Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Having Fun Day Trip at Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya is not just well-known with its beautiful beach and vibrant nightlife, also many lifestyle sightseeing for the tourist to enjoy even the family trip. And the place called “Pattaya Sheep Farm” is another place that you would savor while you are visiting this celebrated resort town.

Although Pattaya Sheep Farm has opened for several years with less of the foreign visitors mark it as the top of the list schedule in Pattaya. Nonetheless, the location is not less in its lively and exciting atmosphere regarding the tourist spot in Pattaya since this is so-called the largest tourist attraction in this city. With more than 160,000 sqm of space, Pattaya Sheep Farm allocated into many sections to serve all the needs of the visitors, whether family, friends, or couple trip would not drop your entertainment.

Pattaya Sheep Farm in Brief

Pattaya Sheep Farm in Brief

This sheep farm stands on the roadside of the Motorway at the opposite site of the Regent International School before arrival the Pattaya city. Noticeably, when you travel along the Motorway Road heads to Pattaya and at the curvy line which passes the international school predominant with the bright orange building on the roadside. Then, not too far you will spot the entrance to Pattaya Sheep Farm that is noticeable by the outstanding signage.

Although the route is laterite but it’s good condition and not take too long drive to arrive at the venue. The remarkable red tone of the structure of the sheep farm environed by the vast space of natural atmosphere. The fascinating sheep farm with a lot of photogenic corners and of course numerous of cute sheep and other lovely animals welcome the guests to snap the wonderful moment here. So, kit could say that Pattaya Sheep Farm is another tourist attraction that you should not miss is Pattaya. Assuredly, you would not be disappointed to visit this place.

What to Do at Pattaya Sheep Farm

What to Do at Pattaya Sheep Farm

The main area of Pattaya Sheep Farm, definitely it’s the “Sheep Farm” with lovely landscaping – nice-trim green lawn, colorful sculptures and prop arranged for one who loves to take the photo, especially. Undoubtedly, the main character here is the cutie sheep. The tourist can feed the sheep here that set up the feeding zone especially so anyone come here with no feed the sheep can say you have not been here yet.

Sometimes, the sheep released to the lawn space to relax and meet the people. Anyhow, on the hot climate day, the sheep will not be allowed to come out (as you know sheep is fluffy and thick fur which benefits for it to keep it warm in the cold weather). Well, you might spot the sheep stay in the shelter of the big trees and stall.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time in Swiss Sheep farm pattaya

“Once Upon a Time,” may the quote that most of us be familiar with when we talk about the fairy tales. Anyway, Once Upon a Time is a new zone of Pattaya Sheep Farm has just opened to the public recently. A fairy tales area set up under theme character of various famous bedtime stories, for example, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Jack and the Bean Stalks. Unsurprisingly, the zone is viral among the kids.

Disneyland same space at Pattaya Sheep Farm is predominant with its highlight “the Castle” in the center of Once Upon a Time. The elegant structure is the magnet, drawing lots of guests with the leading figure of the Prince hold a sword to conquer the fierce Dragon. Not just a landmark, the castle is allowed for the visitors to get inside the building, too.

Pattaya Bird Park

Pattaya Bird Park

“Pattaya Bird Park,” another new area of Pattaya Sheep Farm, where the place to present the talented shows of various kinds of bird, such as parrots, hornbills, eagles, and more. Those of birds used in the shows are well-trained to provide the entertainment to the visitors especially.

The shows at Pattaya Bird Farm takes about 45 minutes and end up with the photo opportunity for the tourist to snap the picture with the lovely parrots and other tiny birds that may enjoy the food from the hands of the tourists. And a recommendation for anyone who wants to take a close picture of the bird, you’d better take the seat at the front rows.

The Barn Steak House

The Barn Steak House

Having fun with cute animals and fun activities, of course, the guests would get hungry. At Pattaya Sheep Farm also second to none for serving the deliciousness for the visitors. “The Barn Steak House,” a restaurant with the western style decoration which focuses on serving steak dishes. Nevertheless, the dining room also provides other menus to fill your tummy, even for the health concern people with an array of salad — also, the dessert menu that looks very yummy, as well as variety of the beverages.

The barn Steak House delicately selects only high-quality ingredient to cook and serve the customers, plus lots of dishes here are special recipe exclusively served at The Barn Steak House, too. Every month the restaurant launches the promotion for the customers – menu set. And in case you come as a group tour, there’s an exclusive zone to welcome your group, as well. 

Highlights menus at the Barn Steak House

Highlights menus at the Barn Steak House

The highlight menus at The Barn Steak House, including,

Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop (THB550) served in the big plate. The juicy grilled lamb with tasty gravy, surprisingly, it has no strong smell of the lamb meat. The delicious Lamb Shop served with the crunchy fresh green salad that made this dish is irresistible to try.

Super Giant Burger

Next, a menu for Burger lover, Super Giant Burger (THB450), big size of burger with about 6 inches diameter. Super Ginat Burger is high-grade beef topped with big shrunk of bacon, egg, fresh organic green, and crispy fried onion and special cheese sauce and mayonnaise.

Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad

And for one who orients to the healthy one, you may try Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad (THB300), firmed grilled chicken breast with smells of the herbals, spices, and charcoal served with a fresh green salad and delectable Caesar dressing.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Then, BBQ Pork Ribs (THB400), another large dish that would be thrilled for the gastronome. Tender grilled pork ribs and tasty sauce served with French fries and dip.

Various Desserts

And for the dessert, there is a lot of interesting sweets to try at The Barn Steak House, Mixed Berries Tart served with fresh and sweet ripped mango, for instance. And these two drinks would be perfect for chilling you down from the heat outside the building, Margarita Shake and Blue Hawaii Shake which are non-alcohol.

Pattaya Sheep Farm would be another tourist attraction in Pattaya that you and your trip companion can enjoy the day with the ample space in nature with plenty enough photogenic corners for you to take your happy moment here with the lovely sheep. So, for the tourist who is planning to Pattaya, Pattaya Sheep Farm would be an excellent idea for you to put in your itinerary.

Operating Hours and Admission

Pattaya Sheep Farm operates every day from 9.00am through 7.00pm. The tourist who visits the place has 2 choices of the entrance ticket, which are;

The ticket to watch the sheep which is THB60 per person and in case you would like to access to other zones of Pattaya Sheep Farm, there’s supplement charge.

The package pass is THB120 per person. This ticket allows you to pass to see the Sheep Farm, Floating Market, Once Upon a Time, and Pattaya Bird Park (It is THB250 package ticket for the foreigners).

Traveling to Pattaya Sheep Farm

Traveling to Pattaya Sheep Farm

Since the location is not on the roadside of the highway which needs some more drive to the alley. However, moving to Pattaya Sheep Farm is not that difficult. The two major routes to go to the venue are by Motorway (highway number 7) and Sukhumvit Road (highway number 3).

And whether the direction you take you to have to head to “Big Bee Farm” on the roadside of number 36. From this part, there’s an alley that leads you to Pattaya Sheep Farm.


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