Freedom Beach in Phuket

Freedom Beach at morning in Phuket, Thailand

Freedom Beach, the hidden paradise in the sea

Phuket, the tourism destination of which is rich in its natural resource for sea travel whether white sand beach and the turquoise clear water plus it is the significant city that harmonize well in the various cultures – Thai, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. resulted in the charismatic town that is hard to anyone to resist. The complex presentation of this city has made the place is so hustle and bustle. The place has been progressing continuously to become the world dream destination that appeals lots of visitors from all over the world to the Pearl of the Andaman. And the “Freedom Beach” is recent wish-list location to include for you trip to Phuket.

About the Place

The Freedom Beach is unfamiliar for the tourists in general. Mai Ngao Beach or well-known for the tourists “Freedom Beach” is a beach on the islet in the sea that is not too far from Patong Beach. The beach is abundant and charming with its natural properties surrounding with the peaceful circumstance led to its name by the tourists as “Freedom Beach”.

The word “Mai Ngao” which is the name of the beach assumed that came from the word “Mai Ngam” (means the beautiful plants) since anyone who visits the location will experience to the abundant trees and flawless ecosystem. Plus, the water here is so transparent and clean allowing us to see through the water to the little sea fish swimming around very clearly.

The Freedom Beach is considered as another most beautiful beach in Phuket because the place is not convenient to reachable resulting it is just small amount of the tourist to visit the place. The route to reach the beach is the non-asphalt road that is inaccessible for the general car but the four-wheel drive. Many of the tourists rent the four-wheel drive car to make the journey to the Freedom Beach to fulfil their desire to witness its beauty that resound extremely.

The Freedom Beach is a quiet beach without lots of people that is an ideal location for the tourists who would like to isolate from the busyness. The white pearly sand beach contrast with the clear blue sea crating the place is so-called the hidden heaven in the sea, indeed. Moreover, there is no any disturbances from any beach activity that enhancing the place is more beautiful and attractive. The beach has climbing the raking of the dream destination beaches that any travellers to Phuket have to check-in.

Mostly, the visitors to the Freedom Beach are the family and it is not crowded of the food stalls here since the difficulty of the logistics to the beach from mainland. However, the implementation to cut the pave road to the site is under progress. Certainly, the Freedom Beach will be developing in the tourist facility once the transportation to access the place is completed. The question is we have no idea that the development will affect to the beauty and the peacefulness of the place, won’t it?

How to Go to the Freedom Beach

Aerial shooting of Freedom beach, Phuket, Thailand

The tourist that would like to visit the Freedom Beach needs to charter the long-tail boat from Patong Beach. The Freedom Beach is a little beach in between Patong and Karon Beach. There is a road to cross Patong Mountain and Kata to reach the destination with about half an hour estimate by motorcycle and walk. The beach considered the very charming and peaceful site and to access to the beach the THB200 will be applied. And the best time to visit the beach here is in the morning because the sun is not too strong with nice colour of the sea and not too much people on the beach which is perfect for the photo shooting and chillax.

The Beautiful Beach with the crystal-clear water

The Freedom Beach like its name that is the perfect hideaway destination from any hustle and bustle as the Patong Beach. This private beach allows the visitor to chillax and have a leisure time at the flawless beauty of the natural beach. The tourists can enjoy with the swimming, sunbathing, or laying down under the shady tree with a book. Do not forget to bring the beach towel or mat to line on the beach. Unless have one, there are the beach chair provided at the beach with the price is THB120 per day. So, you can relax and spend the time here all through the day time. And don’t worry to occupy your tummy since there are some snack and food stalls to serve the tourists, as well.

Freedom beach, Phuket, Thailand - Tropical island with white paradise sand beach and turquoise clear water and granite stones

The Freedom Beach also entertain the visitors who love the diving. The diving equipment is available at the cottage nearby the beach. And this tranquil beach has several hotels and restaurants to facilitate to the visitors with the reasonable price.

Why you have to visit the Freedom Beach

  • It likes the adventure trip with the 700 metres route to get down to the beach. The path is quite deep slope so it will get some of your calorie.
  • It is the secret place and the dream destination for the foreigners specifically the youngsters that would love to enjoy sea, sand, and sun extremely.
  • So-called it is the private venue without any crowd and seaside
  • It the right place for you to test your strength so it is not recommended for anyone who is unhealthy. But it will be worthwhile once you reach the destination.
  • Lots of viewpoint for photo opportunity – stone ridges, trees, sea, etc. For the photo lovers the Freedom Beach is the right spot is you seek for the beautiful beach with duvet-soft white sand and azure clear water. And you don’t have to worry to post for the shooting since no once do care about what you will post.
  • Everywhere is so wonderful in particular to spot the view of the beach from the top view. The clear blue sea cuddled with the bright sky is so stunning picture of the sea view, indeed. Along the walkway to the beach, although it is quite tough but the lovely landscape along both sides will make you be happy. And this is not something you can find at anywhere else in Phuket,
  • This secret paradise is good place for water play with the proper deep of the water and the nice sand beach. So, it would be waste your happy moment to depart from the beach for any activity outside the shore.
  • The place is not only for the teen tourists but it is for everyone whether children, couple, or family that wold love to relax and indulge in the peaceful and chilling circumstance.


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