Top 10 Best Things to Do in Phuket

10 Best Things to Do in Phuket Thailand

Renowned “the Pearl of the Andaman Sea,” as if one questions what makes “Phuket” is one of the world’s most extraordinary, timeless, and famous resorts? Unavoidably, the turquoise sea and sun-kiss beach, also the distinctive local lifestyle the excellent mixture of Thai and Hainan culture and a bit feel of western. Besides, full range of tourism facility at every corner – the wide range of accommodation, shopping mall, convenient store, airport, and options of transportation to access the region, includes personal car, charter van, public bus, train, and aircraft. So, it could say that traveling in Phuket is an experience that exceeds all travelers’ expectation, indeed.

Nonetheless, finding the right place to visit in this fantastic coast side resort of Thailand is even more thoughtful for those who are planning the journey. Do not worry, here we brought you the most highly favored corners in Phuket that you should list into your itinerary.

10Cruising in the luxury boat trip

Things to Do in Phuket -sailing on the yacht

Enjoy the charms of a highly favored holiday in Phuket with the fantastic cruise, whether Passion Luxury Boat or HYPE Luxury Boat Club. Once in your life to experience the best memorable marine trip, a real sense of fabulous journey and blessed the pleasant atmosphere of the sea. The excursion included visiting at Hay island and Racha Island, serving refreshments and finger-food all along the tour. The highlight is the spectacular scenery of the sundown surrounded the endless sea. Good idea to complete the enjoyment of your trip, indeed.

9Taste Mee Ton Poe (Ton Poe Noodle)

Things to do in Phuket- Taste Mee-Ton Poe

In Thailand, anywhere the tourist spot would definitely the place you can find the best taste of local, too. Similarly, Phuket is a hub of the deliciousness of the southern territory of Thailand with the broad array of local food, unique in taste and creation. A must-visit is “Mee Ton Poe,” a Hokkian style noodle shop that serves its delicious food for over five decades, the food spot as if you skip from the trip, seemingly you have not been in Phuket! Of course, the highlight is Hokkian rice vermicelli that is tasty whether with or without soup. Other menus also are mouth-watering; Pad Thai, Seafood stir-fried noodle with gravy, spicy grilled pork salad, stir-fried fish in red curry paste with rice, rice vermicelli with green curry, spicy stir-fried noodle, for instance. Name of shop derived from the location of the first branch located at the clock tower circle with the Bodhi tree in the middle of the shop, consequently, Phuket citizen know the restaurant as Mee Ton Poe (the Bodhi tree’s Noodle shop). Presently, the shop has 3 branches in Phuket serving with the traditional recipe to the customers.

Things to Do in Phuket - Taste Dim Sum

Additionally, there are other local foods that you should not miss while you are visiting Phuket. “Dim Sum,” a must-visit place as the traditional breakfast of Phuket, “Khanom Jeen (rice vermicelli) has with the selection of curry and sauce and Hor Mok (steamed fish cake in curry paste). Also, many fantastic southern food restaurants with traditional recipes, such as Raya Phuket Restaurant, Monday Restaurant, Tu Kab Khao Restaurant, and Kopi de Phuket.

8The Walking Street of Phuket

Things to Do in Phuket - shop at weekend walking street market

For the tourist who comes to Phuket, especially during the weekends would not want to miss to wander around at Phuket Walking Street and night market here. And the must-visit one, certainly “Lad Klang” that set up as the walking street along Klang Road in Phuket Old Town. Apart from the variety of shop that you can shop, also the idyllic and stunning Chino-Portuguese architecture for you to see, too. The souvenirs, local goods, handicrafts, and street food gathered here to serve all visitors. Lad Klang opens every Sunday from 4.00pm through 10.00pm.

7Explore the under the sea world at the numerous islands in Phuket

Things to Do in Phuket - explore the sea world

Perhaps the wonderland of the sea world, Phuket provides you the best opportunity to explore the beautiful sea-fronts, velvet white sandy beaches, and unsurpassed islands with the fantastic diving experience. Just so you know, Phuket surrounded by the abundant coral reefs and many islands around the region is abundant coral, anemones, and aquatic animals. Crystal-clear seawater allows you to see through the bottom in some specific area, while the most popular spots, includes Racha Island, Kai Island, Hay Island, Phi Phi Island, Tachai Island, Similan Islands, Surin Islands, and more that those can be accessed from Phuket. The tourist can book the trip at the numbers of tour operators in Phuket which offer the selections of the journey with a guided tour to the diving locations with different price.

