Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old town Thailand

The Beauty of the Past, the wanderlust in Phuket Old Town

Many would say Phuket is brilliant as the sea resort destination; actually, this famous region in the southwest of Thailand is exotic and charming with the remarkable old district that well-known as “Phuket Old Town“.

Knowing about Phuket Old Town

Truly, Phuket is rich in history and the proof of prosperity in the past that has lasted through the present time. The first Chino-Portuguese constructed in Phuket in 1903 resulted from the growth of the mining business in the region drew lots of Chinese and western people flow in the town. Once entering this old town, numerous of the outstanding Chino-Portuguese building the signature style derived from the blending of western and oriental design of the art scattered around the area. The governing structures stand to welcome all outsiders to witness the beauty and exotic design all along the walk within this town. As well as the renowned local restaurants for you to enjoy.

Apparently, these Chino-Portuguese buildings projected the strong potential of the locals in the conservation of the old architectural, which is the excellent representative of the valuable culture and identity excellently. The route to wander around this old district presents the magnificent edifice and lifestyle from the early days which attached firmly with Phuket citizen. One good chance to experience the fascinating culture, life, and local deliciousness that anyone who comes to Phuket should not miss putting this plan into your program, indeed.

Strolling about the Old Town to see the distinctive Chino-Portuguese Buildings

The Phuket Old Town features 5 main routes for you to wander around to see this magnificent district, including;

Thalang Road and Rommanee Alley

An old street with lengthy background contains the numbers of old-style buildings included shops and dining places. The road starts from the junction of Thalang Road and Phuket Road through the crossroad to Yaowarat Road. More than 151 row-houses with the distinctive decoration of the Neo-classic arched frame windows with delicate pattern focused on the natural object, such as ivy, leaf, and animals. These buildings highlighted with the folded wooden front-door that is equally wide to the width of 2 rooms. Furthermore, the art deco fresco brought in to the decoration excellently.

Nowadays, although many buildings are repainted, they are in the original structural design. Additionally, the space in Rommanee Alley and many little lanes between Thalang Road are plenty of vibrant structures in pink, yellow, and navy, another thing you must not skip.

Pang-Nga Road, Phuket Road, and Montri Road

The area begins at Promthep News Center at the corner of Pang-Nga Road crosses to Phuket Road. And walking down to the south and turns right to enter Ratsada Road to reach Suriyadet Circle and keeps walking on Ranong Road, there’re many splendid buildings for you to be exciting. On On Hotel and Promthep News Center with the outstanding color in bright yellow and 4-level clock tower looks similar to the old-style police helmet. Of course, the magnificent arched frame windows and gates with partitioned pillars and delicate fresco art to complete the look.

Yaowarat Road and Deebuk Road

The road starts from the junction of Deebuk Road and Satun Road, you shall walk along Deebuk Road until you arrive at the crossway to Yaowarat Road. So, you turn right to Yaowarat Road where you will touch the ambiance of the past and delicious local food in Soon U-thit Alley. After that, you walk back at the intersection on Deebuk Road which allows you to enter Rommanee Alley, too. The fantastic moment to the walk that you immerse in the various striking presence of the Chino-Portuguese buildings, for example, Luang Umnat Nararak’s Mansion that is fabulous with the magnificent fresco, composite column, and Greek-style beam mixed with the stucco pattern of bat, oriental swan, cloud, leaf, and fruits that are all auspicious symbols in Chinese.

Krabi Road and Satun Road

From Krabi Road at the crossway to Yaowarat Road, you shall walk to the west to reach the trisection on Satun Road to head to “Chin Pracha Mansion,” then, walking back to the trisection on Deebuk Road. The route provides many old buildings that are all exciting to see, such as Phuket Thaihua Museum, a 2-story building with three large arched entrances on the lower floor. Also, the curvy pillars to support the arch with magnificent semi-Ionic and Corinthian capital, large mortise on the wall in a unique style called “Rustication.” Upstairs are three arched windows with the Roman pediment, the squared window frame is ornamented with the geometry design and the stucco image of the bat in the middle above the pediment.

