Koh Larn (Larn Island)

Wooden Bridge with beautiful tropical beach at Koh Larn in Pattaya, Thailand

Explore the beautiful sea haven in the Gulf of Thailand “Koh Larn,” Pattaya

Listed as one of the famous tourist attractions of both Thai and international tourists, Koh Larn an island of the eastern sea of Thailand is another must-visit place for your trip in Pattaya. Conveniently accessible either speed boat or ferry from Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya taking you to go ashore at Na Ban Pier and Ta Waen Beach that is about 7 km for the trip. The clean and clear sea water has waited for you at Koh Larn where the top list of the tourists especially the teenager as the so-called the nearest island resort to Bangkok that is beautiful and convenient for the trip, even a day trip for one whose time limited is your factor.

About the Island “Koh Larn”

koh larn island tropical beach in pattaya city Thailand

Koh Larn or Larn Island, a beautiful paradise in the sea located within the world’s famous Pattaya city. Only 2 hours drives, Koh Larn is another favorite island in the eastern sea of Thailand which offers you with the pure white sandy beach, clear azure water, and natural atmosphere. Undoubtedly, Koh Larn has never lacked the visitors who come to the place for their vacation or a day visit. Only 7 km away from the land, the island is abundant with the beach resources for the tourist to be a joy. Most of those lovely beaches are bustled with the tourists enjoying the water playing into the transparent sea – Parasail, Ski, Scooter, and so on. Besides, many styles of accommodation, delicious restaurants, chic café with a friendly atmosphere are available to serve your vacation time here to be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

Beaches in Koh Larn

1. Ta Na Ban

Across river ferry from Pattaya to Koh Larn. From Bali Hai pier

Ta Na Ban is so-called a central pier of Koh Larn. The boat trip departs from Laem Bali Hai Pier ashore at the Ta Na Ban Pier. It could say that this spot is the tourist hub of the island that is lively with the shops, restaurants, café, accommodation, rental car, and picked up truck service that the tourist can get to any destined area on the island.

2. Tawaen Beach

Tawaen Beach in pattaya

Or Had Tawaen where is in the north of the island. A 750-meter long sandy beach is stunning naturally from the perfect pearly sand beach and aquamarine-like water. Besides, the colored beautiful coral reef alongside the coast which is ideal for snorkeling as well as the souvenir shops you can grab some gift from the seaside, too.

3. Sangwan beach

Sangwan beach

The beach is accessible from Tawaen beach by walk. Only 150 meters long of the beach but it’s a perfect place for chilling and sunbathing more than swimming. So, Sangwan beach is preferable for the foreign tourist mainly European who loves to sunbathe. Just so you know, the most beautiful time to visit Sangwan beach is between December – April.

4. Nuan Beach

Nuan Beach

Nestled in the south of Koh Larn, the 250 meters long coast is a private property with abundant natural resource particularly the coral since the place is less of the tourist.

5. Samae Beach

Samae Beach at Koh Larn of Pattaya

The beach located in the southwest of the island with about 700 meters long of the sandy beach, rock ridge, and quite a verdant forest. Samae beach is a quiet spot that is suitable for relaxing and swimming with the bright blue sea and smooth sand beach. Presently, the beach developed the landscape included planted more trees, built the multi-purpose ground and standard building for shops, and the road to facilitate to the local and tourists. Therefore, this beach is favorite among the tourists to visit enormously especially the European group. More than that, this is a location of “Stingray Building” (Akarn Pla Krabane), a stingray-like building that created to be the power generating center from wind and solar cell. The prominent structure has attracted lots of visitors of both government and private sector and the public to witness and learn about the alternative power source continually.

6. Tien Beach

Tien Beach at Koh Larn

The haven for anyone who finds a quiet and peaceful area to relax. Thien beach is not crowded with the tourist which makes it similar to the private sea. Anyway, it is not less in its beauty since Thien beach is so lovely with the silky and clean sandy beach, crystal clear blue water, and can arouse your endorphin with the banana boat trip.

7. Ta Yai Beach (The Grand Parents Beach)

Ta Yai beach in Koh Larn island

A peaceful and shady private beach with clear water and white sandy shore. The 100-meter long beach is popular among the European tourists for the sunbathing. Both sides of the coast are massive rocks as the natural barrier and decoration that make the place so unique. Therefore, Ta Yai beach is an ideal place for the traveler who preferred isolated environment, and the beach turns to be even more splendid during the late of the year since it is a time that the plants on the beach change the color to orange shade.