6Panwa Cape

Things to Do in Phuket - chillax at Panwa Cape

Mentioned to the most fabulous district in Phuket, definitely would be Laem Panwa on top of the list. The spectacular location of one of the best hi-end resorts with the luxury villa located at Wichit sub-district, Muaeng Phuket district. Actually, the site is a peninsula reaches out into the sea, unsurprisingly dramatic and stunning coastal view of the Andaman Sea in 360 degrees. The famous hideaway resort destination at the site, such as Sri Panwa and Cape Panwa.

5Patong Beach

Things to Do in Phuket - enjoy Patong Beach

Perhaps the sight that introduces Phuket to the world, Patong Beach considered the most famous seaside of this city and also the most popular as the premiere wish-list among the sea goers worldwide, too. Enjoy the laid-back, and sun-kissed ambiance and more energetic pursuits can be enjoyable on the water here, as well. The venue is effortless to reach with 3 optional routes – via city road, Karon Beach, and Kamala Beach. Plus, Patong Beach also the center of vibrant and thriving nightlife in Phuket that you do not want to miss!

4Gaze Wide-eyed at the most beautiful sunset spot in Thailand

Things to Do in Phuket - see sunset spot Laem Promthep

The journey to Phuket will not complete without check-in at another highlighted place of this famous resort, “Laem Promthep,” (Promthep Cape), the end of the Phuket peninsula with the spectacular scenery of the sundown. The breath-taking vista to witness the sun is moving down into the sea without any blockage, surrounding the emerald sea and numerous isles distantly. Laem Promthep is a cape reaching into the sea with palm trees scattered around the hill, allows the visitors to enjoy the best view of the sunset and fascinating seascape, Sai Khao Beach on the left and Nai Harn Beach on the right with the cold and gentle breeze. The somewhere hugely enjoyable moment reveals.

Things to do in Phuket-Explore View Point, Karon Beach, Kata Beach

More favorite viewpoints in Phuket is Karon Scenic Point or also known “the Three Bays Viewpoint” since the location features the astonishing panoramic vista of the three famous beaches of Phuket, includes Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon.

Also, the scenic points at Laem Krating Viewpoint, Khao Rang Viewpoint, and Windmill Viewpoint are marvelous and welcoming for you to visit and watch the last light of the day, as well.

3Monument of Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Si Sunthon

Things to Do in Phuket - worship Two Heroines Monument

One of the most must-go landmarks of Phuket that you should not miss, about 12 km away from Phuket town center, the potent and memorable statue situated at a circle of Tha Rue intersection, Si Sunthon sub-district, Thalang district in Phuket province. The Monument of Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Si Sunthon created to remembrance the significant contributions, bravery, and sacrifice of the two Thai heroines namely, Khun Ying Chan and Khun Ying Mook. Constructed in 1966 followed to the initiative of King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) in an occasion to preside over the opening ceremony of Thalang Road, also the king named it “Thep Kasattri Road”, as well as used the titles of two ladies as name of subdistrict, which is “Thep Kasattri” and “Si Sunthon” district.

2Visit and Pay Homage at the Sacred Places in Phuket

Pagoda in wat chalong or chalong temple with twilight

Although so-called the mixed bowl of diverse race, culture, and belief, the primary religion in Thailand is Buddhism which dominates the believe of the people. With the local view, paying respect to the local iconic sacred object and the holy site would bring you luck. Similarly, Phuket even though is in the southern region which considered the major part of the country with the Muslim believers. Buddhism still plays significant role in this province, as well. So that the tour in Phuket should not skip visiting the essential sacred places. As the symbolic and the most religious area of the province, “Wat Chalong” or official title “Wat Chaiyatharam” shall be the first location for you to check-in. This Buddhist monastery is famed with the tremendous esteem of the Buddhist towards “Luang Pho Chaem,” a former abbot of the temple who already passed away for over a century but his generosity and notable legend would not dissolve from the devotees. Furthermore, the reputation of the temple regarding traditional medicine and herbal potion and divination resulted in the targeted location among many tourists both Thai and international who come to pay homage for the venerable monk for prosperity and being heal from any illness, and pick the fortune stick.

