Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya

Knowing the sea lives at Underwater World Pattaya

Today, the tourist attractions in Pattaya region, wherever is unique in the characteristic and target tourist who has individual demands by ages and taste. And mentioning somewhere that can serve all people’s need from kids to senile with full facility for tourist, “Underwater World Pattaya” would be another spot to fit your trip in this lively resort county.

About the Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya sited over the 19,200 sqm of the property on the Sukhumvit Road, Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamoong district. Just minutes of drive from the heart of Pattaya, Underwater World is home of diverse species of the marine living origin in the Gulf of Thailand and the vibrant coral reefs. That is to say, the place is the largest aquarium showcasing in Asia. Underwater World Pattaya features the under the sea world through the creative design of the massive transparent tunnel that allowing the visitors to see various kind of sea fish is swimming all around. The 180 degrees angle view that the visitors will enjoy in the 105-meter tube will bring you to the new world with an incredible experience with the extraordinary diversity of the marine lives.

Concept of Universal Design

Concept of Universal Design

Obviously, Underwater World Pattaya is not only a fantastic aquarium that serves as the learning center for all ages in the family. The concentration in the design and construction of the location also benefits to make the place is brilliant for the tourist, actually. The so-called “universal design” concept included in the architect and landscape design of Underwater World Pattaya, facilitates to the tourist who is restricted in the physical condition with the wheelchair, seniority or disabled person, for instance. Those of visitors are accessible to any area in the park by slope path. Unfortunately, the venue has no wheelchair service, so that the visitor has to bring along at the site.

Admission Fee of Underwater World Pattaya

Well, a tip for the tourist with children, you can do in advance of your trip to Underwater World Pattaya of measurement the height for the kids. Underwater World Pattaya charges the admission fee the children with the height between 90 – 130 cm and for children with 130 cm high upward will be charged as the adult fare (which means the children with less than 90 cm will be free of charge).

Additionally, the Thai elder with an ID card or any person who holds the disability ID can present the card to get the 30% discount for the entrance fee. However, this cannot use with other promotions of the Underwater World Pattaya.

The Showcasing and What to do at Underwater World Pattaya

The Showcasing and What to do at Underwater World Pattaya

As aforementioned, Underwater World Pattaya designed the aquarium showcasing be proper for the different species of marine life. Each zone is distinctive and very exciting for the visitors to experience which are;

The Interactive Zone:

The first area for the visitor to explore in Underwater World Pattaya. Once your passage from the checking point you will meet lots of attractions in the zone

Touch Pool Zone

A shoal salted pool where the residence of seeing leeches, various starfish, Brownbanded bamboo sharks, and small rays. This area allows the visitors reaching to touch the sea animals making a move slowly within the pool. However, do touch them gently and do not take them from the pool as typically they are marine living which should not leave from the water sphere.

Oriental small-clawed otter Tank

The Interactive Zone:

Actually, the oriental small-clawed otter can be found in the moist habitat or mangrove forest. It lives together as a small family, and its notable characters are playful and smart. So, the Malaysian fishermen train it to help their work that the otter herds the fish to fishnet. At Underwater World Pattaya, regularly the oriental small-clawed otter is not in the showcasing, the trainers will bring it out to the public twice a day during the feeding time which is at 10.00AM and 2.30PM.

Feeding the Turtle

Feeding the Turtle

The area reserved for the Green sea turtle that you can see them swim in a small pond joyfully. It says that the green sea turtle is the most giant hard-shell turtle in the world! The tourists are allowing to purchase the pellet that arranged by the venue to feed them in the pond.

Feeding KOI Fish

A compact aquarium features the entertained activity for the visitors to feed the carp via “the bottle of milk” that set for the tourists to have some fun. Anyhow, it is an extra charge for the interested visitors.

Magic Tank

Only one in Thailand that you can experience the mystery of gravity interactive aquarium. The visitors can feed the fish in the tank that the water never splashes.

Blood parrot cichlid Tank

A hybrid species of the Midas and the redhead cichlid, and this unique breed is the heart-shaped body. Just so you know, the blood parrot cichlid is not native species, but it was bred by the scientific procedure first time in Taiwan.

Snack & Drinks

Serving the visitors who take the journey within the Touch Pool area. The tourist can make the walk along the curvy path, passing the small reptile showcasing to the comfortable space to relax and chill with the refreshment.

Souvenir Shop

With the unique design of the Underwater World Pattaya with the circled direction that strict the visitors to ramble around throughout this fantastic aquarium. And before you leave the place, you will meet the souvenir shop that you can find some gift or any merchandises for the keepsake home.

Coral Reef Zone

Coral Reef Zone in Underwater World Pattaya

Home of the various rare species of sea fish displayed inside the tank ornamented with many vibrant coral reefs and a massive tunnel. Also, the Coral Reef Zone arrange the feeding show by in-house divers twice a day which is at 10.30am and 3.00pm.

Shark & Ray Zone

Be striking with the diverse species of shark and ray, such as nurse shark, leopard shark, blacktip reef shark, guitarfish, eagle ray, and more. Also, the Shark & Ray Zone presents the feeding show two times a day which are at 11.00am and 4.00pm.

Giant of Siam Zone

An area to display the large freshwater fish in Thailand in the underwater sphere furnished with the marvelous shipwreck. The kinds of freshwater fish that you will witness, including Mekong giant catfish, black ear catfish, clown knife fish, Siamese giant carp, for instance. The venue arranges the feeding show at this zone two rounds daily which are at 11.30am and 3.30pm.

Jellyfish Zone

Jellyfish Zone in Underwater World Pattaya

Jellyfish Zone: Dangerous but also beautiful creature, the zone that the tourist will experience the fantastic jellyfish with its slow motion looks like it is dancing within the colorful aquarium. It says that the Jellyfish Zone of Underwater World Pattaya is the most giant jellyfish showcasing in Thailand referred to the record on 4 July 2003 the official opening day of the location.

Good to know before visiting the location

Underwater World Pattaya operates every day from 9.00am through 6.00pm, and the walk-in ticket stop its sell at 5.30pm. 

The admission fee is THB250 for the adults and THB150 for the children (90 – 130 cm high).

How to get to Underwater World Pattaya

How to get to Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya located at 22/22 Moo11, Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamoong, Chonburi province. The place is close to Makro, Tesco Lotus, and Thai Watsadu the South Pattaya branch that can be the landmark for the visitor to find for the destination. And at the front of Underwater World Pattaya is a large sign for the traveler to spot quickly, as well. 


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