Thi Lo Su Waterfall (Umphang)

Thi Lo Su Waterfall (Umphang)- Tak Thailand

Thi Lo Su Waterfall stands 300 meters high and is claimed to be the largest waterfall in Thailand. A reputation for the stunning landscape of its beauty and greatness has spread among the tourists both local and abroad. The famous Thi Lo Su attracts many travelers that are not just come to witness its breath-taking charm but also expand its reputation to gain the number of the tourists continually.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall” locates in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Umphang, Tak about 3 km distance from the office. Thi Lo Su is Karen language which means “the Black Waterfall”. The waterfall is a massive limestone fall stands 900 meters high from the sea level. It origins from Klo Tho creek and the stream reaches down over the cliff with the strong current all through the year. The width of the waterfall is about 500 meters and 300 meters of its height approximate. The fall is surrounded by a fruitful tropical rain forest. To affirm its greatness, Thi Lo Su is claimed to be the 6th ranking of the most massive waterfall in Asia.

Get to Know the Thi Lo Su

Biggest waterfall of Thailand

The Thi Lo Su Waterfall is originated from Klo Tho brook that flows from the west forest nearby the borderline of Thailand and Myanmar. The whole watercourse falls from the high cliff to the middle of lush and vast tropical evergreen forest. The waterfall is classified to be a distinctive gorgeous waterfall and especially during June 1 – November 31 annually, the rainwater will fill up the stream causing the course of the fall is fuller than another period. However, it is also the period that the roadway is closed to save the passenger from any danger and accidence including to preserve the road, too.

Any tourists would like to keep away from this way; there are many travel agencies offer the tour package including travelling by inflatable rubber boat and trekking about 12 km. But if travel in the cold season between December 1 – May 31, the visitors can get to the destination by car. So, it is the most convenient time to visit the site whether one day trip or camping.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand announces the Thi Lo Su Waterfall is 1 of the 9 Sun Destinations followed by the tourism campaign. And a highlight of Thi Lo Su is a fantastic rainbow at Thi Lo Su.

The background of Thi Lo Su

Thi Lo Su Waterfall hides in the folded cliff inside the verdant rainforest. It was discovered by a Karen Huntsman, and then the border patrol police did a survey of the area and discovered the waterfall. Later, the Royal Forestry Department proclaimed to set the region is Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. And after that in 1985, there’s a group of people from travel magazine made a trip to survey the area including the waterfall. And then they published the story of the location in the magazine. And that is the beginning of the famous Thi Lo Su among the outsiders.

the scenery of the waterfall

What to see

A 1.5 km nature trail is right before the waterfall that passing bamboo wood and mixed forest. There are Siam Tulip or Kra Jiew flowers scatter on the ground, and the signage to tell the information of the nature and species of plants for the visitors to learn. At the fall, the visitors can witness the stunning diffusing drizzle cover the stones down below. And see the stream flies from the limestone cliff surrounded by the verdant forest.

The area is divided into 3 parts which are a group where is on the left is the most significant and highest part of the fall. There are many streams flow over the step of the cliff. Next, the group in the middle that the water runs from the cliff that is same height of the first group, but the stream is not in level and narrower. And the right part that is plenty of water and the cliff is lower than those formerly.

The perspective of all three elements together features a striking and fascinating waterfall that is worthwhile for anyone to press one’s way to visit here. Furthermore, there is a viewpoint locates on the top of the cliff opposite from the fall. It is a perfect location to see the waterfall beautifully and clearly. It takes 2 hours for commuting between the waterfall to the viewpoint round trip.

Thi Lo Su largest and highest waterfall in northwestern Thailand

The Trip to Thi Lo Su Waterfall

In rainy season between June – the 1st of November, the tourists need to travel by rubber boat from the Umphang town along the Klong stream. The visitors can see a lovely view of the abundant forest through the journey, including a hot spring, Thi Lor Jor fall, and Rainbow fall. And about the Rainbow Fall, if come to visit at the right time, the visitors can see the rainbow that caused by the reflection of sunlight and drizzle from the waterfall.

Moreover, the tourists can sightsee the Bee Cliff, Blood Cliff, Pha Bong, and Pha Wo. And taking a lunch break at the location nearby the Blood Cliff. The duration time of the journey is 3 hours until the visitor reaches the destination where is the starting point of the 9-km trail. The visitor has to walk to the camping area of the Wildlife Sanctuary. The path is very tough with slopes and hollows. And from the camping area, it is about 1.5 km to access the waterfall. So, this is the ideal trip for one who loves an adventure and hiking trail journey.

rafting lead to river in umpang

Preparing to take a Trip to Thi Lo Su

Well, preparation is necessary for the trip to the Thi Lo Su Waterfall especially your physical readiness. And in particular, during the rainy season, there are many essential things to prepare more for the trip for example raincoat, plastic bag, lozenge, inhalant, cap, and especially shoes that should be comforting. The sneakers are not suitable while you are sailing on the boat since it’s easy to get wet and cause your feet to be uncomfortable.

Anyhow, a pair of sneakers is suitable for the trekking part of the journey; otherwise, sandal or any shoes that you can walk comfortably are all good. And an important thing is you should wear socks since it is a long way to go. And the socks can support and protect your feet from shoe pinch. And the bandage is something to put on your list as well.   

Level of Thi Lo Su Waterfall (Umphang)- Tak

So-called the tourist season of the site is between November – April annually, it allows the car to access until the camping point at the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary Office. Otherwise, the tourist can sail on the rubber boat to see the beautiful nature along both sides of the Khlong Current to the transit spot for the car. The latter is recommended because the visitor can enjoy the lovely scene of the forest including many little streams and other waterfalls before reach to the destination, and it is an original journey to the waterfall that is worthwhile for your experience.

And once you arrive at the camping point, then you have to walk more about 1.5 km to reach the Thi Lo Su Waterfall. The water of the fall in this season is crystal-clear in particular during the mid of November to December that the amount and the color of the water are excellent.

How to Get To Thi Lo Su Waterfall

 waterfall in Thailand, the highest in the country

During the period that the car route is opened, there are 2 options to get to the waterfall. It is more popular among the tourists to get the rubber boat trip to the land. Then, getting the car to the camping area. And the trip to come back, getting the car to the city town easily without any walk on the trail.

Another option to go to the waterfall that is more suitable for one who has limited time and budget which is driving from Umphang to the camping spot. Then, walking to the waterfall to enjoy the trip, and drive back.

The trip to Umphang, from Bangkok, drives on the Asia Road heading to Tak province. And before entering Tak region gets the left fork to the highway number 105 to go to Mae Sod. And when arrives Mae Sod takes the left fork to Umphang along the highway number 1090 to the end of the route.

The road from Mae Sod to Umphang is a sky road at about 169 km distance. The way is quite harsh with its 1,219 turns. So, anyone who drives on this route should be skilful and very careful.


There is a various style of accommodation around the area of Thi Lo Su Waterfall.

Any visitor would like to enjoy the real adventure trip, the Wildlife Sanctuary of Umphang offers the camping area with bathrooms for the visitors.

And in the town of Umphang, there are many accommodations. The visitor can enjoy staying whether the location nearby the river or not. 


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