Pattaya Attractions-Things to Do

Pattaya Attractions-Things to Do

Pattaya, the dream destination in the eastern seaboard of Thailand

One of the world’s leading tourist attractions in Thailand, Pattaya always attracts lots of travelers both Thai and international to visit this city. As the most famous paradise seascape in the east of the country, Pattaya is convenient for the tourist to take the trip there since it is not far from Bangkok just a few 1-2 hours drives. Undoubtedly, the location is one of the popular destinations that of both local and foreign travelers choose to spend the holidays. And here’s some the best places to visit in Pattaya that we assure you would enjoy.

About Pattaya

About Pattaya attractions

Pattaya or also called Pattaya City, one of the world’s famous destinations in Thailand situates in the eastern seaboard of the country in Chonburi province. The remarkable city with up to 208 of space in total, although located within the area of Chonburi the location is outstanding welcomes the vast number of the tourists. As a result, Pattaya is high-income distribution compare to other parts of the province. Therefore, Pattaya is a conurbation in Chonburi as a self-governing municipal area covers the area of North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, South Pattaya, and Jom Thien Beach.

Interesting Beaches in Pattaya

Na Klua Beach

Na Klua Beach Pattaya Thailand

Former the salt plantation in the past resulted in the title of this area “Na Klua” which means salt pan. The location is not far from the Dolphin Circle in the town features the tranquil atmosphere that is suitable for one who looks for somewhere is not too crowded like Pattaya Beach.

Pattaya Beach

pattaya beach,the most famous beach in thailand

Pattaya Beach, the famous seaside destination consists of North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, and South Pattaya. The north beach is quite peaceful which is perfect to relax as there’s no busy of the crowd. The area provides lovely sand beach and clear water for the visitors to enjoy the pool playing. On the other hand, Central Pattaya and South Pattaya are quite hustled, and bustle, as well as, the places are the location of the entertainment venue and sightseeing, included the various types of the accommodation from budget guesthouse to 5-star luxury hotel.

Dongtan Beach

Dongtan Beach, Pattaya attractions in Thailand

A long-shaped beach with the many sugar palms and pine trees all along the coastline. Thence, Dongtan Beach is cool and pleasant for chillaxing or set some picnic activity next to the sea. Also, the picture of many sailing boats in the sea is regularly seen by the visitors since the location is a practice venue for the sailors. Plus, the beach is not lots of shops or people; thus, Dongtan Beach is the right location for anyone who seeks for the quiet and peaceful beach to rest.

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien beach a popular tourist beach in Pattaya

Next to South Pattaya Beach is home of another lovely beach in Pattaya City. Jomtien is separated from Pattaya by the hill. Perhaps the best place to escape for the hustle and bustle since the 7-km long beach is more peaceful than Pattaya. Nonetheless, Jomtien provides the various selection of the accommodation, nice restaurants, and water activities that the tourist would be endlessly entertaining.

Na Jom Tien Beach

Na-Jomtien-beach-Pattaya attractions Thailand

The southmost beach of Pattaya region, Na Jom Tien is next to Jom Tien Beach with approximately 6 km in its length. The beach features the soft and white sandy beach with the perfect wind and wave for any water sports. Unsurprisingly, it is famous among a lot of tourists to play the water sports at Na Jom Tien Beach.

Pattaya Attractions and Things to Do beside the Beach in Pattaya

Mimosa Pattaya The City of Love

Mimosa Pattaya in Thailand

Renowned as the city of love, Mimosa Pattaya offers the fantastic ambiance of the French classic style architecture. The vibrant structures in this attraction distinguished the place as only one in Pattaya City or even in Thailand surrounded with the romantic atmosphere with the fragrant smell of the various flowers. Moreover, there are the significant gift and souvenir shop, Thai and international dining rooms for the visitors to enjoy the broad array of delicious food with good hospitality.

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Sheep Farm locates before the entrance of Pattaya City in Bang Lamoong district across from Regent International School. The venue is a lovely home of the sheep that the visitors can relax and get the photo opportunity with the cute sheep or feed them. The entrance fee of Pattaya Sheep Farm is THB50, and it is free of charge for the children with less than 110 cm high. The visitors can present the ticket to get the grass to feed the sheep on the farm. However, for more information and the price for the foreigners, please contact at the booth ticket at the site.

