Catamaran Pattaya

Catamaran Pattaya

Making the romantic journey with the catamaran cruising in the Pattaya Sea

Well-known as the world’s famous resorted destination, so visiting the sea district like Pattaya cannot miss the highlighted activity with the sea, absolutely. One of the most favorite thing-to-do for the tourist, especially one who does not mind to pay a bot more for something to make satisfaction for the vacation. Cruising on the luxury catamaran letting the gentle sea breeze to touch your skin, watching the endless clear blue sea, and sipping a glass of cold drink (would be perfect with Champaign). Notably, never better to share this wonderful time with your loved one. Believe it or not, it would be one of the most romantic moments while you are taking a trip to Pattaya, certainly.

Catamaran Cruising in Pattaya

Catamaran Cruising in Pattaya

Explore the ultimate experience with the luxury trip in the sea with a reasonable budget in Pattaya which mostly operated by the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya.

The grand yacht with the full facility of the fabulous sea trip brings you to the world of the clear blue sea underneath the bright sunny sky. A beautiful vista of the endless water, fresh sea breeze, and warm sunlight that refreshing you from tiredness is such a worthwhile thing to do on your vacation, indeed. The catamaran trip with the Ocean Marina Yacht Club is so-called another delightful activity that you explore another charm of Pattaya that provides you the different spots for you to take the photographs, chillaxing with the wave and wind, or exclusive sunbathing with no any disturbance.

Besides, the operator can design your trip exclusively for anyone who would love to make an extraordinary moment to impress someone. For example, the couple who is taking the trip to spend a good time together, and this may be another chapter in the life that you never forget. And here we brought you some idea for the catamaran trip in Pattaya for you to draw in your vacation plan. Who knows this may bring you out of the typical travel schedule with something new and exciting to try.

Sailing Yacht Thailand

Sailing Yacht Thailand, this has to say that it is a worthwhile trip for the traveler to experience. The charter trip offers for up to 15 passengers on the 38 feet Sailing Catamaran Yacht with many day tour programs you can choose with the following detail;

  • Price starts from THB29,999. The day trip is between 8.00am – 2.30pm, which will take you to visit Lan Island or Kram Island.
  • Price starts from THB29,999 scheduled between 3.00pm – 7.00pm which will travel to Monkey Island and ashore at Sai Kaew Beach or Kram Island.
  • Price starts from THB39,999 scheduled between 8.00am – 7.00pm to go to Lan Island and Phai Island or Kram Island and Sai Kaew Beach.

Note: the price is excluded drinking water, soft drink, fruits serving on the boat, snorkeling devices, and life vest.

Along the trip, the staff who is experienced and skillful will provide the customers with excellent hospitality for your pleasant journey.

How to Join Catamaran Cruising in Pattaya

Regularly, the tourist that books the catamaran trip in Pattaya will arrive at the Ocean Marina Pattaya Pier in the morning (depends on the schedule of the trip operator) to meet the staff. Just so you know, the Ocean Marina Pattaya is an essential port in Pattaya and how to get there, if you travel from Bangkok, drives along the Sukhumvit Road until you almost reach Na Chom Thien 22 Alley, the pier is on the right that you have to make a U-turn.

When you find the parking or if you come with the driver, after you get off the car, please walk along the bridge to meet the luxury yacht that stands by to welcome all passengers. Before on board, the staff will take your shoes to store in the basket and return when the boat arrives at the port. And you will not be in trouble of thirsty since there’s a lot of refreshment providing for the guest on the ship.

Activities during the trip

At the front of the yacht is space for the passenger to chill and relax with lots of cushions to comfy. In the day with nice weather, the catamaran trip will enormously fascinate for the travelers because you can lay down to relax and listen to the natural melody of the waves while letting the fresh air to touch your face. And for anyone who likes the fishing activity, the yacht will stop at some spots for you to fishing and you can either bring your fishhook or use one available for the guest.

Activities during the trip in koh larn

After sailing for a while, it’s time for the luncheon that the ship will take you to Larn Island for lunch. The passenger will transfer to a small boat to the island where you will fill your tummy with an array of delicious Thai dishes cooked from fresh seafood (if you are an allergy to the seafood, you should notice the trip operator in advance to prepare a special meal). Then, the trip will continue to the diving spot at Phai Island. Good news for anyone with no snorkeling experience, the staff will instruct you how to use the diving devices and take care of the safety carefully. Also, there’s a shower room on the yacht that you can take a shower after snorkeling, too. 

Well, for one who may experience the boat sick, the travel sickness tablet is available for the passenger, as well. Or in case anyone getting ill ship leading you to vomit, the staff will aid with the vomit bag, thus do not worry. During the trip back in the late afternoon, while we are chilling with the pleasant atmosphere, the fresh tropical fruits are served to refresh us, too. Wow, what a trip!

Blue Voyage Trip

Yacht Sea Koh Phai Thailand

And another catamaran trip that would be interesting for the tourist to take is the luxury yacht tour with “Blue Voyage.” The tour starts in the morning, as same as the previous one that the tourist has to check-in at the pier of the Ocean Marina Yacht Club. Once the passenger on board, the welcome drink is served to refreshment the guests before the journey begins. Then, the boat departing from the port and voyage to the close sightseeing, i.e., Monkey Island, Kram Island, and Phai Island and the tourist can play the water or snorkel to see the shallow water coral reef at each stop leisurely. On the yacht contains 3 guestrooms with 2 bathrooms and a common area for dining or chillax.

For one who yearns for the bright sunny sky can take a seat or sunbathe at the front space of the ship; otherwise, this is a perfect spot to post and snap some beautiful picture of the trip, too. In the afternoon during the journey back to land, tasty dinner with an array of seafood menus is served on the yacht, such as mixed seafood fried rice, squid, prawn, and BBQ. Imagine having a BBQ party with the stunning panorama of the sundown in the middle of the sea, and the lovely melody of chilling music as the background is so speechless, indeed.  

And the package price to take the yacht trip with Blue Voyage starts at only THB2,900 per person. Anyway, if you prefer the private trip by charter and for more information, please contact the yacht tour operator.

Where to take the Catamaran Cruising in Pattaya

Where to take the Catamaran Cruising in Pattaya

As mentioned previously, most of the catamaran cruising in Pattaya is the Ocean Marina Yacht Club as a hub which is very convenient and safe for the tourists.

For one who drives a car to the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, when you arrive at the venue, the parking is available at the Floor A and B of the parking building of Ocean Marina Yacht Club Hotel. Then, please contact the staff of the tour to manage the passing badge to enter the pier with an extra charge of THB60 person.

And the tourist who travel without a personal car, it is convenient for you to get the hotel transport service or taxi to the venue.


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