Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market or Four Regions Floating Market

Learning the charming Thai way of life at Pattaya Floating Market

Some place is worthwhile for you to visit and see the local way of life that will make your trip even more impressive. Pattaya Floating Market or also known as “the Four Regions Floating Market“, a tourist attraction which excellently reflects the fascinating Thai culture, set in Pattaya is a must-visit place for the tourists who come to this famous city of Thailand. With a strong will to make a place that serves as a cultural center to preserve and present the exotic and beautiful tradition of Siam among the local and international witness, the site like Pattaya Floating Market then created.

The model of the simple lifestyle of the Thais that the visitors can learn the traditional sustainable living attached firmly to the watercourse now and then. As well as, learn the splendid local intelligence from 4 regions of the country, namely the north, central mainland, Isan (northeast), and south that has its unique character.

What to Do when you visit Pattaya Floating Market

Travel and shopping in Pattaya Floating Market four regions

Pattaya Floating Market is exciting sightseeing in the Pattaya region where the place is a distinctive character from other tourist spots in this city. Besides the classic style marketplace, it also serves as the cultural conservation center with the traditional shows from the 4 regions of Thailand, too. Many local goods and products are available here for visitors to shop – handicrafts, handmade goods, decoration items, edible things, and souvenir. More than that, the tourist may be exciting to see the agricultural farm demonstration at the site that the tourist can touch the simple way of life closely over the land with up to 36,800 sqm.

At Pattaya Floating Market, the visitors, both Thai and international, would enjoy with the pleasant atmosphere that copied the life on the river bank the original lifestyle of Thai people in the old days. Sailing the boat to experience the lovely environment on both sides of the canal and how the local live life. Bedazzling to Thai design shops made from the teakwood that are predominant as a significant landmark of the marketplace. Never stop to be thrilled with the different design of the architecture that presents the unique character and beauty of each region of Thailand.

For example, the northern part features the delicate wood carving, silverware, the exquisite local textile with the exotic pattern, silk fabric, and paper umbrella. While the rattan furniture, ornament, and basketry are the highlight product of the central land. The northeastern district is well-known from its Mudmee silk, Praewa silk, aroma candle, backrest pillow. And the south is famous in the products made from coconut, batik fabric, and wooden ship model, for instances.

Taking Tour and Immerse in the Charming Local Way of Life

Taking Tour and Immerse in the Charming Local Way of Life

Over the vast space of 36,800 sqm that imitated to show the lifestyle of Thai local neat and tidy. Numerous Thai edifices line along the side of the waterway and designed to represent the beauty and specific presentation of each terrain of the country. Without difficulty, the tourist can expect roughly that which part of Thailand (in the market) that you are checking in. The buildings within the group are connectable by the walkway and wooden bridge that lined throughout the space of the floating market.

Most of the shops here offer the products which are locally by local, specifically the handicrafts, such as clothes, bags, painting, home decoration, gift, including food in both meal and snack. So, it could say that a day tour at Pattaya Floating Market is very worthwhile; similarly, you complete the trip in all four regions of Thailand.

Siam Museum

Siam Museum

Anyhow, another interesting thing that you should not miss at Pattaya Floating Market is a “Siam Museum” where collected numerous magnificent handicrafts and craved golden teakwood crafts. Alternatively, the visitors also learn the charming story of the past and the exotic culture of the four regions in Thailand – north, central, northeast, and south. For example, rice farming, silk textile weaving, classic Thai dessert making, and see the demonstration farm and Thai herbs, are something that you would appreciate, indeed.

The Thai Life Village

waterfront shop and local building,tourist take a boat to travel in the canal

“The Thai Life Village,” another new zone at Pattaya Floating Market that the travelers can experience and learn the local way of life in the old days, closely, as well as enjoy lots of exciting activities, i.e., growing mulberries silk, mat weaving, textile weaving. Also, traditional Thai cooking with the world’s top famous menu likes “Tom Yum Goong.” Or the demonstration of a traditional Thai massage and hot pressing, the inherent wisdom of the ancient people to use the local herbs to relief and heal any aches and pain very well. And the demonstration farm of Phoenix Mushroom, rice cultivation, and harvesting.

