A La Campagne

A La Campagne Pattaya

One Fine Day at A La Campagne Pattaya

A little community with charming country lifestyle – organic farming, art, and music would be an alternative choice for the tour in Pattaya for someone who might get bored with the hustle and bustle of this vibrant tourist landmark. And here the lovely place called “A La Campagne,” a chic community nestled in the area of Pattaya rim may be your best place to spend during the trip in Pattaya. The site just likes to bring you to cross the world to have a journey in a small village in the French countryside.

A French Countryside in Pattaya

A French Countryside in Pattaya

A La Campagne in French means “in the countryside” can reflect the characteristic of this lovely location very well. Modeling of the little community in a rural area in Europe where is distinctive in its architecture of the art and the simple way of life in the world-famous resorted city of Pattaya, Thailand. A dream come true site is a terrific work of the two young gen entrepreneurs, “Annop Charnchiewvichai” and “Chompunuch Im-Udom” who affected by travel and art.

Both created ‘A La Campagne’ as a destination for one who yearns for somewhere to rest their body and mind, sharing the lasting happiness with the loved ones; family, friend, or partner. This French sounding community is more than a place to dine out, it is plentiful of the story, knowledge sharing, and a potential hub of the local marketplace that harmonized well with the outstanding European countryside ambiance, surprisingly.

A La Campagne is another idea for you to find a nice place to relax and entertain during the trip in Pattaya besides beach activities or nightlife in general. The French cottage style architecture environed by the shady and verdant trees allocated in the zoning to serve the different need of the guests, including restaurants, tea and bakery café, souvenir shop, agricultural and craft workshop, and independent organic product market. Assuredly, A La Campagne will gratify toward the visitors with joyful an impressive moment.

Strolling around the fairy tales place

Once you arrive at A La Campagne, your first impression perhaps a wonderful circumstance of the European country village. So-called the lovely small town is predominant with the beautiful cottage designed architectural and decoration with lots of photogenic corner for the all the guests to snap and share your special moment at this lovely site.

Somtum Villa

Somtum Villa in A La Campagne Pattaya

Perhaps another wish-list location for the gastronomes as A La Campagne features the remarkable dining room with a broad array of delicious menus. The Thai-Esan restaurant “Somtum Villa,” an opened air style dining place where serves you a creative fusion Thai-Esan dish in the airy and comfortable atmosphere. Although Thai restaurant but the site is outstanding with the western design, in particular, the Gothic window rose up to reach the ceiling. So, apart from the tasty food, you will delight with the beautiful ambiance of Somtum Villa, especially after the rain that overall area will be fresh and relax.

Thanks for the design with the brick structure provides the cooling air within the building, plus great ventilation. Despite the fact that it is well-designed architecture and landscape, for anyone who comes to the dining room in the daytime with strong, sunlight you’d better sit indoor. Anyway, for the foreign tourist partially the western would love to sit outdoor with the bright sunny sky.  

Fusion Thai-Esan dishes

Fusion Thai-Esan dishes

Well, let talk about the menu served here, Somtum Villa has many delicious fusion Thai-Esan dishes and the signature menus that we recommend, for example, “Gai Leung Compagne” (Yellow Grilled Chicken), chicken marinated with turmeric and secret recipe spices and grilled on the Eucalyptus charcoal, served with the spicy dip or “Gai Tod Grob” (Deep Fried Chicken). Both are perfect to have with warm steamed sticky rice with choices of both white and black glutinous rice. Besides, there are more than 40 delectable dishes cooked with the delicate and fresh ingredients that some of them are the productivity of A La Campagne, i.e., roasted peanut, sour sparerib, and vegetables which planted in the organic farm. Assuredly, all food served here is fresh, clean, and save.

Tea Factory & More

Tea Factory & More at A La Campagne Pattaya

Someone may not want to fill up your tummy as that much, A La Campagne also has a lovely place for you to have a seat and chill with refreshment and yummy dessert at “Tea Factory & More,” a chic tea room furnished with the transparent glass in all sides surrounded with the green plants. Tea Factory & More offers the variety of tea and bakery, in particular, the tea is imported from 8 different sources of the notable tea plant base, such as France, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, China, and Israel.

Additionally, this tearoom provides the unique experience explicitly to the clients under the concept “healthy and natural,” thus most of the drinks here are created from genuine tea leaves instead of ground tea. For the food, the vegetables are fresh from the organic farm planted at the rear of the café. The signature of Tea Factory & More is Blend Tea, which is the combination of 2 or more kind of tea leaves and other ingredients. Typically, blending is a direction to preserve the quality of the tea leaf resulted in the unique flavor and aroma of each blend. The recommended blends created by Tea Factory & More, La Vie En Rose, Dimbula lemon, Oolong Lychee, and Puerh Vanilla, for instances.

dessert and cake

In addition, another unique character of this tearoom is how it serves the cold-pressed beverage with the liquor-like glass flat bottle. Well, it is a good idea during a day trip here to refresh yourself with the cold drink, isn’t it?

And as a tearoom, so it also serves many delicious desserts to have with the beverages. The bakery at Tea Factory & More is homemade style with the highlighted items, such as “Sakura Mouse Cake” and another that we recommend you to try and grab home is “Homemade Strawberry Jam” which perfect match to croissant or scone. Besides the snack, Tea Factory & More also provides many a la carte dishes, i.e., soup, salad, pasta, and healthy food.