Art in Paradise

Art in paradise in Pattaya Touist attractions

A unique and trending art museum collects more than a hundred of 3D paintings that are so incredibly lifelike. The pictures were created by a Korean artist. The place is such a perfect place for photo lovers with lots of photogenic spots to snap and post on your social networks. So, Art in Paradise is another sightseeing in Pattaya that anyone should not skip.

Tiffany Show and Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya

Alcazar Cabaret show & Tiffany's show

So-called the signature show of Pattaya that has lasted for over the decades. Tiffany Show and Alcazar Cabaret are famous for the foreigners that take the trip to Pattaya would put in the wish-list. Both perform the various show of both Thai traditional culture and international by the ladyboys which provide significant and enormously entertainment to the tourists. Both playhouses are located on Pattaya 2 Road that is not complicated to find the venue.

Cartoon Network Amazone

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

The world’ s first theme park based on the theme characters of ‘Cartoon Network’ is in Pattaya, Thailand. As the amusement park with lots thing to have fun in the Cartoon Network which is the 1# family channel in the Asia Pacific, the park allocated into 10 theme zones with features the playthings of Water Coaster and Aqua Playground in each zone. So, it could say that the site is the remarkable tourist attraction in Pattaya that any tourists should not miss, in particular for the family group.   

Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort

Pattaya Dolphin World at a Glance

The place presents lots of talented show by the lovely dolphins. They are 4 dolphins from two different species which are 2 pink bottlenose dolphins, and another two are finless porpoises. The shows at Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort offers to the visitors with about 20 programs that are all thrilled to witness.

Under Water World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya

As the home of diverse species of aqua life inside up to 105 meters long tunnel. Under Water World Pattaya where the visitors can experience the fish and marine lives closely, also the feeding demonstration that is a highlight activity of the site when the numbers of the fish crowd the staff who feed them creating the fantastic scene that the tourist would be exciting.

Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya

The notable tourist attraction in Pattaya, the Sanctuary of Truth stands in the area of Wong Phra Chan Bay, Laem Ratchavej in Na Klua sub-district. The location occupied 128,000 sqm capacity of the land that can access from Na Klua 12 Alley. Sanctuary of Truth features the magnificent wooden castle next to the seaside that is so exotic and fascinating in its beauty. The structure is decorated with the delicate sculptures and craved works that reflect on the world outlook, wisdom, moral principle, and philosophy of the Eastern world.

The location was established in 1981 by Lek Viriyaphand, founder of the Ancient City in Samut Prakan province. The Sanctuary of Truth made wholly from wood with no any particle of metal. Each part of the construction is cogged that is the local wisdom from the ancient time. The Sanctuary of Truth recognized as the notable architectural of the art of the century that anyone who visits Pattaya should not skip, indeed.

Phratamnak Scenic Point

Khao Phra Tamnak in Pattaya

The magnificent viewpoint at Phratamnak Hill is maybe the best spot to watch the beautiful panoramic seascape of Pattaya Bay in 360 degrees from the top view. The scenic point is in the area of “Phratamnak Hill” or also known as “Phra Bat Mount”, a low hill in between Pattaya Beach and Jom Thien Beach. For any visitors who come to Pattaya City by car, it is so convenient to visit this viewpoint along the good condition of the road.

The route pleasantly lines from Bali Hai Cape and passes the dock and the curvy lane ascending to the mountain where a little lighthouse stands over there and end of the way at the summit of the Phratamnak Hill. Although it is only 400 meters distance along both sides of the path are filled with the various kinds of plants and flowers for you to please. Anyhow, for one with no skill of drive should be careful since some part of the way to the viewpoint is quite steep with sharp curve especially the spot before the peak of the mountain.

Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum

The world-class wax museum in Pattaya that collected many wax models of the celebrated people from worldwide – Hollywood stars, athletes, presidents, and the K-pop stars and more.

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market or Four Regions Floating Market

The cultural tourist attraction in Pattaya where the place features the traditional lifestyle of Thai. Located at the heart-of-state of Pattaya City, Pattaya Floating Market founded with the great and strong will of the owner to make this place to be the reserved center of Thai culture with modeling the simple way of life of the local. The pleasant life that Thai people has attached the living to the waterway since the ancient time. Also, the learning center to show the native wisdom from 4 regions of the country namely north, central, Isan (northeast), and south.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanic Garden

Suan Nong Nooch Pattaya in Chonburi Thailand

The venue is recognized as ‘one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in the world,’ Nong Nooch Garden is an enormous garden filled with the diverse species of plants and flowers, included the rare species. Moreover, the place also presents the shows to entertain the visitors, such as the elephant’s show and Thai traditional culture performance show. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanic Garden stands on the highway route Pattaya – Sattahip that is so easy to reach.

