Jomtien Beach

Jomtien beach in Pattaya

Finding the Fantastic Seaside Experience at Jomtien Beach

Not far from Bangkok you will find a seaside escape destination with the chilling atmosphere that you can take your time with your trip companion like Pattaya. Many beaches that you can enjoy the sea activities, or just strolling along the soft sandy coast or even tasting the fresh and tasting seafood with the pleasant sea breeze touching your face. And these are possible even someone with limitation of the time as a day trip.

About the Beach

a popular tourist nearby Bangkok

Jomtien Beach which originally called “Had Dong Tarn” or “Dong Tarn Beach” (Tarn in Thai means toddy palm tree) resulted from the lush sugar palm trees lied all along the coast. Although the beach here is quite narrow but it’s a smooth, clean sandy beach. Jomtien Beach is about 4 km in the south of Pattaya Town as the beautiful and tranquil seashore that is another very famous tourist spot in Pattaya for the tourist of both local and abroad to relax, swim, and do other activities – surfing, scootering, and sailing. And it’s plentiful of tourist facility including restaurant, shops hotel, condominium, and more.

Windsurfering activity in Pattaya

The usual picture of the location starts from the sigh with the name of the place “Jomthien Pattaya” decorated with the pretty arch. Ideally the meeting point, instead the spot is crowded with the tourists lie down comfortably with the distant of coconut trees all through the coastline. And not far from that point is a large and bizarre sculpture and further is the row of the palm tree which is terrific photogenic for anyone who loves photo shooting.

Well, Jomtien Beach is unique from other beaches in the Pattaya Town since the sand beach here is darker than others with the brown shade. Nonetheless, the 6-km distant of the coast is plenty enough for the visitors to have fun with the cycling along the seaside. Otherwise, the water playing corner for the tourist to enjoy is another chapter of the joyful experience of this beach attraction. Throughout the beach is packed with the beach chairs and beach umbrellas set on the sandy beach waiting for the waves that surf intermittently.

the morning atmosphere with sunrise

The descending line of the shore is the distinctive character of Jomtien Beach resulted in it is perfect for the water activities – swimming, banana boat, jet ski, parachute, as well as snorkeling. Besides, worry-free to find something to fill up your tummy as there are lots of kiosks offer food and beverages for the tourists. So, Jomtien Beach is another sea beach that is an excellent choice for the trip either with friend or family. However, it’s precautioned for the tourist to visit the site during the rainy season by the jellyfish. So, if you spot the unusual number of the jellyfish on the beach, thence you should avoid from water playing or any beach activities because it’s dangerous especially for one who is an allergy to it.  

Accommodations at Jomtien Beach

Accommodations at Jomtien Beach

About the accommodation, Jomtien Beachprovides the selections of the accommodation and also the entertainment places, although it’s not as vivid as the Pattaya Beach area. And to access the Jomtien Beachis convenient via the pavement road leads to the beach.

So, it could say that the tourist who fancy some seaside trip with limited time and not too distant from Bangkok, Jomtien Beachwould be a good idea. The gentle wave, nice breeze, bright sunny sky, nonetheless, it’s not too listless for the trip.

Traveling to Jomtien Beach

By Car:

From Bangkok, there are 4 directions to go to Pattaya City which are;

  • Bangna-Trad Road, the highway number 34 to enter Chonburi province.
  • Bangkok – Meenburi, highway number 304 that drives through Chachoengsao – Bang Pakong and enter Chonburi province.
  • On the old road (Sukhumvit Road), highway number 3 which passes Samutprakarn province to the junction at Bangpakong. Then, you take the lane leads to highway number 34 to Chonburi province.
  • The Motorway (Bangkok – Chonburi – Pattaya.

By Public Bus:

The tourist can get on the bus at Bangkok Bus Terminal (Eastern) at Ekamai Station that offers both regular and air-conditioned bus services daily.

By Train:

From the Railway Station in Bangkok, there’s a trip Bangkok – Plutaluang – Bangkok that stops at Pattaya Railway Station only on weekdays (Monday – Friday) with only one trip daily (the train number 283). The train departs from Bangkok Station at 6.55am and will arrive at Pattaya Railway Station at 10.35am in the estimate. Alternatively, the traveler may get off at the South Pattaya Station that will reach the station approximately at 10.40am. And for the trip back, the train number 284 that the traveler can get at the South Pattaya Station at 2.14pm or at Pattaya Railway Station at 2.41pm which will arrive at Bangkok about 6.25pm in the estimate.


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