Alcazar Cabaret Show & Tiffany’s Show

Alcazar Cabaret show & Tiffany's show

The Wold’s Top Glamourous Cabaret Show at Pattaya, the Tiffany’s Show and Alcazar Cabaret

Pattaya one of the tops in mind famous tourist destination of Thailand that many people would like to visit for once in the lifetime. The vibrant city with the lively beaches and lots of entertainment activities for the tourists to joy and full service with the broad array of the tourism facility – accommodation, restaurant, and nightlife which magnets the tourists to come to the city that well-known as the capital of the party in the eastern seaboard of Thailand.

Charming of the Show

Mentioning to the entertainment in the evening time of Pattaya, one of the remarkable things that are a must-not-miss thing to do for the trip in this lively town is the “Cabaret Show“. In fact, this may be the real reason for the people who chose to take the journey in Pattaya according to the statistic that more than a million of the tourists per annum visit Pattaya resulted from the plan to watch the cabaret show.

Regarding the “Cabaret” refers to a kind of variety performance which is fabulous and attractive, including theatre play, musical joke show, a singing show, and dancing show. In the past, the cabaret show was a show on the stage in the restaurant or nightclub to entertain the customers while they are dining or drinking. Later, the show had developed to show in the theatre. For the cabaret shows in Pattaya which have performed among the audiences for over the decades and remarked the reputation worldwide are the Alcazar and Tiffany’s Show of Pattaya.

Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

Talking about the notable cabaret show with the legendary background in Thailand, undoubtedly most of the people would think of the cabaret show of Pattaya. And the significant one, “Tiffany’s Show Pattaya” would be top of the list, indeed. Followed to the record, Tiffany’s Show considered as the first cabaret show of Thailand and also it may be the first group of the Asia-Pacific region, too.

Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, the First Cabaret Group of Thailand

Tiffany’s Show Pattaya and Alcazar Cabaret show

Tiffany’s Show Pattaya began as a show by a ladyboy to entertain the guest in a small New Year Party in a bar somewhere in Pattaya in 1974. After that, the two ladyboys joined in and set up the group to perform the cabaret show in the nighttime which known as Tiffany’s Show and then it continued to gain more reputation and favorite among the local tourist within Pattaya and also the foreign visitors who traveled here, too. And finally, the show needed to relocate from the show venue in the South Pattaya to the new theatre with more space on Pattaya 2.

Presently, Tiffany’s Show Pattaya Theatre has the capacity with more than 1,000 seats, and over hundreds of the entertainers. Just so you know, all the female characters of the Tiffany’s Show are cast by the ladyboys whose look and appearance are stunning gorgeous even more the real ladies!!

The Pride of the Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

The Pride of the Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

Dates back to the decades ago, the Tiffany’s Show focused on copying the world famous artists especially the western; nevertheless, it had tried to differentiate by involved the eastern culture that such an exotic and charming performance. As a result, the distinctive performance which display through the various style of the show and fabulous costumes, plus hi-tech light and sound system. Consequently, the play of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya ranked by the famous magazine “TravelCom” as the 4th Best Performing Show in the world in 2001.        

Show Schedule of Tiffany’s Show

The Tiffany’s Show Pattaya features many fabulous and fantastic performances daily scheduled 3 times a day, which is at 6.00pm, 7.30pm, and 9.00pm respectively. Anyhow, on the public holidays may open the extra time of the show at 4.30pm and 10.30pm.

Each round of the show takes about 70 – 75 minutes in the estimate including up to 14 main shows that are switching over time by time. Tiffany’s follies, The Nine Jewels (Thai Legend), Classical Korea, Tzarist Russia, Bollywood Style (Royal India), Reflections (French Couture), Bye Bye Black Bird, Old Favorites, One Man Woman, for instances.  

How to Get to the Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

How to Get to the Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

Traveling by car from Bangkok

Traveling by car from Bangkok uses highway number 3 (Sukhumvit Road) heads to Chonburi province and when you enter to the Pattaya Town keeps moving on the path. When you arrive at the crossroad to Pattaya 3 Road, and you make a right turn to Pattaya 2 Road and go straight on. The parking of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya is on the right.

Shuttle Bus & Private Bus

Shuttle Bus & Private Bus: Tiffany’s Show Pattaya concerns about the limit of parking on site, as well as the traffic in the city of Pattaya. Therefore, it arranges the shuttle bus to service the guests who stay in hotels or resorts within the area of Pattaya with charge.

