10 Best Beaches in Thailand

Best Beaches in Thailand

Top 10 Best beaches in thailand you could not miss

Thailand has ranked as the location of some of the best beaches in the world. Deciding which one to visit can be difficult — but that’s a good exercise for you to have! Whether the Gulf of Thailand or Andaman coast, any of Thailand’s top beach destinations will be a great addition to your dream destination in the Land of Smile. Check out these “10 Best Beaches in Thailand“!

10Freedom Beach (Mai Ngao), Phuket

Freedom Beach at morning, Phuket, Thailand

The secret beach where is a dream hideaway escape among the foreign tourists and the teen wanderers. The Freedom Beach is a name that the people call this place. The location features the lovely duvet-touch sand beach, clear water, and nice wave cuddled with the tranquil ambience; therefore it is right private heaven seaside that anyone can have the leisure moment.

The Freedom Beach or called officially “Mai Ngao Beach” is another dream destination beach in Phuket. It is the soft powdery sand beach, glass-like water, and peaceful circumstance. Nonetheless, the site is not well-known among the tourists in general. The location of the Freedom Beach is not too far from the famous Patong Beach in the middle of the sea. The beach is luxurious with the natural properties for the wanderlust to relax and enjoy. The place is accessible by charter the long-tail boat service which is just only 10 minutes. The beach is prohibited from any speedboat and banana boat.  

9Hua Hin Beach, Prachuap Khiri Khan

Hua Hin beach in sunny day

Hua Hin Beach has its reputation as the classic and in-style vacation site among the tourists both Thai and international. This beach used to be the vacation location among the elite class of Thai in the old time. Hua Hin Beach locates in the east of the town with the descending path to the beach at Damnoen Kasem Road. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants, and souvenirs shops along both sides of the route.

The beach features the visitors with the 5 km long with the fine bright sand and clear water. Significantly, the beach provides the riding on the horse nearby the sea as the trademark activity that is unique for the place. Besides, the tourist can enjoy the pleasant circumstance and the recreation at the beach.

And promenading along the coast and watching the art of the buildings here is another thing you would love to do. The unique style of the architectures at the place tell us the story of the beach so it could say that the beach is very charismatic from the blend of vintage and modern style.

8Black Sand Beach, Trad

Scattered shells on a black beach. black sand beach is in Trat Thailand

It is one of five in the world with the real black sand. The Black Sand Beach at Laem Ngob, Trad the province in the easternmost of the Gulf of Thailand. The beach has its official name is “Hua Son Beach” which is the mangrove forest beach with the jet-black sand that is noticeable when the tide is lowest.

The villagers believe that this black sand has the benefit for sickness remedy by just only soaking into the sand. However, it has no any medical proof officially about this. But certainty the Black Sand Beach lures a vast number of the tourists to visit the place continually. And also, the site currently offers the nature trail including the mangrove forest.

7Rin Beach, Pa Ngan island, Surat Thani

Haad rin beach, Koh Phangan - Thailand

The name of Rin Beach may not be familiar to some people but if we mention it as the venue of the renowned “Full Moon Party” that spread its reputation among the tourists over the world. So, we think you would love to know and visit this place, certainly. Rin Beach sites at Pa Ngan Island about 12 km from the Pa Ngan district office. The 2 kilometres long beach well-known for its beauty and fame.

The visitors can go to Rin Beach by the long-tail boat services from Thong Sala or Ban Khai Quay, and the price is THB30 and THB20 respectively. On the other hand, travelling by car from Ban Khai is also fine with THB50 for the fee. Besides, the people can enjoy the beach activities at the beach which is pleasant and not too much noise in the daytime.

The remarkable event which is set up in every waxing moon night “The Full Moon Party” is a must not miss happening for the tourist. Thousands of tourists especially the foreigners gather at the beach and indulge in the vibrant and colorful night party under the moonlight.  

6Chaweng Beach, Samui Island, Surat Thani

View of Chaweng beach, Koh Samui (Samui Island), Thailand

Chaweng is a beach locates in the northeast of Samui Island where is the longest and the most beautiful beach of the island. The beach is 7 km long divided into 2 parts are Chaweng Beach and Chaweng Noi Beach (situated in the south). The azure clear water contrast with the bright and fine sand on the extensive coast is such a beautiful place to relax and enjoy. Also, the water at Chaweng Beach is not too deep, so it is another good place for water playing and chill out.

It is not only rich in the natural resource, Chaweng Beach also the best place for the nightlife. The beach, after the sunset is so wonderful and vibrant with lots of tourists stroll over the street that braced with the restaurants, nightclub, and bars along both sides.

