15 Things to do in Krabi

Things to do in Krabi

Things to do in krabi ; you can’t miss

The land of the hundred islands is not too much mentioning to Krabi, another famous tourist destination in the south of Thailand. Home of many national parks in both marine and forest with abundant natural resource – verdant rain forest, cascades, mangrove forest, powdery soft sand beach, vast emerald clear seawater, and the fantastic underwater world recognized the prime location worldwide. Furthermore, many attractions for you to be thrilled included remarkable historical and archeological sites. Undoubtedly, Krabi considered another jewel of the Andaman Sea.

And to make your trip to this fantastic region of Thailand, here are things to do in Krabi you must not miss. Otherwise, your journey here would not complete!

1Journey to explore…the islands in Krabi Sea

Things to do in Krabi- Explore islands in Krabi Sea

Indeed, the highlight to tour in Krabi is wandering around the numerous islands. Krabi is plentiful of the magnificent and also the world’s top-ranking islands. The tourist will enjoy various significant islands and can use your imagination to see the bizarre rocks in the middle of the sea. Plus, time to experience the local way of life of traditional fishermen. And the must-visit famous islands of Krabi including;

1.1 The Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands Thailand

So-called “the Emerald of the Andaman Sea,” Phi Phi Islands is a must-go for once in the life among the travelers both local and international. The archipelago consists of 2 primary islands which are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le, those are the center of tourism where the two curvy bays bent to each other created the magnificent seascape that appeals the voyagers all over the world to witness by their eyes. And another highlight is “Ao Maya” the heaven-like bay nestled in Phi Phi Le Island, which was the production venue of the Box Office film “The Beach.” Irresistibly, the crystal-clear emerald water, velvet pearly sand beach surrounded by striking stone mountains, also Ao Maya is one of the best locations for diving with vibrant and various kinds of the corals. 

1.2 Poda Islands

Things to do in Krabi-visit Poda island

The delight islands of Krabi sea where the place maintains the pure beauty of nature, a must-not-miss attraction of the region, Poda Islands located in the middle of the sea, about 8 km distant from Ao Nang. The archipelago is a beautiful white sandy coast, transparent water, and diverse species of coral that you can see from the coastline. A true paradise for the travelers to visit, indeed.

1.3 Hong Island

Beach of koh hong island

Or known in another name “Ko Lao Pile,” the fantastic hidden gem in Krabi sea where the location surrounded by the azure sea, corals, and anemones. As if the secret chamber created by nature that allows accessing only one way through the mount strait by long-tail boat. Another end, the vast space of beautiful sea cuddled with the look-alike flying bird sandstone mountains, delicate white sandy beach, emerald seawater, and many little sea fish are swimming to welcome the guests.

1.4 Talay Waek (the Separated Sea)

Thale Waek or Separated sea

The most famous tourist spot nearby the town, the Separated Sea is the natural phenomenon of 3 sand dunes connected 3 islets which are Ko Thap, Ko Mor, and Ko Gai. When the tide is low, allowing you walking through the island, and the best time to visit are a week before and after the full moon from December to May. In the past, the venue permitted for the visitor to stay overnight, unluckily it canceled this in the present.

2Dare…. the Gravity with the challenging Cliff at Railay Beach

Adventure man traveler climbing on limestone cliff in Krabi

If you love the extreme activity, Railay Beach is your right destination to proof yourself. Railay Beach sited in Ao Nang district features the expanded white sandy beach next to the steep cliffs, well-known among the cliff climbers worldwide. The beach divided into two parts are the East Railay Beach (Had Nam Mao) and the West Railay Beach with the rock ridge separates between two spaces. The location is accessible conveniently by boat that takes only 10 minutes from Ao Nang and plenty enough accommodation to serve the visitors. The outstanding point of this beach is those of ambitious limestone cliffs that have been waiting for the cliff climbers to conquer. Pleasingly, the visitor can entertain the cliff climbing here all year round, in particular in April is the special event. The famous spots for the climbers including the East Railay Beach, Ao Ton Sai, and Khao Tham Phra Nang.

3Soaking in the Emerald Pond

Emerald Pool in Krabi Thailand

The nature-made hot spring pool with emerald-like transparent water nestled in the middle of the forest will make you feel as if in paradise. The Emerald Pond consists of 3 basins, including Sa Kaew (the Crystal Pond), Sa Morakot (the Emerald Pond), and Sa Phud. The 30-50 degrees Celsius of the water that is perfect for relaxing and calming your body and mind surrounded by the beautiful lush forest.

Although it’s ok for the tourist to swim here, you should not drink the water from the ponds since it may cause calculus from the intense amount of the minerals in the hot spring. Yet, relaxing in the pleasant atmosphere and soaking in the warm water is worth enough for you to visit here. The Emerald Pond opens between 8.00am and 5.00pm with the entrance fee.

4Strolling about the seaside at Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Thara Beach in Krabi

“Nopprat Thara Beach” another famous shore in Krabi that draws many visitors to leisure, especially in the evening the beach is plentiful of tourists to chillax, strolling, and wait to watch the sunset with a romantic atmosphere.

5Explore the pure nature of the Lanta Islands

white beach and blue sky Best island in Koh Lanta Island

Lanta Archipelago is a national park within Krabi sea, the islands contain up to 25 islands scattered around in the outer zone of the Andaman Sea allocated into 4 groups. The groups included Ko Rok, Ko Ha (Ko Tuk Lima), Ko Ngai, and Ko Lanta. It considered another magnificent national marine park with abundant natural resource – beach forest, mangrove forest, fruitful coral reef, and extended powdery sand coast. Unsurprisingly, the prime list hideaway among travelers worldwide to witness the beauty of the site. Unique in the charm in each island, partially Ko Rok that is the last landmark as the natural boundary of western Thailand features the lovely soft-touch white beach, transparent water, and the fantastic coral reef around the island. 

