Big Buddha Phuket

Big Buddha Phuket Thailand

One visits Phuket may notice the gigantic white statue of Buddha situated elegantly on the top of the mountain. Indeed, one of the remarkable sacred places in this famous resort town, the striking mountain “Khao Ngorn Nak” is home of the spectacular Buddha image titled “Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Eaknakakeeree,” another must-not-miss thing to see in Phuket.

Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Eaknakakeeree or better known in general “the Big Buddha,” a symbolic statue of Buddha on Phuket. The majestic and grand Buddha image in white enshrined on the peak of “Khao Ngorn Nak” (the Naga’s crest Mountain), a high mount nestled in Khao Nak Kerd National Forest in Karon sub-district, Muaeng Phuket district. Promoting as a new tourist attraction of the province where the place has welcomed numerous travelers, both Thai and international, to witness the magnificent Buddha as well as making merit followed to the Buddhist way. Additionally, the place is where you can see a stunning view of Phuket city, too.

Big Buddha Phuket history

Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Eaknakakeeree is a contemporary art Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara with about 25.45 meters wide of the lap and 45 meters in height. The statue created from ferro-concrete furnished with the particular white jade stone called “Surya-Gandha” from Myanmar, weighted specifically the rock is approximately 135 tons or about 2,500 sqm in the estimate. The Buddha housed elegantly on the top of Khao Ngorn Nak as the remarkable landmark of the province that attracts the sight of the travelers who travel to this area.

Amazing Massive white marble Buddha statue

Creation of the striking Buddha image starts in 2005 with the donation of the people, and Wat Kitti Sangharam (Wat Kata) takes responsible for constructing and asks for permission from the Department of Forestry. The initial purpose is to make this place as the Buddhist park with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to be the pilgrimage venue and meditation practice. Since then, it’s 9 years and the Buddha image mostly complete only some details at the pedestal and stairways. The title of the statue “Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Eaknakakeeree” named by the past Supreme Patriarch, Somdet Phra Sangharaja Chao Kromma Luang Vajirananasamvara.

Besides this reverend statue of the Buddha created in the occasion to celebrate the 80th Birthday Anniversary of King Bhumibol (Rama IX) in 2007, also to be “Buddhanussati” (means recollection of the Buddha), awe-inspiring, inspirer, to the beholders. Additionally, as a symbol to show loyalty and pride of nation identity – nation, religion, and monarch.

Specifically, at the patio of the statue is splendid viewpoint offers the lovely panorama of Phuket Town and Chalong Pier without any blockage. Therefore, it’s favorite among the tourists to pay respect to the Big Buddha and sightsee the fascinating view of Phuket archipelago, lush evergreen rain forest. Spotting from below, Khao Ngorn Nak is very tall; nonetheless, it’s not the highest peak in Phuket though. In fact, champion of the high mountain in the region is “Khao Mai Thao Sibsong with 529 meters in its height in Kratu district, instead.

And for one who would like to make merit, the venue provides the articles that suitable for alms and monk’s cloth for you to offer to the monk.

Phuket Big Buddha Hours

The place opens to the visitors to sightsee and pay homage to the big Buddha every day from 6.00am to 7.00pm. And for one any ladies are in an improper dress like short skirt or pant, there’s cloth and sarong for rental at the venue.

Furthermore, the way back from the big Buddha, along the descending road are lots of exciting activities for the tourists, especially the foreigners, to entertain on both sides of the way. For example, elephant riding, adventure 4-wheel drive driving, and stylish restaurants and cafés with the wonderful scenery if you want to have a break with a nice cup of coffee and snack before the next stop.

How to get there

views how to get to Big Buddha mountain in Phuket

The travel to the Big Buddha of Phuket or Phra Phuttha Mingmongkol Eaknakakeeree, from Phuket Town on Cha Fa Nok Road and further from the famous Wat Chalong about 800 meters, then you make a right turn to enter Yod Saneh Alley which is the ascending path up to the mountain approximately 6 km. The route to reach Khao Ngorn Nak is steep and slide, although the road in good condition for all kinds of vehicles but should drive very carefully. It takes 15 – 20 minutes of the drive you will arrive at the top of the mountain where the big Buddha enshrined. There’s free parking over there, as well.

And for other transportation, the tourist can hire the pic-up truck service from the town with negotiation price.


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