Mimosa Pattaya

Mimosa Pattaya in Thailand

Love is all around at Mimosa Pattaya

Unbelievably, somewhere with the romantic feeling of the French look with lots of trendy shops to stop by is all at once at Mimosa Pattaya. So, anyone who seeks for a beautiful place to spend with your loved one during a trip in this energic city you should not skip.

More than an ordinary community mall, Mimosa Pattaya is so-called another wish list destination among the tourists, especially the teenagers and couple of both local and international. The location presents under the concept ” The City of Love,” which modeled to the remarkable architecture and charming atmosphere of the old town in France. Predominantly, the vibrant color of the edifice, Mimosa Pattaya is the only site in the region with its unique architecture environed with the romantic ambiance of the lovely garden filled various kinds of flower.

Knowing Mimosa Pattaya

Mimosa… The City of Love”, created with the inspiration of “Colmar,” a charming countryside town close to the borderline of France and Germany where the place recognized as 1 of 10 the most romantic site in the world. The building and architecture in Colmar are remarkable and splendid with the bright colors. The construction of Mimosa Pattaya is fantastic appearance and vibrant colors over the vast space of 61,600 sqm in the estimate. And now Mimosa Pattaya becomes the dream destination for the traveler and photographer to come to the visit this lovely community, specifically the lover who plans for the wedding that chooses the site as the pre-wedding photo shooting location.

Charming of the Mimosa Pattaya

Charming of the Mimosa Pattaya

Literally, “Mimosa” is Italian, which means “love, happiness, and joy” which is perfectly fit with the concept of the location. The project “Mimosa Pattaya” developed with more than THB1,000 billion of the investment under the administration of Jirachot Kaewsathien. The place can facilitate up to 10,000 visitors per day. Regarding the project development, partially the design stage that the design team took the journey to Colmar in France with the professional consult by the local French architects for the site inspection. After the observation, the design development and construction scheme implemented very detailed and carefully before the building of the Mimosa project.

Apart from the beautiful atmosphere and the distinctive color of the place which attracts lots of tourists to come and take the photo here, Mimosa Pattaya also is abundant with the chic and trendy lifestyle shops, plus the price is affordable for the shoppers, especially when the promotion period which a very temped amount.

Shops & Restaurants in Mimosa Pattaya

Shop & Eat for tourists

For the gastronome, Mimosa will not disappoint you, as well. The numbers of the delicious restaurant and café are waiting for you to try – Thai, Seafood, French, Japanese, Korean, Bakery, Ice-cream, Coffee shop are looked tasty, indeed. The recommended one such as Pizza Restaurant Bar, I Bakery Love Story, Smart Pharmacy, and a food court with the started price just only THB40 per dish and lots of Prewedding Studio. Noticeably, the shops in Mimosa Pattaya mostly is Russian translation with the shop name and detail that possibly because lots of Russian tourist in Pattaya and some loves the place until they relocated here after retirement.  

Dancing Fountain

Dancing Fountain

Within the area of the lovely project is the “Dancing Fountain” that is scheduling the show many times a day. And just so you know, in the evening the spot over here is the highlight of Mimosa Pattaya that anyone who comes to this place and misses it would not be complete your trip. It is the fabulous show of the famous cabaret show of the Pattaya to perform at the fountain plaza here with the different show in each of day. So, to see the great cabaret show with free of charge is so good and worthwhile, isn’t it?

The Location of Mimosa Pattaya

The Location of Mimosa Pattaya

Mimosa Pattaya located on the Sukhumvit Road at the opposite side of the Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel. Traveling to the location is using the Motorway (highway number 7) and take the exit of Pattaya. Then, drives on the Sukhumvit Road heads to the South Pattaya, and when you spot Pattaya Floating Market, then it’s about 1 kilometer to Mimosa Pattaya. The destination is on the left of the route which Ambassador City Hotel is on the right of the drive.

The place is spacious parking serving the visitors of both at the front and the rear of the site with free of charge. For the tourist with the personal car will take a little walk from the parking to the entrance. However, there has not been public transport reach the destination, yet. So, the tourist shall hire the vehicle from the Pattaya City either motorcycle or taxi to destine the location.

Operating Time

Mimosa Pattaya operates daily between 11.00am and 11.00pm. The entrance fee is;

  • Adults are THB150 included show and 1 selection of the activity (3D painting or Magic Zoo)
  • Kids with 90 – 120 cm of the height is THB75 and children with less than 90 cm of the height and seniority of 60 years old upward are free of charge.  

Note: the price subject to change without any prior notice. So, please recheck and update from the Mimosa via Facebook: mimosapattaya.


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