Thep Krasattri Road

The connection from the path of Rommanee Alley and turn left to get through Thalang Road, when you arrive at the intersection then make the left turn on the Thep Krasattri Road. And when you are at the junction on Deebuk Road you can stop by to see the old houses and turn back on Thep Krasattri Road all through the end of the road at the residence of Hong Yok Family or also known “Ban Luang Anuphat Phuketkarn”, a significant building constructed in the age of King Rama VII. The front of the mansion is colossal crescent design allowed for the parking; downstairs is a low 3-arch doorway with the Doric capital. The upstairs is a balcony with stucco balustrades and squared roof, at the left-wing is half-moon loophole furnished with the wood louver, while the right-wing decorated with the fabulous colorful mosaic in the squared frame. It could say that it is a remarkable and elegant mansion in the early days, indeed.

The Must-not-Miss Things to do when you visit Phuket Old Town

1. Chilling and wander around to see the Chino-Portuguese Architecture

The building is decorated in Sino-Portuguese style

Certainly, the first step in the Phuket Old Town, the first glance of you will be the outstanding structures that predominate this district. The Chino-Portuguese building, the good blend of oriental and western architecture to be the signature style of construction of Phuket Old Town. So, this is definitely the first thing you should not miss to do.

2. Snap the picture with the fantastic Phuket Street Art

stree art on the buidling's wall

Another highlight of this old district is the artistic Street Art. The colorful and creative mural paintings project the life of Phuket very well. These paintings are created by the street art artists who spend the life at the side street and also the local artists who reside in Phuket. Well, snap and post for your keepsake; otherwise, you have not yet completed your tour here.

3. Chillax with the sip of coffee

Chillax with the sip of coffee

Have a seat with a cup of nice brew coffee at many chic cafés in the Phuket Old Town. Many coffee places in the vintage and trendy style are waiting to serve you more than the cozy place to have beverage and snack.

4. Taste the local deliciousness of Phuket

Dim Sum -local deliciousness of Phuket Thailand

The destination of the gourmets, Phuket Old Town, is the center of local deliciousness of this region; Dim Sum, Hokkian style noodle, and snacks.

5. Dress up like the local Phuket in Baba – Yaya Costume

local cloth in Baba – Yaya Costume

Stroll about the old district where you can find the shops to sell and rent the traditional costume “Baba – Yaya” which is the valuable and vital custom of Phuket very well. Don’t drop your opportunity to try on the traditional cloth and take the picture to be your lovely memory for the trip here.

6. Shop the local products and souvenirs of Phuket

Shop the local products and souvenirs of Phuket

Before you finish your tour in Phuket Old Town or even the trip in this famous resort city, you shall not forget to grab some local products for you and someone you love. Whether the local foods and snacks are all perfect gift, such as Tao Sor (mung bean cake with salted egg), a variety of nuts cashew product, preserved seafood, and more.

7. Talad Yai Walking Street (The Grand Market)

alad Yai Walking Street (The Grand Market)

When the nightfall, you should not miss experiencing the walking street in the Phuket Old Town at Talad Yai. So-called the cultural road environed by the Chino-Portuguese architectures offer the broad array of local products, including fashion, yummy things, and gifts. The walking street opens every Sunday from 4.00pm through 10.00pm.

How to get to Phuket Old Town

A convenient option for the tourist in case you don’t drive is a motorcycle taxi. The cost is about THB40 – THB50 per trip that you will get off at the old district. Then, you can enjoy strolling around the site. For one who drives your car, you should find the parking close to the location and get some walks since there is a limited car park in the area.

Alternatively, for the tourist who travels by plane, you can start your trip at the Phuket Old Town by taking the shuttle bus service from Phuket International Airport which is very convenient for you, as well.


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