Haunted House

Haunted House

Alternatively, anyone who looks for something more exciting at Pattaya Floating Market, there’s a “Haunted House” daring the visitors with Thai style ghost. Otherwise, “Hanuman Magic Land,” a so-called amusement park at the place welcomes all the guests to explore the magic world that you have to find the way out of the site. And for one who is a fan of ancient arms, Pattaya Floating Market also provides “the Shooting Gallery” for the visitors to have some fun, too.

Thai Food, Snack and Dessert

Thai Food and snack

Visiting the floating market will not complete, definitely if you do not try to ride in the sailing boat trip. At Pattaya Floating Market, the tourist is able to row the boat to see around the site, undoubtedly, this is the top favorite activities for the tourist, especially the foreign visitors. Showing by the long queue of the foreigners. And if you do not fancy to row the boat tasting the deliciousness from the ship would be a fantastic idea to entertain you. The numbers of boat selling the broad array of Thai food, snack, dessert, such as Khanom Krok (Coconut-rice pancake), Khanom Buang (Thai crispy pancake), Chao Guay (Glass jelly in syrup), Ice-cream, and definitely the boat noodle, and refreshment. So, it a paradise of eatery that you just order from the vendor, grab and go to find some nice spot to have your meal, plus the pleasant atmosphere nearby the canal, too.

The first thing you can see once you get through the way is Thai style buildings and the large pool underneath. Noticeably, Pattaya Floating Market is very popular among foreign tourists, mainly the Chinese. So, many shops at the site are the Chinese language to facilitate the visitors.

Thai traditional dessert, coconut milk with powder fried

Again, we would like to highlight the food serving at this floating market since it’s vast selection and yummy. Do not forget to try Khanom Piah (monk bean cake), Saku – Khao Griab Pak Mor (Thai steamed rice dumpling), various selection of noodles, grilled seafood, fresh Thai style coffee, etc.

Home Decoration Shops

Thai decorative art shop

The shops offer lots of domestic goods and hard to find at other markets in general, in particular, the vintage furniture and home decoration shop. And another interesting corner in Pattaya Floating Market which attracts lots of people to see is the place enshrined many figures of the famous Buddhist monks of Thailand. The visitor check-in here can make the merit, cast the fortune stick, release fish and shells, and feed the goat, for instance. And gaming booth just like in the temple fair is also set up here to entertain the tourist, especially the young generation, too.

The activities to have fun at Pattaya Floating Market is not limited, just only taking the tour to see the market only. On the weekends and public holidays, the traditional show of each region will be performed at the venue.

Yet, Pattaya is well-known as the city that never sleeps with the vibrant nightlife. On another hand, this city also has many things that are so exciting to experience, as well. Especially if you open your mind and adapt your itinerary to enjoy the tour and learn the fascinating culture of each region of Thailand at Pattaya Floating Market. Who knows, you may fall in love with this kind of trip.

The Admission Fee

Pattaya Floating Market is free of charge for the Thai visitors, anyway for the foreign tourists that come to the venue with Thai you can request for the sticker for the free entrance. However, the foreigner tourists will be charged. When you pass the door, there’s the staff to invite the visitor to donate for the venue maintenance (for those who does not have to pay for the admission fee).

How to Go to Location

Pattaya Floating Market operates every day from 10.00am through midnight.

The journey to the market, it’s very convenient to travel by car to drive on the Sukhumvit Road from the North Pattaya heads to the South Pattaya and keep moving to Chom Thien Beach. And when you pass the intersection to enter the South Pattaya, you will spot the sign guiding to Pattaya Floating Market (the Four Regions Floating Market). The destination is on the left side, and the parking is before the venue with about THB20 per car of the fee. Inside the place is reserved for VIP vehicle and touring bus.

And for the tourist who travels by public transport, the bus and van depart from Ekamai Bus Terminal in Bangkok (route Bangkok – Sattahip). You shall inform the driver in advance to get off at Pattaya Floating Market.


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