The place where you and your beloved family will enjoy sharing time together

Further the deliciousness with the charming atmosphere you will find at A La Compagne, there are lots of activities for the visitors to spend the time here, partially, the family guests. The agricultural farming zone provides the events, such as feeding the horse and rabbit, explore the chicken coop, and collecting the eggs. Also, the outdoor playground and DIY and workshop zone that arranges interesting workshop programs weekly, shirt painting, coloring the ceramic doll, yoga class, making salad dressing, making soup, making the candle, and more. So, those of the activities are not only enjoyable for the tourists, but also strengthen the proper relationship among the family member, a delightful moment of the trip in Pattaya, indeed.

The Simple way of country lifestyle at A La Campagne

1. The Farm

the farm at A La Campagne pattaya

A learning space regarding nature and agriculture. So-called a farming at the backyard is allowing to the children to have fun with many activities; plant the veggie, feeding the animals, collecting the eggs, as well as cooking the dinner and dine together here at the site. The farm allocated into 3 parts, which are Farm Kids, Veggie Village, and Terrain. For any further information about the schedule, please check at the location.

Farm Kids:

A paradise for the kids with a workshop to grow vegetable farming. Any children who participate in the workshop can collect the veggie in the farm to cooking class, which will be different productivity by seasonal. The farming workshop is teaching the kids from seeding, planting, and collecting the vegetable to trade at the shop in the next four weeks (exclusive only for pre-booking in a group of 8 – 10 kids).

Veggie Village:

The diversity of vegetable in the plot, including Scarletfruit passionflower, Lemon, Spearmint, etc. picking from the farm to the table. Specifically, some items will be used as the ingredient in the special menus that served some of the days, special event, wedding reception, party, for example. Just so you know, the vegetable planted here is no GMO in order to keep for fertilization. “We made from heart, although it is not right for the business” is a quote from the project’s owner who runs the business here with the passion and positive perspective.

The owner who joined in the agriculture course at Wat Yannasangwararam Woramahavihara which is the project under the initiative of HM King Bhumibol (the Rama IX) spent up to 3 years to turn the piece of land initially draught and brackish water to be abundance for the organic farming. The fermented water from vegetables and discarded food included in the process as the fertilizer, as well as breeding of the earthworm which enhancing the quality of the soil.


Special unit opened only on the weekends. Terrain accepts the group of the tour to access the venue at 4.00pm approximate to join the activity, including an introduction to the garden and farm, providing the shopping list to collect the ingredient in the farm for the cooking class that will instruct how to cook Thai dish with the western style presentation. A course meal contains 6 menus included the dessert that made from selected ingredients depending on the availability daily. After the meal prepared, it’s dinnertime that all participants will dine together in the lovely garden with the natural atmosphere and stunning lighting decoration.

2. The Hen House

The Hen House

Behind the farm is the home of various animals that the gate will open for the visitors to get in on any day with crowded customers. However, on a quiet day, if anyone would like to access the area, you can inform the staff to let you in.

Inside is the coop of the chicken, which is laying chicken which provides eggs daily. The chicken here fed with the pellet food and mixed EM water with no hormone and chemical in the process. As a result, the eggs from the farm here is low in cholesterol but high in vitamins, which is good for health. The visitors can go to see inside the coop. Nonetheless, during the rainy season that a smaller number of the visitor, the area will be shut. If you would like to take a tour, you can inform the venue.

On the day with the workshop, there’s the caption to instruct the participants. And after the course, they can get in to feed the hens and collect the eggs home. However, possibly to go back without an egg on any day that no any egg since the venue will not set up the egg in the coop.

Shop & Gallery

Shop & Gallery

And for the tourist who looks for some unique products to buy as a gift or for the keepsake, A La Campagne also has a lovely shop called “Shop & Gallery” trades the unique products which are all friendly to the environment. All goods here are a craft and made in Thailand, modern style cone-shaped cover which concealed the Thai art cleverly, Indigo dyed fabric from Sakonnakhon province, the aromatic candles with Thai fragrant, for instances. Definitely, those products would be satisfied for all customers.

La Rouge Wine Bar

La Rouge Wine Bar

Further from the gift shop is a path linked to another space which is different in its ambiance compared to “Shop & Gallery.” The area called “La Rouge Wine Bar,” a magnificent bar welcomes all the guests who come to A La Campagne to enjoy the evening after the sundown. Unique in the design with European architecture and Victorian decorative idea, La Rouge Wine Bar would be great for the foreign tourist who prefers somewhere with the more classical and classier atmosphere to chill and relax with your favorite glass at the nightfall.

A La Campagne located on Sukhumvit Road at the opposite side of the Pattaya Office of Attorney before Huay Yai Junction. The venue opens daily, Monday – Thursday is 10.00am to 8.00pm, Friday – Sunday is 10.00am to 10.00pm, for Tea Factory & More is Monday – Thursday at 10.00am to 8.00pm.

How to get to A La Campagne Pattaya

How to get A La Campagne Pattaya

The location of A La Campagne is not too sophisticated to reach, the tourists can head to Pattaya along the Sukhumvit Road and further from Pattaya Floating Market. And before reach Huay Yai Intersection you will spot the French Style cottages that are the destination of your trip.


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