5Khaolak Beach, Pang Nga

Khao Lak beach- Phang Nga Thailand

The most famous tourist attraction of Pang Nga and also the memorial of the tragedy Tsunami disaster in 2004. This beach is beautiful with the lines of the She-oak surrounding with the relaxing and quiet atmosphere. The water here is so purely clean, and the beach is broad space that spotted by the various side of the rocks creating the excellent perspective. Khao Lak Beach is a perfect place to chillax and watch the sundown in the afternoon when you can see many tourists come out to the beach to relax and indulge the moment.

Apart from that, the beach provides the numerous of luxury resorts and hotels. And visiting Khao Lak, the visitor should not miss paying respect to Chao Pho Khao Lak (the God Spirit) Shrine which is the sacred thing among the people here and as the landmark of the place, as well. There are only 2 seasons at Khao Lak which are the summer starts from January to April and the rainy time from May to December when lots of rain in the area.

4Phra Nang Cave Beach, Krabi

Phra Nang beach and cave in Krabi, Thailand

Phra Nang Cave Beach or Phra Nang Cave Bay is the radiant white sand beach with the famous and sacred cave which is worshipped among the local in the south of the Railey Peninsula. This exotic cave is the fantastic sunset spot with the fabulous scene looking through from inside the cave. The 400 metres beach considered by the Travel magazine as “one of the most magnificent beaches in the world”.

Most of the visitors travel to the beach from Ao Nang by boat or walk from the East Railey Beach on the same path along the edge of the cliff. Moreover, the Phra Nang Beach is part of the challenging site with the Railey Beach for the extreme recreation “the Rock Climbing” that attracts numerous of the cliff climbers all over the world to seize the complex limestone cliff here. 

3Karon Beach, Phuket

karon beach, the longest beach in Phuket thailand

“Karon Beach” is the longest and maybe the most beautiful beach in Phuket. The endless white pearl sandy beach with the rows of pine and palm trees lining along the coast. The sand here is very delicate and bright including the tranquil atmosphere, unsurprisingly it is an ideal destination for the travellers who love to visit somewhere that is peaceful and away from the crowd.

Even though the Karon Beach is one of the dream destinations for many tourists but the sometimes the beach is so windy with the strong waves. Therefore, the beach is not suitable for the swim. It is noticeable from the row of the red flags as the signage for the restrict area from water play. Karan Beach is an exact spot for vacation and relaxes with the tourism facilities included shops and nightlife.

2Railay Beach, Krabi

Railay beach in Krabi Thailand

Railey Beach locates at Ao Nang, Krabi features the soft white sandy beach with the towering limestone cliff as the background. Railey Beach is well-known among the tourists especially the rock climbers. The beach consists of the East Railey (Nam Mao Beach) and the West Railey which is popular with its nice clear water and beautiful beach.

Railey Beach is such as a lovely beach with the powdery sand, crystal-clear water, sophisticated towering limestone cliffs. The place also has the remarkable viewpoint and the lagoon that hidden under the cliff and change its form following to the tide. The rock climbers would love Railey Beach since it is another challenging location for the cliff climbing with the stunning panoramic sea view. Moreover, the beach is one of the best sundown spots which is second to none in its beauty.

1Maya Beach, Phi Phi Leh Island, Krabi

clear water in Maya bay Phi Phi Leh island, Thailand

Maya Bay is a beach nestles in the Phi Phi Leh Island, the second largest island of the famous Phi Phi Archipelago in Krabi. The bay is created by nature from the demolition of the engirdled cliffs resulted in a lovely crescent beach, duvet-touch white sand, and emerald clear water environed with the limestone mountain that allures many people to visit the place. Specifically, the beach is the location of the 20th Hollywood Box Office movie “The Beach” which spreads more its reputation in worldwide.

In every year during October – April which is the high season of the Maya Bay since it is the time that the location is clear of the wind from the rear Island. However, it is possible to access the beach on any pleasant day, and the wind is not too strong. Further, the visitors also can access the bay via Loh Samah Bay which is on the other side of the Phi Phi Leh Island. From there the visitors have to walk through a small cave to reach the Maya Bay with a short time. And this direction will be the only way to access to the beach from now on once the bay opened for the tourists again in this year.

Apart from these 10 beaches we introduce here, there are many more beautiful and charming beaches in Thailand whether in the Andaman or the Gulf of Thailand. And the trick is you should take the trip on the right time then you will see the most beautiful of the place. More than that, it would be the excellent thing if we travel to these places and other natural areas with concerning to the environment. With that, we will have the beautiful places to sightsee for a long time.


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