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Chiang Rai

Welcome to the northernmost realm of Thailand

As another famous wishlist destination in the north of Thailand, Chiang Rai is not only a spectacular highland with abundant forests and fresh air that you can find anywhere of its natural sightseeing. Also, it is ideal for a budget trip that you can spend your vacation with beautiful places, diverse and lovely local ways of life, and valuable culture of this region, too.

The reason that you should come to visit this charming province that considered the northernmost realm of Thailand. You can experience one of the most spectacular scenic localities and the sea of fog in Thailand at Phu Chee Fa, a precious gift for the early bird ones. Stand back in wonder as you enjoy the mind-blowing scene when the glowing aurora breaks at the horizon and the sky blanketed by cloudy fog. Undoubtedly, Phu Chee Fa is one of the must-visits in Chiang Rai that has stood and welcomed visitors to witness its fabulous beauty from time to time. Phu Chee Fa located on the top of Pha Mon Peak with up to 1,628 meters above the sea level and adjacent to the boundary of Thailand and Laos.

Well-known as the prime location for tea plantation and winter plants in Thailand, thank the geography of Chiang Rai as the abundant highland with cooling climate all year round, perfect for tea plantation. Unsurprisingly, many tea plantations scattered within Chiang Rai that are not only a tea manufacturing base for both domestic and international markets. Some of them, with pleasant atmosphere and beautiful landscapes, also open to the public as tourist attractions, including Singha Park Chiang Rai, Chui Fong Tea Plantation, Ban Wawi Tea Plantation, Mae Phong Tea Plantation, or ones on Doi Mae Salong.

Additionally, Chiang Rai is the second most significant base of the winter flower farm of the country. Over the beautiful countryside here, in particular, in the winter, is vibrant with colorful flowers. And the premier location you must not miss to visit is Doi Tung Royal Villa, where the place features unsurpassed Mae Fa Luang Garden. The famous garden presents assorted winter flowers and orchids beautifully, specifically Paphiopedilum orchids. The best period to see this lovely garden is between October to April. Besides, the provincial section also organizes the flower festival in Chiang Rai annually, as well.

Furthermore, on Doi Tung is also Doi Tung Development Project, another precious gift from the late King Bhumibol the Great (Rama IX) left for his subjects regarding sustainable living. Over 1,000 meters from the sea level, this project followed the initiative of King Rama IX promoted the highland people to develop the land for Arabica coffee cultivation and now is accepted as the world’s top-ranked Arabica plantation.

Not only its natural attractions are worthwhile for you to take a trip, but Chiang Rai is also a home of recognized master artists in Thailand whose world-class pieces of art that expanded their fame globally. No one would unknown Wat Rong Khun or better known among the world the White Temple, the extraordinary and marvelous Buddhist architectures with delicate and magnificent craftmanship by the master “Chalermchai Kositphiphat.” The famous national artist of Thailand in Fine Arts creates the temple with strong will and faith in Buddhism, as well as aiming to make the place as another precious national domain and dedicating to the beloved King Bhumibol.

Just like Yin and Yang, Ban Dam or the Black House is a location that you can experience the masterpiece of another national artist of Thailand in Fine Arts, Tawan Duchanee, who also Chiang Rai as a hometown. The place features fantastic Lan Na style edifice in Black with the dramatic decoration of meticulous fretwork and animal horns.

Shopping at Mae Sai Market, which contains many cheap products, everything from A to Z. The market closes to the borderline of Thailand and Myanmar.

Last but not least, a famous “the Golden Triangle” in Chiang Rai should not be dropped off the list. The site is the boundary of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, where the meeting point of Mae Khong River and Ruak River called “Sob Ruak.” It was a strategic commercial port in the past, in particular, opium and illegal goods that traded by gold resulted in its title.

Chiang Rai is more fantastic and exciting than you expect with a pleasant climate all through the year. Let’s celebrate your next holidays here!

Chiang Rai Travel Guide