Pi Tu Gro (the Heart Waterfall)

Pi-tu-gro waterfall,the heart waterfall in Tak, ThaiLand

Pi-tu-gro waterfall, beautiful waterfall in tak; an unseen Thailand

An Unseen Destination where we will introduce today is so-called a heart of a forest. A miracle of the nature called ‘Pi Tu Gro Waterfall’ a charismatic cascade that is nestled in the ample forest at Umphang, Tak, where is the location of many significant waterfalls including the world famous “Ti Lo Su Waterfall“.

Lots of people know think that the Ti Lor Su is the highest waterfall in Thailand, yet it is the Pi Tu Gro that is the highest one. Pi Tu Gro or so-called is Pre To Lo Su waterfall is situated in Doi Sam Muon range in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary in Tak. It is the highest waterfall in Thailand with more than 500 m height (measured by GPS) that after its discovery and launch officially resulted in it overcome the former highest waterfall in Thailand ‘Mae Surin” in Mae Hong Son that is 180 -200 meters height.

About Pi Tu Gro Waterfall

The waterfall has its origin from a stream of Pi Tu Gro and then divided into two lines to hold the cliff and converge at the location of the waterfall. In the rainy season, the scene from a distance is a white stream running along the verdant mountains from both sides featuring to the fascinating heart shape of the waterfall resulting the waterfall has its nickname as the “Heart Waterfall”.

Pi Tu Gro Waterfall is often called the Heart waterfall-Tak Thailand

The waterfall presents its complete version of the beauty during August – September and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tak office highlights the place as a rainy season destination of the province. For ones who love an adventure, to witness the extraordinary beauty of the waterfall is worthwhile, although the trip to the waterfall is wild and rough. Many wanderers aim to have a chance for once or more to experience this miracle by nature with their sight. 

The heart waterfall is a dream destination for one who prefers to enjoy with a genuine nature since the tourists need to take a trail about 8 km to reach this hidden place. However, there are local people to support the trip including hiking supplies and porter service. And as the route is challenging and rough, so a kind of hiking shoes or proper sneakers are recommended.

Journey to Pi Tu Gro (the heart Waterfall)

Day 1:

The trekking to the Pi Tu Gro waterfall is the cooperation of Ban Kui Le Te village, Seub Nakhasathien Foundation and the entrepreneurs to set the new and more proper route. The first day of the trip is about 5 km (takes time 2 – 3 hours approximate) along the low slope way that is passing beautiful rice farms, as well as the watercourses until arriving at the camping area at Mue Lea Gro waterfall.

The camp at Mue Lea Gro waterfall has an old hut that is a location for the visitors to stay. From the cabin, there is a walkway down to Mue Lea Gro waterfall, a 5-meter height waterfall and is a part of lower Pi Tu Gro waterfall. This little cascade named after ‘Mue Lea”, a young Pga K’nyau woman who used to live near the waterfall. The place provides fresh and clear water for water playing, and it is entirely natural spa spot for cleansing and relaxing after a long journey.

An important thing that all visitors should concern about while taking a trip is to keep the place to be clean and do not drop any rubbishes in the forest. And for the local side, a thing to focus is how to manage the site to become a sustainable tourism spot since the Pi Tu Gro waterfall, currently is a heart of the community forest.

Day 2:

In the early morning, the tourists will start their journey along the verdant rainforest that is more difficult than the first-day trip. Nonetheless, there are a lot of endemic plants and flowers to entertain along the trail – Pink Balsam, Wild Jasmine, Begonia, Cookeina sulcipes, Zingiberaceae, Fern, etc. And the path is a walk along the Pi Tu Gro stream up to the peak of the waterfall featuring the magnificent views of waterway and small cascades that the visitors can stop by to indulge the atmosphere or take some pictures.

The first half of the way on the 2nd day is just about 2.5 km but takes time about 1.5 – 2 hours until arriving at the peak of the waterfall.

Pi-tu-gro waterfall, Beautiful waterfall in Tak,ThaiLand

Pi Tu Gro waterfall is not a single stream cascade that falls vertically like the Mae Surin one. Instead, it is the streams that run along the cliff and drops down below as a brook running to Mae Chan creek before converging to the source of Mae Klong river that runs through many provinces until exit to the sea and the Gulf of Thailand in Samut Sonkram. 

Highlights of Pi Tu Gro waterfall

The highlight level of Pi Tu Gro waterfall is divided into 3 parts that can spot and climb up for the photo opportunity with cautiously particularly at the 2nd and 3rd level. In particular, the 3rd level where it needed to be very watchfully since the stream is very wild and below is a high cliff that may cause to live in case anyone falls.  

The 2nd level features the view that 2 streams are met and presenting v-shaped waterfall or tilted heart shape. 

The 1st level provides the scene of 2 main streams from left and right are running along the cliff and are met at the end causing a heart shape of waterfall obviously. So, this is a breath-taking landscape that impresses to any visitors and worthwhile for pressing our way.

How to Get There

The trip starts from Umphang district in Tak, uses the route Umphang – Ban Berng Kling with the distance about 60 km taking time about 1.5 hours until arriving at Kui Le Te village. Then walk along the stream and rice farms for several hours with a distance about 5 km, later coming at the camping site to stay a night.  

Then on the next day, walk about 2.5 km taking time about 1.3 hours, later arriving at Pi Tu Gro waterfall to witness the striking beauty of the place including the heart-shaped presentation of the waterfall. A reasonable period to visit the waterfall is during the rainy season between August – November especially between August – September when its most beautiful period.

Trekking Tour Package

Taking the trip to Pi Tu Gro waterfall is hiking tour that provided to the tourists as packages which are 2-day-1-night and 3-day-2-night trip. The latter is included the extended trip to Doi Mamuang Sam Meun Peak. And there are some facilities provided at the campsite – water playing, bathroom, and restroom. At the campsite for the 2nd night (of a 3-day-2-night package), mountain plumbing is provided, but there’s no any restroom.         

For any further information, please contact to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at Tak Office. Tel: +6655 514341-3.


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