Things to Do in Phuket - visti Wat Phra Thong temple

Another important Buddhist sacred site in Phuket is “Wat Phra Thong” (the Golden Buddha Temple) or also called “Wat Phra Phut” (the emerge Buddha). So-called “the Unseen in Thailand”, the Buddhist temple with extraordinary Buddha image that half body emerged from the ground. The story noted that once “Bodawpaya,” the sixth king of the Konbaung Dynasty of Burma marched to attack Thalang City in 1785 A.D., At the time, Burmese troops tried to evacuate the Buddha image to bring back to Burma. However, anytime they dug down into the ground, the shoal of wasp stung them until they gave up. Later, with huge faith, the villagers gilded emerged part of the Buddha to pay respect, and it has presented just the way until now. Apart from that, “Wat Phra Thong” also the location of “Wat Phra Thong Museum” where collected numerous ancient items of the locals, for example “Jung Sui”, a raincoat of the miners, traditional Chinese ladies’ shoe which certain wealthy women practicing bound feet wearing this shoe, the social values at the time.

Big Buddha Phuket-Thailand

And another essential holy site in Phuket that has just promoted a new tourist attraction, “Phuket Big Buddha” or literally “Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Eaknakakeeree” elegantly enshrined on the peak of Khao Ngorn Nak. The awe-inspiring statue of Buddha is massive and stunning beauty in the attitude of subduing Mara witnessed from afar. The image constructed from ferro-concrete and covered with the white marble reflects the sunlight is glow and glamorous, especially at nighttime the spotlight highlight the fantastic charm of the statue. Besides, surrounding is the heart-taking scenery of the Andaman Sea and Phuket Town from a distance, a perfect place to chill and relax, also pay homage to the striking Buddha image for your prosperity.

1Explore the fascinating and historic district of Phuket

Phuket Old town- Phuket Thailand

Phuket Old Town

Things to do in Phuket- visit Phuket Old Town Coffee shop

The enthralling Chino-Portuguese edifices, the remarkable structure which reflects the influence of western culture in Phuket and has lasted until the present is one of the must-sees in Phuket. The Chino-Portuguese architecture scattered around the area called “Phuket Old Town” features the one or two stories row-houses stand continually, decorated with enchanting art blended excellently between Chinese and European style resulted in the unique construction alongside 4.6 km path. Many tiny alleys where you can stroll about to view these charming buildings that part of them operating as restaurant, retro-style coffee shop, gift, and local goods shop. And the highlight Chino-Portuguese buildings with the significant history of Phuket that you must see including;

Chinpracha Mansion

Things to Do in Phuket - visit Phra Pitak Chinpracha Mansion

Chinpracha Mansion or better called by local is “Ban Chinpracha,” an old residence of the Chinese born wealthy family who resided in Phuket called “Tantavanich Family.” Considered the first house designed in Chino-Portuguese architecture in Phuket, Chinpracha Mansion is, currently more than a century of the age, outstanding in the characteristic with the louvered wood window, lacquered and gilded door, and a small swimming pool in the middle of the property with the spacious landscape allowing the excellent ventilation. Interior is fantastic with luxury material, such as finest quality floor tile imported from Italy, antique furniture from China, dining table and kitchenware from Penang, antique bed and other precious utilities and pictures of members of the family.

Thai Hua Museum

Things to Do in Phuket - Visit Thai Hua Museum

For those falls for the historical experience and would like to learn more about Phuket, “Thai Hua Museum, perhaps the right spot for you to visit. The museum displays the story of Chinese who migrated to the Phuket Island and settled here from that time on. A perfect chance for the visitors to see the tradition and distinctive way of life of Phuket citizen in the early days. The building of the museum, in the past, was the first Chinese language school in the province that constructed in Chino-Portuguese design, memorably, and splendid beauty in both exterior and interior. Somewhere is worthwhile for you to explore.

As the most massive island in Thailand with the specific geography that one might think it’s limited of the tourism resource. Instead, this top-class world’s famous destination is plentiful of the sightseeing and places for you to explore. More than that, many happenings and entertaining things for you to be thrilled. Hopefully, those as mentioned earlier would help you to plan the next trip to Phuket, also for those has never been here you shall schedule your next vacation to this charming pearl of the Andaman Sea.


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