     * Private Bus with up to 8 passengers per trip.

     * Tiffany’s Show Pattaya reserves the right to service the shuttle bus exclusively of the hotels and resorts following to the driver’s perception.

The bus departs to pick up the guests in about an hour before the show time. The bus parks at the reserved area of the hotel up to 10 minutes for each location. The staff of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya will coordinate to the staff of the hotels and resorts about the service. So, the guest who books the shuttle bus service, please kindly inform the hotel’s staff the bus service.

Alcazar, the Cabaret Show of Pattaya

Alcazar, the Cabaret Show of Pattaya

Alcazar Cabaret, another significant cabaret show of the Pattaya Town with more than 30 years of its reputation. With over hundreds of professional entertainers who display great shows with creative and exquisite light, sound, and stage. Unsurprisingly, Alcazar Cabaret is a must-visit attraction in this vibrant city. As the charm of the nightlife in the city that never sleeps, Alcazar Cabaret lures the people to experience up to 17 notable performances in 70 minutes.

The moment that you will witness the dazzled international shows of Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, or even the contemporary K-Pop dance that will bring you a pleasant and impressive memory in the elegant theatre which exceeds 1,200 seats of the audience. That is to say, Alcazar Cabaret is worthwhile for the fame and standard in the world-class, indeed.

Nonetheless, the success of the Alcazar Cabaret does not happen just overnight or the beauty of the players. Also, the creativity to present the incredible technique of light, sound, and stage, delicate work of all costumes, and the creative idea of the show director who designs the shows of Alcazar Cabaret is outstanding from other cabaret shows. And last but not least, the effort and endeavor of the ladyboy players practiced over and over to perform the best. Those are an essential factor to support the Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya becomes the splendid cabaret show that is well-known as “a must-not-miss” of Pattaya, at last.   

The Show of Alcazar

Alcazar Cabaret show in pattaya

The Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya features the variety of fabulous shows, including, The Wondrous World, All The Lovers, Four Regions Of Siam Kingdom, Ba Jong, Indonesian Dance, Hello Vietnam, Chinese Drama, I Will Survive, Lola Want Love, Shaking Belly, Dance With Me, Change, Arirang Drum & Fans Dance, Supernova Light, One Man – One Woman, The World Is Not Enough, Fabulous Russia, and The Finale. All of them are the magnificent collection of the art and culture in acting, singing, and dancing internationally into the cabaret harmonically. Consequently, the unique and intrigued cabaret show of the Alcazar, which is one and only, indeed. Nonetheless, Alcazar may be only one show of the cabaret that still performs the traditional Thai culture, too.

The show of Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya scheduled to 4 times a day which is at 5.00pm, 6.30pm, 8.00pm, and 9.30pm. And each round takes about 75 minutes.

Traveling to the venue of Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya

Traveling to the venue of Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya

The drive from Bangkok to Pattaya on road number 3 (Sukhumvit Road) until arriving at the district of Pattaya and then turns right to enter the North Pattaya. So, drives straight on to pass the Dolphin Circle and takes the exit to go to the coastal road and turns left to Alley number 5 of the coastal route to get through the Pattaya 2 Road (it’s a one-way direction). Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya stands on the right side of the road.

As same as Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya also focuses on to facilitate the guests avoiding from the bad traffic in Pattaya City and limit parking at the venue. Thus, Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya offers the shuttle bus service to take care of the customers who stay at the hotels and accommodations within the area of Pattaya with the charge by below detail;

The shuttle bus service

  • Na Kluea, the North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, and South Pattaya is THB120 (round trip).
  • Khao Phra Tamnak, Pattaya Park, and Cholchan Pattaya Beach Resort are THB150 (round trip).
  • Chom Thien Beach – Chaiyapruk Alley is THB150 (round trip).
  • Sukhumvit Road – Botany Resort is THB600 (round trip) that exclusive for the private booking.
  • Sattahip – Sunset Village and Suan Nong Nuch are THB800 (round trip) that exclusive for the private booking.

Note: Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya reserves the rights to provide the shuttle bus service to the customers who stay at the hotel/resort known by the driver only.

The shuttle bus will depart the venue and pick up the passenger about an hour before the show time of each round. The bus will park at the reception parking of the hotel and stand by up to 10 minutes for each location. The Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya’s officer will contact the receptionist at the hotels to support the coordination. Thus, the customer shall inform the reception at the hotel in advance about the pick-up service that you make the reservation.


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