Mae Surin Waterfall

Namtok Mae Surin Waterfall National Park

Namtok Mae Surin waterfall National Park

Mae Hong Son a peaceful region settles in the north of Thailand with the mixed natural resource and cultures. Home of the greenery mountains, beautiful rivers, and mysterious caves. A wish-list hideaway destination for ones who seek for the tranquil and peaceful. And for one who loves to take a trip to the waterfall, there is a remarkable location for you to prove its charm by yourself, indeed. Namtok Mae Surin or Mae Surin National Park is a place we would like to introduce. The magnificent waterfall that flows from the top of the steep mountain and hits to the rocks down below creating the fine mist of water. The heart-taking perspective of the fall makes the location to be second to none in its beauty that lures many people both local and abroad to visit for once. 

About Mae Surin Waterfall

Mae surin waterfall in Maehongson Thailand

Mae Surin Waterfall nestles in Namtok Mae Surin National Park where the house of many zenith natural attractions in Thailand – Mae Surin Waterfall, Doi Pui Luang, and a famous Bua Tong (Tree Marigold) flower field that blooms only during the cold season. The site is 12 km from the flower field, and it is one of the highest waterfalls in Thailand with 220 meters in its height. The fall is single tier resulting in the powerful and magnificent performance of the stream. The location allows the tourists to visit all year round, even though the best period for the trip is between November – December. 

Mae Surin Waterfall is claimed as the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand. To take a glare from far, you can witness its strong current that flows over the cliff cuddled by the towering mountains and giant rocks that blanketed by greenery moss and ferns.    

The location of Mae Surin Waterfall

The waterfall is a creation by nature in the region of the famous national park takes up the space of Khun Yuam and Muaeng district of Mae Hong Son province. The large waterfall is abreast of the renowned Bua Tong Flower Field and the river Pai. Apart from its stunning beauty, the location features the travelers a lot of attractive things including flower watching, camping, outdoor activities, national park, the river Pai, Nam Hoo Hai Jai Cave, Sa Roi Cave, Pha Pong Cave. In addition, Mae Sa Kued Nature Trail, and the Wildlife and Plants Preservation Project, Nong Khiew.

The generality of the Mae Surin Waterfall is a complexed mountain range with the limestone. And since it is a vast forest resulting in being the origin of many currents that flow to the river Pai. The area is beautiful and cold all year round; however, it is not convenient to travel in the rainy season caused by the plentiful of water. The site is a mixture of the mixed forest, evergreen forest, dry dipterocarp forest, and pine forest (Pinus merkusii and Pinus kesiya).

Space nearby the waterfall is a low plain close to a large creek where is moist and rich in the ecological system. Unsurprisingly, there are lots of wildlife living in the place for instance bear, deer, muntjac, wild boar, monkey, langur, gibbon, jungle fowl, and various species of birds. Moreover, the national park offers the accommodation facilities in cabin and camping style locating in the middle of the romantic and lovely flower field.      

The Unique of Mae Surin Waterfall

View of Mae Surin Waterfalls, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son

Mae Surin Waterfall is a single tier waterfall that flows over the cliff to the mountain pass down below with a hundred meters in its height estimate. The waterfall is sightseen from 2 directions which are distance view that you will see the waterfall from the top perspective. The location is just a few minutes from the parking, and you can sight and take the photo of the fall leisurely. Another option the visitor needs to walk down to the waterfall and the location is about 2 hours by foot from the national park office. So-called the peak season to visit the place is between November – December yearly. 

The journey to Mae Surin Waterfall is an exciting path that climbs down along the mountain. It is not only the distance that makes this trail being so desperate for any traveller but also its slope. Notwithstanding, the charm of the shady trees and pleasant atmosphere all through the way encourage the visitor to move forward to the destination. The breath-taking landscape of the waterfall in front of the sight is worthwhile for the long and terrible journey. Mae Surin Waterfall performs its splendid and striking beauty that allures any visitors to fall.    

The walkway down to the waterfall is small soiled steps with the facades in all direction resulted from the slope of the path. So, it is entirely facilitating to the visitors to climb down to the fall.

The forceful stream flowing over the cliff is charming; nevertheless, it is not allowed for water play. Anyhow enjoying the view of the beautiful scene of nature surrounded by the abundant forest is perfect enough for one who seeks for somewhere to escape from business in the metropolitan.

Checkpoint for the Visitors

namtok maesurin national_park

To get to the Mae Surin Waterfall is the same direction to Bua Tong Flower Field. There is a checkpoint at the entrance of the national park. The visitor needs to pay the admission fee which is;

  • Thai: Adults is THB40 / Children is THB20
  • Foreigner: Adults is THB200 / Children is THB100

After check-in, then park at the parking. There are food stalls and camping space near the checkpoint. The national park operates the accommodation in cabin and camping style. The cabin is THB800++ / night, and there are only 5 units. The distance from parking to the waterfall is 150 meters. However, the location is just for sight from distance and photo taking only.

How to Get there

From Mae Hong Son, uses the highway number 108 to go to Khun Yuam with 60 km in its distance. Then, you arrive at Khun Yuam and heads towards more 33 km. There are signages all along the route.


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