Karon Beach

karon beach, the longest beach in Phuket thailand

Karon Beach, the longest beach in the famous city of Phuket. The beach situates to the south of Phuket between Patong and Kata Beach. The 3-kilometre long of beach lines along the coast and covered with lots of pine trees and palm trees. The beach features the beautiful soft white sandy beach, however with the strong wind and wave here resulting it is not popular among the tourist to play the water here. Instead, the tourists those visit the place chillax with the environment or sunbathe.

Compare to the well-known Patong Beach, Karon instead is less crowded. There are numbers of canvas bed line loosely along the beach. The viewpoint of the Karon Beach can spot clearly at “Sam Ao” viewpoint. The Karon Beach is full of the tourist facilities including shops and nightlife.

About the Karon Beach

Karon Beach is about 20 km from the city of Phuket next to Kata Beach to the north. It is soft and white sandy beach lines along the coast to the end of the bay. The beach features full facilities for the tourists – accommodation, tour agent, shop, etc. that as same as Kata. The visitors also can stroll along the beach to see the blooming Goat’s Foot Creeper and diving to look at the corals.

Karon is the stripe dune enveloped with the green goat’s foot creeper which is becoming the trademark of the beach. The wooden bridges are lining into the beach as the walkway for the tourist that created by the municipality to protect the plant from the tourist’s steps. The tourists who visit the Karon Beach will spot the light purple flowers of the goat’s foot creeper bloomed which is such a lovely scene that welcomes the visitors all over the year. And the opposite side of the beach is the locations of the low-rise hotels.

For anyone who plans the trip to Phuket, Karon is another lovely beach that is worthwhile for you to visit. The beach is the right place for the tourist who doesn’t like the crowded and vibrant atmosphere like Patong Beach. And it is a pleasant place for the family to bring your kids to play the sand in the afternoon when the sun is less intense, and the wind is the gentle breeze. 

What’s attraction at Karon Beach?

So-called another famous beach for the travellers both local and abroad. The beach is considered as the longest beach in Phuket with the smooth powdery sand plus the lovely scene of the beach with the towering pine and palm trees as the background. Anyhow, it is quite strong wind and waves to the beach is not the favourite place for water playing instead it is a right place for sunbathing among the foreign tourists. And also, the visitors enjoy promenading along the shore to indulge the moment and sea breeze here.

Moreover, the tourist can walk to visit the neighboring beaches and tourist attractions nearby Karon where the location is just a few minutes by walk such as Kata and Kata Noi Beach. Karon Beach offers lots of beach activities for the tourists to enjoy – football, volleyball, windsurf, jet ski, and more.

Aerial view of Koh Pu (Carb Island)

The panoramic scene of the Karon Beach is outstanding with the colorful beach umbrellas including the food stalls serving food, snack, drink, and fruits all along the beach. And there is the place called “Laem Sai” on the left of the beach. Further, there is an islet called “Koh Pu” or the Crab Island locates next to the beach. This islet is the training spot for scuba, but it is ok to visit there for snorkeling. The corals at the Crab Island is moderate in its condition, and most of them are the mountain coral with some branch coral and cauliflower coral. And some small sea fish can be spotted here as well, for example, sea bass and grouper.

Karon Viewpoint

the Karon View point in Phuket-Thailand

It is one of the most beautiful perspectives in Phuket. The tourist who would like to visit this viewpoint has to go there by driving up to the hill from Kata Beach to Promthep Cape about 3 kilometres estimate. The position is right on the cliff nearby the sea which provides the stunning perspective of the Andaman Sea and the continuous curve of three beaches which are Karon at the top and Kata and Kata Noi respectively. So, the location is such a fantastic place for the photo opportunities.

Shops and Restaurants

View of Karon beach - a popular tourist destination at night time. Phuket island, Thailand

Apart from the natural attraction of the beach, Karon Beach is also the heaven of the food. For the gourmets, you will enjoy an array of foods provided here including Thai, international, and seafood. Each shop presents their fresh material of the kinds of seafood in the box filled with the ice to attract the visitors. Besides, they are many more interesting shops, i.e. fashions, gift & souvenir shops, and massage shops-foot massage, Thai massage, and Spa massage located along both sides of the street and inside the alleys. So, Karon Beach is another must not miss spot for the tourists who come to Phuket, indeed.

Why you should pin the Karon Beach in your trip checklist

  • It is one of the most famous beaches in Phuket 
  • The beach is white and the sand is very delicate 
  • It is very popular among the foreign tourists
  • There are various types of the accommodation to service the visitors ranked from budget hotel to the full-service one.
  • Tourist facilities including to shopping, restaurants, tour agent, spa
  • Nightlife to enjoy
  • A lot of transport facilities for the tourists
  • The beach is connectable to Kata and Kata Noi Beach in just few minutes

How to go to Karon Beach

By Car:

From Phuket city town, travels on the East Chao Fa Road (number 4021) to the south. Then, makes the right turn at the circle to enter to Patak Road (number 4028). And turns left to Luang Pho Chuan Alley and the destination is right there.

By Public Transport:

There are pick-up truck services from the Fountain Circle travel in the route Phuket – Kata – Karon and the fee is THB30 per person/trip.


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