Pattaya Dolphin World

Pattaya Dolphin World

Fantastic moment with the lovely Dolphin at Pattaya Dolphin World

Another must-not-miss attraction in Pattaya region, “Pattaya Dolphin World,” where the tourists will witness the incredible show by the cute dolphin. The talented sea animals which accepted in its smart performing lots of exciting and adorable talent shows to entertain the tourists. Definitely, the highlights are Irrawaddy Dolphin and Pink Bottlenose dolphin that we do not have to explain how loveliness they are, do I?

Besides, swimming with the dolphin is another famous amusement that the visitors can join in while you are visiting the location, especially the foreigners that really favored for it. Also, for one who fancies experiencing the cowboy stuff, there’s a Cowboy Zone which set up the photo corner with terrific prop for you to take the picture, as well. So, taking the tour at Pattaya Dolphin World may be a great idea for your vacation itinerary in this vibrant city. 

Pattaya Dolphin World at a Glance

Pattaya Dolphin World at a Glance

The beginning of Pattaya Dolphin World is initiative by the perspective of the management who love to share the happiness to the tourist with no limit of gender and age. Although the project’s scheme to be somewhere is remarkable and creative, but environment concern is still the key to making the place. Thence, the creation of construction and landscape with extraordinary look is also the main character of the site “Dolphin”.

It is not only swim around the pool to entertain the visitors as in the general, instead highlighted as the “superstar” who plays the outstanding talent in various magnificent shows that can attract to the audience since the first glance. The Pattaya Dolphin World has developed earnestly and lovingly, and the excellent dolphin who has been trained intensively being a fantastic amusement park with a tremendous dolphin show that you would not disappoint to step in the place.

Taking Tour at Pattaya Dolphin World

Pattaya Dolphin World is a remarkable tourist attraction of Pattaya that will take you to the fascinating world of the dolphin. At the place, you cannot miss experiencing the loveliness and intelligence of the dolphin that is well trained here. Apart from that, the tourist will entertain with many activities which including;

  • The Dolphin Sculpture, colorful figures of the dolphin in the posture of swimming as the landmark of the venue which set at the entrance.
  • The Dolphin Mascot who stand by to welcome and provides the photo opportunity to all the guest since the first step of the trip here.

Typically, one of the best study room for the children is to learn through direct experience. At Pattaya Dolphin World offers the chance for the kids to touch the pleasantness of the dolphin and its friends through the show which performed up to 4 times a day, the first show starts at 11.00am, and the last one is about at 5.00pm.

The amazing shows of the dolphin, including Jumping through the hoop, Catching the ball to the trainer, Flying beyond the water to kiss the audience, and so on are all the talent of the lovely dolphin here. The visitors of Pattaya Dolphin World would entertain with the show, in particular, the part that is allowing the audience to participate in the show.

The highlight of the Pattaya Dolphin World   

Watch the Dolphin Shows

Watch the Dolphin Shows

The Dolphin Show at Pattaya Dolphin World presented to the visitors 4 times a day, which the first show starts at 11.00am and then is at 1.00pm, 3.00pm and 5.00pm as the last session of the day, respectively.

Swim with the Dolphin

Swim with the Dolphin at Pattaya Dolphin World

The activity schedules 5 rounds per day, which starts at 9.45am, then the second one is at 11.45am, 1.00pm, 3.45pm, and the last one is at 5.00pm. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact Pattaya Dolphin World at call +6638 051 790-6 or +6684 653 7676.



Something to arouse your adrenaline with the ATV car racing. Pattaya Dolphin World provides about 1.5 km track for the tourist to have some extreme fun.

Riding the horse or the carriage

There are many photogenic spots within the Pattaya Dolphin World that the visitors may not want to miss to take the picture. Well, another good idea to tour around the property conveniently is by riding the horse or the carriage. Anyhow, the riding horse service is available only Saturday and Sunday.

The Shooting Rank

Test your accuracy with the gun shooting game. The shooting gallery “Pattaya Dolphin Shooting Rank” at Pattaya Dolphin World is guaranteed with the certification as the standard shooting gallery. Providing 10 slots for shooting with the monitor. Pattaya Dolphin Shooting Rank opens exclusively on Sunday and the public holidays.

Rock Climbing Simulation

Rock Climbing Simulation at Pattaya Dolphin World

Challenge with the gravity where you can testify your body and mind with more than 13 meters high of the rock climbing simulation at Pattaya Dolphin World. The visitors can enjoy the game free of worry with the standard safety equipment and will be assisted by the onsite staff.

The Tin Toy Zone

The fan zone for the vintage toy lover which collected numerous of the tin toy collections dated back to the 1930s – 1960s. Assuredly, not only the kids who will be thrilled at the place.

The Cowboy Zone

The Cowboy Zone

The area inspired by the western country during “the Gold Rush” where you can take the picture with the fascinating background and prop of the cowboy town. So, a fan of the Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp, or Clint Eastwood’s films should not miss acting like a cowboy for once.

Gift & Souvenir Shop

Inside the Pattaya Dolphin World is a Gift & Souvenir Shop for the visitors to get some nice collection for keepsakes of the journey to this wonderful attraction. The items, such as dolphin doll, T-shirts with dolphin screen, magnet, keychain, toys, and more.

Air Gun Shooting

Safer with the air gun shooting for one who would like to test your accuracy with the gun. The Dolphin World offers the Air Gun Shooting activity with safety devices. Also, the shop to sell the air gun at a reasonable price for the tourists, as well.

Tourist Information

Pattaya Dolphin World opens every day from 9.00am through 5.00pm.

The admission fee for the visitors is

Thai: Adults is THB300, Children with 91 – 140 cm of the height is THB150.

Foreigners: Adults is THB500, and children are THB250.

How to get there

How to go to Pattaya Dolphin World

By Car:

From Bangkok, drives on highway number 7 (Motorway) until you notice the exit sign to Sattahip. Then, takes the exit and turn right to Thesabarn 1 Soi 12 Alley and keeps moving to the destination.

By the public transport:

The tourist can travel either by public bus or van (Bangkok – Sattahip) and once you arrive at Pattaya you can take the local transport to the destination either motorcycle or pick-up truck service.


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