Besides, there is a new zone that has just opened at the site recently which might be the best place to thrill the children and the Jurassic fans called “The Dinosaur’s Valley”. This particular zone would bring the visitors back to the pre-historic time when the dinosaurs ruled this planet. Over 40,000 sqm of space is decorated with the stucco images of diverse species of dinosaur, for example, T-Rex, Triceratops, Rapper, etc. together with the swamp ferns all around the area creating the Jurassic world ambiance that anyone who comes to visit Nong Nooch Garden should not miss.

Silver Lake Vineyards

Silverlake Vineyard

The beautiful vinery belonged to the Thai classic film star that turned her life to pioneer the piece of land of the Pattaya rim. Silver Lake Vineyards is close to the famous Buddha Mountain ‘Khao Chee Chan’ over the area of 1.92 included the large size of the reservoir inside the property. The scene when the sun is going down at the horizon with the beautiful nature as the perfect background.

The last light of the day that reflects over the lake creating the glittering silver natural pool is such a fabulous and fantastic moment to witness to become the name of the place “Silver Lake”. Apart from the stunning landscape, Silver Lake Vinery also offers the broad array of products that derived from the farm; fresh grape, processing products from the vine, wine, dining room, and the shuttle car service to bring all the visitors to see the beautiful vinery.

Mini Siam


The project began with the initiative research since 1985 and started the construction in 1986. Nowadays, Mini Siam is renowned as the tourist attraction that modeled many significant and vital religious places and archeological sites of both Thailand and abroad. The small structure is in 1:25 that allocated to the two main parts are Mini Siam and Mini Europe.

Over the 46,400 sqm of space provides the visitors with a chance to witness the iconic constructions from the top famous landmarks globally, for example, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai, Ayutthaya Historical Park, the Democracy Monument, the Victory Monument, The Bridge of the River Kwai, the Rama IX Bridge, Phimai Rock Castle, Wat Arun in Thailand.

Also, The Tower Bridge in London, The Opera House in Sydney, Eifel Tower in Paris, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and The Statue of Liberty in New York. So, it could say that to travel here only is similar to take the trip all around Thailand and the world in just one day.

The Museum of Ripley’s Believe It or Not

The Museum of Ripley’s Believe It or Not

The museum that gathered so-called extraordinary and unbelievable things from all around the world with is more than 300 collections. For example, the human skin’s mask, 3-inch human’s head, the model of Titanic Ship made from matches, A man who has 4 pupils, and more. Apart from that, The Museum of Ripley’s Believe It or Not also offers the amusement playthings for the tourist to have fun, such as Haunted Adventure, 4D Moving Theater, Infinity Maze, Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks, Scream in The Dark, Sky Rider, and The Vault.

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

The place that will be thrilled about your trip to Pattaya is at Na Klua Beach which is just only 4 km from Sukhumvit Road. The park covers more than 160,000 sqm of land with an extensive collection of incredible ancient stones set up perfectly to wait for the tourist to visit and take the picture. Furthermore, the venue is a remarkable crocodile farm with the exciting shows to arouse your adrenaline, such as crocodile’s talent show, fighting with the crocodile without the weapon, or insert the head into crocodile’s mouth.

And it’ not the only crocodile for the visitors to experience at Pattaya Crocodile Farm, the place also provides other wildlife – tiger, bear, elephant, and zebra, too. The venue opens between 8.00am – 6.00pm with the admission fee for the foreigners is THB500 for adult, THB250 for children with 90-120 cm tall, and the children with less than 90 cm tall are free of charge. 

Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village

A lovely home of the elephant is another interesting tourist attraction in Pattaya. The location is not too far from Central Pattaya by driving along the Sukhumvit Road, and you can enter to either Sukhumvit 53 or 87 alley. Pattaya Elephant Village has opened as the sightseeing in Pattaya for over the decades. The place serves as a home to reserve the elephant and a retreat venue for the elephant that got the illness and unhealthy.

