Pattaya Beach (Hat Pattaya)

pattaya beach,the most famous beach in thailand

The Vibrant Beach of Pattaya “miami of Thailand”

As one of the most famous tourist attractions in Thailand among the tourist both local and international. Pattaya Beach has never been quiet for its visitors whether high season or not. As the closest beach resort to Bangkok metropolitan, Pattaya is extraordinary with its lovely sandy beach, water activities, and vibrant nightlife. In particular, after the landscaping development all along the coast resulted in Hat Pattaya nowadays is more attractive than ever until many tourists say it may be the ‘Miami of Thailand.’ Indeed, that may not be to overstatement as Pattaya Beach presently is appealing, clean and clear from any messy cables on both sides of the road along the beach that is really amazed by the tourists who are familiar to the old picture of Pattaya Coast. Thanks to the policy of the Pattaya City to develop the landscape and environment of the site included renovation and repainting the footpath, so that is to say, it’s the outstanding transformation to this famous beach. And of course, making Hat Pattaya looks suitable to its rank as one of the top famous tourist spots in Thailand and also the world’s top-ranking landmarks, as well.

About the Beach

The building and skyscrapers in twilight time

As the important beach resort location of the country, Had Pattaya consists of 3 main beaches including, Hat Pattaya Nue (North Pattaya Beach), Hat Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Beach), and Hat Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya Beach). North Pattaya Beach, an ideal spot for one who yearns for somewhere with the tranquil and peaceful circumstance for your vacation. The North Pattaya Beach is less of the crowd, though the beach here is lovely to swim. While Central Pattaya and South Pattaya beaches are the hustle and bustle with the tourists as the hub of all kinds of entertainment – pub, bar, restaurant, sightseeing, and accommodation. Partially the latter that offers for the travelers from budget bungalow to the luxury hi-end hotel. The crescent-shaped beach is approximately 4 km distant along with the road lines aside. The tourist will enjoy strolling down of the Pattaya with plenty of dining rooms, bars, cloth shops, souvenir and gift shops, beauty salons, tattoo bars, shopping mall, and the vibrant nightlife. Anyway, for the tourist who prefers the quiet zone, North Pattaya Beach is a good idea for your staying with many beautiful hotels and resorts that isolated from the bustle as those beaches in the central and the south. At the North Beach, you can relax whether promenading along the soft sandy beach or chilling on the beach chair to get the gentle fresh sea breeze would be perfect for your time. 

The Truth of Hat Pattaya

people on the new Walking Street of the city

Yet, before the new face of Pattaya Beach that revived its charm back. The place almost derogation. Getting back for the past decades, Hat Pattaya had been progressing over other districts in Chonburi province until it could have its government separately. The location had grown with hotels, real estates, restaurants, and entertainment complex which spread rapidly to support the growth of tourism as the famous destination in Thailand. Undeniably, many know Pattaya as the “City that Never Sleeps” or even “the Sin City.” Indeed, the mean is not justifying the end, Hat Pattaya and the neighbor although flourished with its tourist business the major income to make progress on this land predominant to those other areas of the province. The location had declined its natural environment time by time; rubbish, cables, vendor stalls, and crime. Consequently, the Pattaya City thus realized and concerned of this problem and planned the policy to restore Hat Pattaya and the coastline area to the beautiful beach again under the concept ‘the wish-list resorted destination for all levels of the tourist”.

Nonetheless, we can reject the advancement of Pattaya Beach so the place may not be the right choice for any traveler who finds for the peaceful location. Yet, the traveler who loves to have a journey and spend your vacation among the vivacity and the lively nightlife, Pattaya will not be disappointed for you indeed.

New Look of Pattaya Beach

pattaya city Thailand at night

Today, the tourist who comes to visit Hat Pattaya will forget about the dirty sand beach and messy neighbor of this place. Instead, you will experience the cheerful beach site with the lovely smooth sandy beach, clear water, entertained water sports and activities, and top standard tourist facility. So, the old image of this beach will dissolve from your memory as now it deserves with the nickname “the Miami of Thailand,” indeed.

The new look Pattaya Beach is a large sandy beach with up to 35 meters wide and 2.7 km distant in the estimate perfect for the water sports and outdoor activities – sunbathing, dining fresh seafood, beach ball, ski, surf, etc. And the most important for the tourist is please keep the place clean so the beautiful beach will last long to be the place for you to enjoy.

Travelling to Hat Pattaya

How to get to Pattaya Beach

It is very convenient to make the journey to Pattaya Beach, by car, from Bangkok drives on the tollway Bangkok – Pattaya or motorway. Once you arrived at the Pattaya, there’s a central junction, and you make the right turn and drive to the road along the beach. 

Alternatively, for the tourist that travel by public transport, you can get the bus or van service route Bangkok – Pattaya at Ekamai Transport Station (the Eastern Transportation Terminal).


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