom whose power over the lower northern territory. As one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites, Sukhothai Historical Park located in the Muaeng Gao subdistrict, about 12 km away from the city of Sukhothai to the west. Many tourists visiting the site to sightsee the exotic Sukhothai art and worship the Buddha images. And a good idea to wander around the compound is riding on a bicycle. Inside the property are 26 ruins of old royal courts and temples.

Fantastic and distinctive earthenware “Sangkhalok,” the porcelain has produced in Sukhothai since the ancient time. It is available in many items, including ceramics and decoration items – bowl, plate, jar, jug, bottle, vase, pot, spoon, dolls, etc. The manufacturing process of Sangkhalok pottery is unique in pattern and specialty lacquer technique of Sukhothai and then baked in the traditional kiln called “Tao Turiang” that presently founded only in Muaeng Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai district. Now and then, Sangkhalok recognized the high-class handicraft and cultural heritage of Thailand has inherited since the glory of Sukhothai Kingdom, valuable and worthwhile for the new-gen to learn and appreciate.

The charming Si Satchanalai is so-called the hidden gem where the place conceals splendid collections of archeological finds and historical sites. Significantly, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, another UNESCO’s world heritage site in Sukhothai that is even more lovely and pleasant atmosphere than Sukhothai Historical Park. Peaceful and relaxing location is the ideal spot to escape from chaos, pay homage to the sacred objects and quietly stroll about to learn about ancient history. More than that, the rustic way of life at the lovely community “Ban Na Ton Jan” backgrounded with the green rice field on both sides of the road. The villagers here still live lives commonly by agriculture and handicraft of “Pha Teen Jok,” a classic weaving textile that is one of the premier local products of Sukhothai.

Well, Sukhothai is remarkable in local cuisine that you should not skip from the trip. Specifically, sweet things like Khanom Phing (Thai meringue), Thong Muan (Rolled rice crisp), and many more at Kong Krailat. Most tourists who visit Sukhothai will not miss to shop Khanom Phing, a classic Thai snack made from flour and sugar and bake until it is lightly golden. That is to say, taking the trip to Sukhothai without shopping Khanom Phing and Rolled rice crisp is a must-not-thing to do, indeed.

Apart from the delectable local snack, at Kong Krailat district in Sukhothai also serves the traditional cuisine that we recommend you to try, including; pork or beef noodle, Guay Jub Moo Mak (rolled rice noodle soup with marinated pork), and Pad Thai Bai Tong (stir-fried rice noodle wrapped in banana leaf).

Just so you know, Sukhothai is a terrific place to visit, even its airport is attractive enough to be another tourist attraction. Sukhothai Airport is distinctive in design, operated by Bangkok Airways, over 3.2 sq.km of airport property contains whether hotel, restaurant, and organic farm with a pleasant atmosphere, plus high-quality local products and zoo!

Sukhothai Travel Guide