8. Thong Lang beach

the beach at koh larn

A small beach with the tranquil circumstance is another paradise for one who yearns for a dependable private hideaway. The favorite activity to do on the beach here is snorkeling at the end of the coast connected to had Tawaen. Apart from the snorkeling to see the magnificent coral, there’s a “Sea Walker” provides the incredible experience of the under the sea world on the glass-bottom boat. Anyone interesting to the Sea Walker can contact for more information at Koh Larn District Office.

Additionally, the tourist who come to Koh Larn also witnesses the charm of nature here and even the scenic points on the island, as well.

8. Khao Nom Scenic Point

Khao Nom Scenic Point

The most splendid viewpoint on Koh Larn. The location is on Khao Nom mountain next to Haad Samae. The tourist can access to Khao Nom Scenic Point by walks or hire the motorcycle to see the fantastic scene of the azure sea with the city of Pattaya on the land as the backdrop. This is another famous spot on the island especially the cyclist who is nature orientation.

10. Wind Mill Power Plant (Gang Hun Lom Scenic Point)

Wind mill power plant with blue sky on Larn island,Pattaya

Gang Hun Lom Scenic Point or also called Khao Yak (the Giant Mount) Viewpoint or Khao Na Yak (the Giant’s Face Mount) located not far from Samae beach. With the same entrance, you will take a little road leads you to the viewpoint, passing the windmill and go along the path to the peak of the scenic point. At the top is the position of the telegraph pole and radar pole, and the guided direction for the visitors to see the viewpoints on the court that all feature the grand perspective of Samae Bay in 360 degrees. The picturesque view over the position is fantastic with the gentle cool breeze. The perfect picture of many beaches on Koh Larn and even the Pattaya City you can see from this location, however, be precautioned for the trip to reach the viewpoint here because the path to the spot is quite narrow and slope specifically the last part of the journey. So, please drive or travel carefully. It says this scenic point is the toughest route on the island caused to many accidents.

Regarding the tourist facility on Koh Larn, most of the accommodations are situated in the area of Na Ban Pier and also some are scattered in other zones of the island, for example, Had Ta Waen and Had Samae.

About the place to eat, lots of choices of the dining room on the island partially the area from Na Ban Pier through Wat Mai Samran. Further, the temple, many side street food vendors focus on serving a make-to-order menu and seafood. So, the tourist can make your choice as it’s not much different in taste and price among those food stalls with the price starts at THB50 per dish. And if you prefer someplace with better atmosphere, of course, the price will be higher especially the seaside restaurant.

How to Get to Koh Larn

how to get to Larn Island pattaya

Taking the trip to Koh Larn is easy, you can get the ferry from Bali Hai Pier with the fee is about THB30-50 per person. However, if you prefer something faster, you can travel by speed boat with the price of about THB250 – THB400 per person or approximately THB2,500 – THB3,000 for charter. Please do your negotiation and agree with the price before you get the service.

Traveling around the island

When you arrive at Koh Larn, there are options for your journey on the island including;

Option 1:

For anyone who is able to ride the motorcycle with skill, you can rent the bike to travel on the island. At the Na Ban Pier, there are many rental service shops and the price is about THB300 per day. Alternatively, the rental service offered at the accommodation you stay with the same rate, and you can use the motorcycle until noon of the next day.

Caution!! Although you are skillful to ride the motorcycle, traveling on Koh Larn must be maximum careful since the route on the island floored with the blocked bricks instead of the macadamized road. So, the road is bumpy by the block, plus it is curvy and steep in some part of the way that may cause the accident especially the path to any viewpoint. From the statistic, the accident happens daily on the island.

Option 2:

Using the motorcycle service to travel on the island. The service is available at the beaches on Koh Larn. This option is recommended as the local rider is more skillful and is accustomed to the road on the island.

Option 3:

The picked-up truck service travels around the island. The rate depends on the distance that will start at THB40 per person. The major stops on the island are Na Ban Pier, Had Ta Waen, Had Thien where are popular among the tourists. However, other beaches are accessible by the picked-up truck accept the narrow road and the viewpoints on the island. But this is quite the safeties transport on Koh Larn, though.


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