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Never enough for Phuket "the Pearl of the Andaman Sea"

As the preferred dream destination for the sea-goers worldwide, the title “the Pearl of the Andaman Sea” would not overclaim for Phuket. This precious gem of southern Thailand has accepted the top of the list hideaway escape for the tourists all around the world, plus many awards, for example; In 2018, awarded by US News & World Report that Phuket is the 2nd best beach in the world and admired it as “a little paradise,” as well as recommended 3 significant beaches in Phuket, namely Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon beaches. In 2014, UNESCO proclaimed Phuket, the Pearl of the Andaman Sea, and the most significant island in Thailand for its beautiful beach and included the island as one of the creative cities by UNESCO in terms of taste of food, beach, diving, water sports, and sea activity. Consequently, Phuket became 1 of 47 cities from 33 countries of creative city network of UNESCO that categorized into 7 categories, which are handicraft and folk art, design, film, culinary art, literature, media art, and music.

Why Phuket should be in your bucking list for the next vacation?

  1. Rich in tourism resources

The main ingredient that makes Phuket is distinctive as the prime location for traveling is its tourism resources. The appealing natural attractions that lure both tourist and investors to this island. The natural attractions in Phuket allocated into 4 types 4 styles by following;

  • Mesmerizing Beautiful locations as a world-class dream destination.
  • Other natural resources developed to be top tourist attractions.
  • Remarkable sports and alternative activities; adventure, extreme sports, or notable festive event.
  • The outstanding architecture reflects the traditional way of life, history, and culture of Phuket.

Maybe, these are enough to make Phuket is superior to other places.

  1. A good place to visit whether budget or luxury trip

One good thing is Phuket, although accepted the world-class tourist destination, it provides various styles to enjoy the journey up to your pocket and favor.

  1. The Old Town of Phuket and chic corner for you to check-in

Another charm of Phuket that lures many travelers both local and abroad to visit is classic style building in Chino-Portuguese that project well for the glory of the city in the early days as a strategic commercial town. On the other side, trendy street art scattered around the Old Town district created by local artists attracts the outsiders to stroll about and take photos from Pang Nga Road, Dee Buk Road, Yaowarat Road, through the Downtown market. 

  1. Unseen Phuket, posting for the camera shot on the beach with the airplane as a background

Many would hear odd things at many airports worldwide, for example, the shortest runway or the airport hidden in the deep valley. Phuket International Airport, perhaps another location for you to uncover its extraordinary. Actually, the track of Phuket International Airport is next to Mai Khoa Beach resulted in when landing looks like landed on the sandy beach. Undoubtedly, the passengers would be thrilled as same as those who witness the scene on the ground. However, it needs properly check for the flight schedule since the plane will not land only at the beachside.

  1. The hub of delicious food

Of course, delicious food is another reason for many travelers, especially the gastronomes, who don’t want to skip Phuket from the wish-list. From seafood to traditional cuisine are all around in every corner of this paradise seascape.

  1. The secret “Paradise Beach,” transparent sea and an ideal spot for sun-bathing

Paradise Beach, a secret beach that is still unfamiliar to the tourists in general. However, just so you know the place, it actually is not too far from Patong Beach, and it is more peaceful. Well, the dream hideaway escapes, indeed. Plus, it features many activities to be joy kayaking, sun-bathing, jet skiing, etc.

  1. New fantastic viewpoint at Laem Krating

Despite the fact that Laem Phromthep is the remarkable scenic point in Phuket that ones pin the must-visit location for the trip in Phuket. But there’re other locations that you can see beautiful scenery and one of them “Laem Krating” in the south of the island. The new checkpoint of Phuket is perfect for one who prefers somewhere with less crowded but is not lesser in the beautiful vista. However, it needs more effort to reach spot since you have to walk along the edge of the mountain to the viewpoint.

  1. The night is always so young in Phuket

The vibrant nightlife of Phuket is remarkable and is one of the must-to-do things for the trip. Strolling about Walking Street or merrymaking at pubs, nightclubs, and bar where you can entertain by chillax with a glass of drink to upbeat and crazy dance. The highlighted spot is at Bang La Alley in Patong area, well-known the hub of entertainment and nightlife of Phuket and meeting point for the night hawks. 

  1. Honeymoon Island, the romantic paradise for the lovers

Just minutes away from Phuket Town by boat are many terrific islands, included ones in Krabi and Pang Nga sea. How worthwhile that you can travel up to 3 provinces for one trip. And if time is your primary factor, we recommend visiting Maiton Island or Honeymoon Island. Only 15 minutes from Phuket by boat is a lovely island with abundant nature, flawless powdery beach, magnificent coral reef, and sea fish. 

Well, actually there are so many places to visit in Phuket that you can not pack them in only one trip. The best way to do is you should experience this charming city by yourself and of course one trip may not enough.

Phuket Travel Guide