Ao Nang

Ao Nang beach in Krabi

Coming in through “Ao Nang,” the gate of the Andaman Sea

In the midst of striking limestone mountains, the charming bay “Ao Nang” lies distantly along the soft-touch white sandy beach and the emerald sea. As another hub of tourism in Krabi province, Ao Nang is notable with “Tham Phra Nang” or better known among the foreigners “Phra Nang Cave,” the splendid attraction that is fabulous with the elegant stalagmite and stalactite, also the top-ranking destination of the cliff climbers around the world.

Furthermore, the popular sea resort site also the gateway to other fantastic tourist attractions, including Railay Beach, Poda Island, Phra Nang Pond, as well as the center to travel to many beaches and islands in Krabi. Additionally, AoNang features a wonderful nature trail which leads you to explore the rain forest in the southern territory of Thailand that you can enjoy the trip either by tracking or riding on the elephant. And the path for the archeological study of Wat Khlong Thom or Susan Hoi (Shell Fossil) that you should not skip from the program, as well. It could say that Ao Nang is the center of the must-not-miss of Krabi; nature, culture, and development of the province, indeed.

About Ao Nang

Ao Nang is about 20 km away from the town of Krabi province, the place is accessible by the shuttle bus service from Krabi International Airport which is very convenient for the tourists. The site also is plentiful in good restaurants and fantastic places to stay in.

Actually, AoNang is a part of Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park as hub of the tourism of Krabi, many resorts, restaurants, and tour agencies operate the touring program to the top destinations, included Talay Waek (the Separated Sea), Poda Island, Phi Phi Islands, Hong Island, etc. The location is the place for the tourist to rent the boat journey to the attractions of Krabi, such as Railay Beach, Phra Nang Cave, and many islands within Krabi territory.

Generally, AoNang is a 6-km long beach with the road along the coast and mountain separates the beach. With the distinctive beauty of the beach where the highlight is in the east of the site “Phra Nang Cave” features the magnificent stalactite and stalagmite. Also, 83 islands in various scales and shapes in the front, for example, Poda Island, Yaman Island, Tang Ming Island, Lading Island, Mor Island, Thap Island, etc. Plus, Ao Nang considered another best place to witness the splendid sunset, too.

At the end of the remarkable seaside, on the left is a limestone mountain, a natural barrier to Railay Beach, whereas the estuary on the right separates AoNang and Nopparat Thara Beach. AoNang is a favorite spot for foreign tourists to sunbathe and beach sports. Although the water in this area is not entirely clear but good enough for the swim that we recommend to play on the left part since it’s a dock for the long-tail boat in the center of the beach. 

The price of Long-tail boat service at Ao Nang

The price of Long-tail boat service

The cost of long-tail boat service here determined by Ao Nang Long-tail boat Cooperative that the travelers can hire to any beaches or charter a one-day trip with the following details;

  • Program tour to 4 islands, including Talay Waek (the Separated Sea), Thap Island, Mor Island, Gai Island, Poda Island, and Tham Phra Nang Beach, the most popular tour of Krabi charges at THB2,200 with up to 6 passengers, included life-vest, snorkeling mask. However, the price is excluded meal. 
  • Hong Islands, Inner Sea, Pak Bia Island, and Lao Lading Island is THB2,800 with 6 passengers maximum, included life-vest, snorkeling mask but the excluded meal.
  • Tham Phra Nang Beach and Railey Beach, where those locations although are inland of Krabi but the places aren’t able to access by car. The boat trip is about THB100 per person.

Where to eat at Ao Nang

Where to eat at Ao Nang-Restaurant

There are many dining places along both sides of street from Ao Nang Beach through McDonald’s, the variety of edible things, including seafood, western food, Thai dishes, Esan (northeastern Thai) food, and southern local menus, and if you find some budget food you can enjoy the side street food vendors line at the front of Krabi Resort. And the recommended dining room at Ao Nang with remarkable seafood cuisine is “Wang Sai Seafood” that located next to the sea.

Where to Stay at Ao Nang

bungalows of Krabi Forest Homestay-Accommodation

Surrounding the Ao Nang Bay are the numbers of accommodation from the budget motel for the backpackers to the 5-star luxury hotels and boutique resorts. The crowd of the accommodation is from McDonald’s through Ao Nang Beach. Nonetheless, the place to stay at Ao Nang is not close to the sea since there a road to interpose.

Traveling from Ao Nang to other areas

The most convenient transportation is “Tricycle with the cart” that you can go to the places which are not too far from AoNang, such as Nopparat Thara Beach, McDonald, hotels in Ao Nang Alley, for instance. The tricycle with a cart can take about 3 – 4 passengers with THB20 – THB50 per person/trip or in case you hire from Ao Nang to McDonald’s or Nopparat Thara Beach is THB20 of the charge.

Alternatively, for one who wants to rent a motorcycle to go to the sightseeing nearby Ao Nang, for example, Krabi Town, Nopparat Thara Beach, Hot Spring, and the Emerald Pond, you can bike to those places. The rental shops are around the zone of McDonald’s Ao Nang with the charge of THB150 – THB250 per day that you have to take responsibility for the gasoline. 

How to go to Ao Nang

Bust stop for public transport

By Car:

Drives on Petchkasem Road and heads to Krabi Town on road number 4200, then turns right to enter road 4034 and turns left to route 4203. So, it continues to the end of the way you will meet Ao Nang.

By Public Transport:

From Krabi International Airport, a shuttle bus service to AoNang with the price is THB150 per person to drop you at the front of your hotel. The trip takes about 45 – 60 minutes. And the trip back to the airport is hourly.

From Bus Terminal, it is pick-up truck service departs from the station in every 15 minutes with the charge is THB60 per person.

And from Krabi Town, the pick-up truck service to Ao Nang is THB50 of the charge per person.


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