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Phang Nga

Phang Nga, the gorgeous gem of the Andaman Sea

Rich and distinctive natural resources alluring numerous travelers, especially the sea-goers globally, to witness its charm. Phang Nga, a lovely province in the south of Thailand in the Andaman Coastline, is plentiful tourism property both inland and underwater.

“Phang Nga” Your Best Choice for the Seascape

Tourist Attractions in Phang Nga

Crystal clear water & white sand beach

  • Smooth and powdery sandy beach and crystal-clear seawater. Thank the natural character that benefits the district with the white and soft-touch sand, clear azure water, and bright sunny sky. What would be better than promenade on the coastline of Similan Islands or Ta Chai Island? Or witness the amazing nature at the Separated Sea – the Dragon’s Spine at Ko Yao Noi. The fantastic 2-km long sand dune looks like the dragons’ spine, the beauty created by nature that is rare to see.

Diving and snorkeling experiences

  • Enchanted world-class diving spot. Rich in marine world resources, Pang Nga sea remarkable habitat of coral reef and diverse kinds of sea fish. The trip in Pang Nga would not be completed without a diving trip to see the spectacular sea world here, whether Christmas Point or Ko Gao feature a complex pile of rocks with magnificent young corals and corallines. Further than that, there are many favorable diving spots within the Similan Archipelago National Park, such as East of Eden, a must-checking point for the real divers that you would not be to Similan Islands if you skip this location, and the Torinla Island.

Best Viewpoints to Visit and Photograph

  • The spectacular scenic point at Samed Nang Chi, an updated must-visit attraction in Pang Nga. Whenever you visit the place is a stunning view of the Pang Nga sea, in mainly the nightfall is gorgeous top-view with the glittering sky. Samed Nang Chi accepted another best spot to witness the breaking dawn and the sundown, which both are heart-taking beauty just like in heaven. Besides, around the area are many tourist attractions to explore, such as Ban Hin Rom Pier, Arb Saeng Jan Pier, and Phra Ard Num Mountain, for instance. One would definitely fall for this simply irresistible charm of the Pang Nga sea. Additionally, the romantic scene of the gentle sea of fog at Phu Ta Chor in the morning is hard to resist, as well.

Cruising along Coast line

  • Sailing along the abundant mangrove forest at Sang Neh Canal. The highlight for the visitors there is cruising along the canal to see the old banyan tree dates back up to a century of age, created the shady canopy by its expanded branches. More than that, the diverse kinds of the snake; grass snake, gold-ringed cat snake, and python, for instance, as well as other rare species of wildlife. These reflect the abundant nature of Pang Nga province excellently. Otherwise, the rafting tour to uncover the beauty of Than Morakot (the Emerald Streaml) that is magnificent transparent and emerald-like water.
  • Or at Ban Tha Dindaeng, another natural attraction features a splendid mangrove forest. And add more excitement to your journey with the impressive savannah field at Phra Thong Island in Khuraburi district. Phra Thong Island also is remarkable in ecotourism as the significant learning hub of the local way of life and the CRS community.

Cultural sights of Phang Nga

  • Apart from the natural attraction, Pang Nga is distinctive in its unique architecture and local culture, second to none to other southern districts. Takua Pa, known as the old district in Pang Nga, offers the vibrant and colorful buildings in classic Chino-Portuguese design. The visitors will be delight by the charming edifice and shop and taste the local signature goods and food. Also, an excellent opportunity to experience the beautiful local living of the villagers, too.
  • Wrapping up the tour in Pang Nga at Wat Suwannakhuha, an old Buddhist temple that is important in history. As one of the most worshipful holy places in Pang Nga, Wat Suwannakhuha nestled in the mountain with many caves. In the early days, the area welcomed many past kings of Siam and royal family members, presented by the royal titles inscribed at the venue. More than that, the site is also one of the most considerable numbers of foreign visitors’ attractions in Pang Nga, too.

Why to visit Phang Nga

Pang Nga, a beautiful province cuddled by the towering valley and the stunning Andaman Sea, is an extraordinary destination that waits for you to see. The site is charismatic beauty in local living, exotic culture, and heart-taking nature that are worthy of your endeavor flying cross over the world.

Phang Nga Travel Guide