Wong Amat Beach

Wong Amat Beach in Pattaya Thailand

Wong Amat Beach, another chapter of the beach in Pattaya

The beautiful curvy coastline of Pattaya, the top celebrated seaside resort of Thailand with its distinctive charm, whether day or night the place is plentiful of the tourist resource including the vibrant nightlife for the tourist to please. So-called the real paradise for the vacation, another lovely beach in Pattaya that can be the right choice for you to enjoy the sea experience. “Wong Amat Beach,” a beautiful seaside may be an exciting destination that you might disappoint if you skip it from your plan in this lively city.

About the Beach

along the peaceful beach

About Wong Amat Beach is within the area of Na Kluea before the North Pattaya. Wong Amat considered the lovely beach with pure natural beauty and is popular among the tourist specifically the foreign visitors since the old days. Dates back to the period when Pattaya was hugely progressed, Wong Amat Beach was the dream destination among the hippie enormously.

Sensationally, Wong Amat Beach is accessible with only 3 paths of the way, hence the site has no many crowds. So, the beach here is perfect for the real vacation, in particular, one who yearns for a place with a relaxing and quiet atmosphere. Approximately a kilometer of the beach is curvy lied along the coast which allows you to spot the ‘Sanctuary of Truth’ another interesting landmark in Pattaya City. Tranquil and peaceful circumstance, undoubtedly Wong Amat Beach has never lonely from the tourist who comes here for water playing. Notably, the weekends and long holidays numerous of the visitors come to the place, yet it’s lesser bustle than Pattaya Beach or Jomtien Beach, though.

Becoming ‘Wong Amat Beach’

The twilight of the luxury hotel

The background of the title of this beach is in the past, there was a hotel called “Wong Amat Hotel,” an old hotel established since 1960. The hotel was named after the owner of the property “Khun Boonwong Amatyakul.” And since it was only accommodation existed on the beach here resulted in the beach called “Wong Amat Beach” followed to the name of the hotel. And then the hotel was traded to the Central Group who runs the hotel and resort business in 1988, and it renamed to “Central Wong Amat Beach Resort Pattaya.” Later, with the major renovation, it turned to be the luxury five stars hotel with the title “Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya.”

Along the 1.3 km, long beach is the seamark to barrier the ship to enter the swimming area of the shore that considered less dirt than Pattaya Beach. And mostly the accommodation at this beach is the hi-end hotels, for example, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya and Pullman Pattaya. Anyway, for anyone who just wants to have fun with the water playing at Had Wong Amat is also welcome by entering the seaside from the small alley at the side of the hotels.

Typically, the place is more famous for the tourist regarding the family trip with the various choices of the accommodation at a reasonable price, plus the peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle. Therefore, this beach is a true haven for the family vacation especially the children that can enjoy the swimming and water activities on the beach pleasantly with more safety and convenient for the parent to take care their child than other beaches in Pattaya region, as well. Specifically, some accommodation is just steps towards the beach which make the location is a perfect choice for your trip, indeed.

More than that, not far from Wong Amat Beach is another pleasant beach “Wong Phra Chan Beach” (means the crescent moon beach) that is not less in its charm and also connected to Wong Amat Beach, too. Consequently, both seashores appeal to lots of tourists to visit the place continually, particularly the major public holidays. Besides, the location is easy to reach and also transit to other attraction in Pattaya, as well.

How to Get There

How to Get to Wong Amat Beach

Traveling to Wong Amat Beach by car, from Bangkok drives on the Motorway Road and get off at the Pattaya Exit. Then, you take the right fork to enter Sukhumvit Road and turn left to North Pattaya Road. So, you continue the drive to meet the fountain circle and keep the right fork to come to Pattaya – Na Kluea, and there’s a way descending to the beach at Saranchon Alley (next to the Centara Grand Mirage), Na Kluea 18 Alley, and Na Kluea 16 Alley.

Alternatively, there are the public bus and van service depart from the Bangkok Bus Terminal (Eastern) at Ekamai route Bangkok – Pattaya daily.


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