Maiton Private Island (the Maldives of Thailand)

Maiton Private Island in Phuket Thailand

Maiton Island, the Maldives of Thailand

Maiton Island which means the Log Island, a small private island hidden in the Andaman Sea in the southeast of Phuket, Thailand. It is the pearl white sandy beaches and turquoise blue clear water with a certain of lovely sea fish – Tiger Fish, Parrotfish, Clown Fish, etc. including dolphin in some of the day. It is an abundant home of coral nestled in the serene circumstance. Therefore, this log-shape island is the perfect hideaway destination.

About the Maiton island

Maiton Island or known as the Honeymoon Island since it is a location of luxury hideaway resort name “Maiton Private Island.” The island can access by ferry from Phuket Deep Sea Port or Panwa Deep Sea Port where is the port for the luxury cruise ship that stops by at the Phuket. The long-form island is about 9 km from Phuket with less than an hour to reach. Currently, the island belongs to the owner of Double A company, one of the biggest paper manufacturer in Thailand. As private property, therefore there are a few numbers of tourist to visit this place. Anyhow, it is good for nature preservation because the area around the island is very abundant until it is called as “Maldives of Thailand” with its crystal bright clear water, coral reef near the beach that is plenty of sea anemone, and varied of sea fish.

Apart from that, Maiton Island is also the site that the Aquarium Center uses for inbreeding the casing at the area in front of the island as well as the coral reef conservation for many years, too. As a result, the island is as a paradise for diving from its plentiful of natural resources. And good news for the tourists that it has opened recently after closed for many years resulted the island is very fresh in its beach, sea, diving spot, and so on. The island is available for travel all through the year and provides a range of packages to suit the travellers are;

Day trip:

Spend an enjoyable one day trip on encountering the magnificent nature of Maiton island. With choices of activities provided on the island, from strolling on the white sand beach to exploring the turquoise-like sea.


For one who has time and thinks one day on the island is not enough, you may consider staying overnight on the island to extend your pleasant trip. The place offers the visitor with a luxury villa-style accommodation with private pool and beach.


The resort list on our site just specially selected charter catamarans. This luxury style of travelling is perfect for anyone who is looking for a sentimental getaway, or family to have a delightful day together

Why we will love this island

There are four reasons to fall for this paradise in the Andaman Sea which are;

  1. It is convenient to go there since it’s just 15 minutes from Phuket by ferry or boat.
  2. White sand beach with crystal-like sea and above of all it’s not crowded!
  3. The beautiful diving spot here providing an abundant sea fish and coral.
  4. A vast array of food and beverage to serve the visitors.
Clear water and peceful Paradise beach

Activities to do on this island besides snorkelling and diving are strolling on the beach, swimming, sun basking, kayaking, beach volleyball, sailing, trekking and dolphin watching. And at a viewpoint where a spectacular view of Nam-Hong Bay and Chong Lom Bay awaits as well as allowing us to witness many islands nearby are Phi Phi Islands, Phuket, and more. The viewpoint is an 800-meter walkway where we can see a lovely view of deep blue sea decorated by sailing boats that looks like a painting, and there are a Buddha image and a lot of photogenic spots for shooting lover.

For the foods to be served as lunch here is very excellent with an array of food and beverage in buffet style. The hot & cold drinks are fresh/mineral water, juices, sodas, and slushy that is made to order, in particular of coffee and tea that are very astonishing by its number menu offered! And for the food, a variety of delightful dishes weather oriental or western exceptionally fresh grilled seafood that is very delicious.

How to get to Maiton Private island

By Boat:

Travel to the island is swift and convenient by speedboat, which only takes approximately 20 minutes from Phuket. With this option, it is more time for the visitors to explore and experience the island.

Speedboats operate once daily at 10.00 AM from Phuket Deep Sea Port. the visitors can use the tour service operated by Love Andaman and Discover Catamaran with its tour package included speedboat otherwise can contact the Maiton Island service.

Bridge Pier dock on Koh Maiton island

By Catamaran:

Another stylish route for guests trying to get to Maiton Island is to take the catamaran from the Phuket Deep Sea Port. While this option is slower than the speedboat, taking the catamaran is a good idea for those who want to make things chill and relax while enjoying the sea breeze as they slowly cross the turquoise blue water of the Andaman.

Catamarans operate 5 rounds daily begin at 8.00 AM from Phuket Deep Sea Port.


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