Besides, there is a demonstration of elephant caring, feeding, and cleaning. Nonetheless, the highlighted activity of the place is elephant riding tour to see around the elephant village which takes about 3 hours for the trip.

Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street in Thailand

Perhaps a must-have trending spot for the tourism in Thailand, undoubtedly, Pattaya will not skip offering the tourist with the vibrant walking street, as well. Pattaya Walking Street features the lively shopping street that starts from the Pattaya Beach Road in South Pattaya to meet the Trisection of Pattaya at Bali Hai Cape Pier. In the evening the walking street in Pattaya is popular with the crowded tourists, especially for the foreigners.

Along the road are a large number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discotheque, and various kind of night shows. While at the daytime, the street is opened for transportation regularly and will close during 6pm through 2am in the next morning for the walking street. The visitors who drive a car can park at Bali Hai Cape.

Well, apart from the sea, beaches, and lots of water activities that already something you may know well about Pattaya, including the tourist attractions we recommended above. Pattaya is the city that never stops to progress and develops its tourist property to attract more travelers with the new sightseeing and tourist spot.

Frost Magical Ice of Siam

Frost Magical Ice of Siam

For example, Frost Magical Ice of Siam, the largest sculptural icy dome in Asia with -10 degree Celsius of temperature. Inside are the displays of the iced sculptures to tell the story of Siam, Thai pieces of literature, and an essential landmarks in Thailand.

Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park, a new water park in Pattaya which also is the biggest water park in Thailand with more than 0.16 of space, included the playthings and entertained activities that you can have fun until you drop. Ramayana Water Park presents the exotic experience of the water park under the concept the lost city with the old-style decoration – city moat, architecture, and antiques.

The Sky Gallery

the sky gallery

Additionally, The Sky Gallery, the right place for the tourist who prefers slow-life activity in the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. The Sky Gallery is a lovely café next to the seaside that is not outstanding in its coffee but the food served here is so delectable and lots for you to try. Plus, having a seat next to the beach and chillax with the sunset is so romantic and beautiful moment you would not deny.

A’ La Campagne Pattaya

A La Campagne

A’ La Campagne Pattaya, a trending location for the hipster and anyone who yearns for somewhere to chill out with guilt-free. A’ La Campagne Pattaya is the perfect place for the organics lovers that presents as a small countryside style village in Europe with the lovely organics vegetable plots, a little shielding, and nice café.

Hello Van Gogh Pattaya

Hello Van Gogh Pattaya

Hello Van Gogh Pattaya, a magnificent art gallery where the place features the collection and the life of the world-famous artist ‘Van Gogh’.

Tiger Park Pattaya

Tiger Park Pattaya

Tiger Park Pattaya, the new tiger park that has just operated, recently in Pattaya, plus the most exciting thing to know is it’s free of charge! Inside is the home of various kind of tiger whether matured and baby tigers. Tiger Park Pattaya offers a pleasant experience to the visitors with a nice and clean atmosphere, and the tigers here are taken care naturally with no cage. So, it is another exciting place for you to take on your list of the journey to Pattaya City, indeed.

How to go to Pattaya

Just only 150 km from Bangkok Metropolitan, so, it’s entirely convenient to travel to this popular resort in the east of Thailand. The place is perfect either for a one-day trip or stays for an extended vacation with various options for the transport.

By Car:

Traveling by car is optional depends on the routes.

Bangna-Trad Road

Using Bangna Tollway until the end of the path at Amata Industrial City. Then, enter the bypass road and keep driving all through the way to Pattaya that there is the signboard to guide the direction.

The highway number 34 (Bangna – Bangpakong)

Driving along the road and drives on Sukhumvit Road to pass Chonburi, Bang Saen, Sriracha, and heads to Pattaya.

Motorway Road

Driving along the way followed the sign to Chonburi and then takes the left fork to enter Sukhumvit Road to Pattaya.

By Van:

The public van services operated by many companies stand by at Century Mall or the Victory Monument area, Mor Chit, Ekamai, or Ratchada 4 Alley. The price is approximately THB100 per trip/person.

By Bus:

The tourist can get the public bus services at either Mor Chit or Ekamai Terminal with the fee about THB100 per trip/person in the estimate.

So, we hope this would be useful for your plan to travel in Pattaya. Then, let’s pack your suitcase!


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