And if anyone would like to change some atmosphere from the sea, you can take some adventure with the nature trail to explore the mangrove forest at Ban Thung Yi Peng on Lanta Island where is one of the most abundant mangrove forests in the country. Entertaining with kayaking or sailing on the long-tail boat along the canals circled with the verdant forest and home of diverse species of animals.

6Indulging with the magnificent scenery

Indulging with the magnificent scenery

Rich in natural and tourism resource – forest, mountain, sea, and island, indeed Krabi provides numerous locations for you to witness the most beautiful view.

6.1 Khao Ngon Nak

Khao Ngon Nak

“Khao Ngon Nak” (the Naga’s Crest Mount), a 500-meter high top above the sea level with speechless panorama. The site takes about 2 hours trip to go up and another 2 hours to come down on 4 kilometers path. The tourist can travel to the mountain from Krabi Town that is approximately 30 km that you can set your destination as Khlong Muang Beach or Thap Khaek Beach whichever you will pass before arriving at the viewpoint. 

Apart from that, the local story told that the mountain is “the sacred mouth of the spring” with the mysterious tales that “At a wonderful dreaming place of the travelers cuddled with the stunning panoramic view one of the best in Thailand. The place is the end of the tragic love story that caused the Naga to a teardrop. As a result, a little spring produces clear water all year round that the residents believe that if those who make a wish and touch the face with the water from the fountain will be blessed and fortune”.

6.2 Enjoy the moment of the sun at “Nong Talay.”

Fishing at Nong Talay in Krabi

“Nong Talay,” a vast space freshwater lake with the striking limestone mountain as the perfect backdrop. The location is photogenic, especially in the morning and in the evening with a fantastic atmosphere. It says that in the morning at Nong Talay is a gentle sea of fog while the sun is setting that would be perfect for you to start the day with the incredible scene. Nong Talay is only about 12 km from Krabi Town on the road 4034.

6.3 Laem Sak

Aerial view of community near Laemsak bay

“Laem Sak,” a lovely local community with the slogan “land of 3 sides sea and 3 cultures” derived from the space that reach out into the sea resulted in the splendid view in 3 faces. More than that, this village also the mixed bowl of three different cultures – Buddhism, Muslim, and Baba (Chinese) that can live together in peace and unity presented via the holy places of those beliefs located next to each other, including Laem Sak Shrine, Laem Sake Temple, and Laem Sak Mosque.

6.4 The fantastic sunset at “Pha Khao Kom.”

The fantastic sunset at “Pha Khao Kom

“Khao Kom” or Kom Mountain, the overhanging rock on the island looks like the cavern in the mountain next to the sea. Over 100 meters long of space provides for the visitors to walk all along the coast, the significant place forces us naturally to stoop down when we are walking resulted from the low ceiling that is the background of the title of the area (Kom in Thai means to bow). Pha Khao Kom or Khao Kom Cliff features another excellent spot to witness the first light of the day, the tranquil atmosphere and gentle wind in the early morning, serene sea bed, and the aurora is breaking at the horizon gradually shines through numerous holes of stalactite and stalagmite making the spectacular scenery that you would not imagine. The journey to Khao Kom Cliff is by hiring a local boat at Laem Sak Village.

7Shop, Eat, and Chill out at Krabi Walking Street

Chill out at Krabi Walking Street

“Krabi Walking Street,” a hub of the vibrant nightlife of the local, lots of shops and stalls offer the variety of food and snacks and things to shop open from late afternoon through 9.00pm. The marketplace operates only on the weekends (Friday through Sunday) with crowded of people both locals and the tourists.

8Experience the real Krabi…you must not miss tasting the local food

Things to do in Krabi-taste the local food

Known as one of the most crucial hubs of deliciousness in the south of Thailand, therefore the trip in Krabi would not be completed if you skip tasting the local food that are so many things to try.

8.1 Eat fresh seafood from the sea to table

Sea food at Krabi Walking Street

Traditional fish culture in Krabi is the floating basket in the sea, especially at Ko Klang, two famous seafood restaurants here are where you can have the real fresh of the array of local seafood. Mostly the tourists hire the boat trip from Krabi land to dine at the islet. Besides the pleasant atmosphere of nature at the estuary of Krabi River, those restaurants are not compromising for the taste and quality of ingredients that part of them are seafood fresh from the farm.

8.2 Try “Dog Conch”

Dog conch or Strombus canarium

“Dog Conch” or “Wing Shell,” the renowned shell of Krabi sea that is unique in its characteristic is a lump at its mouth called “foot.” To have it we need to pull this lump off and dip in spicy seafood sauce, the shell is mellow sweet and chewy and easy to find in local restaurants in Krabi province. However, the price of wing shell quite high but it’s worth for you to try, indeed.

8.3 Khanom Jeen Gai Thod (Rice vermicelli and Fried Chicken)

Khanom Jeen Gai Thod

“Go Joi,” the famous rice vermicelli shop in Krabi, which is outstanding to serve its delicious menu with fried chicken. At the shop, you will find the various style of sauce and curry to have with the homemade rice vermicelli freshly made daily. Another best taste of Krabi that you should not miss.

8.4 Roti Na Vogue

Roti Na Vogue

A roti shop that well-known locally “Roti Na Vogue” (Na in Thai means “in front of”) because the location is at the front of Vogue Shopping Mall. Apparently, the roti shop is trendy among the gourmet, both local and outsiders, as you will not see it empty from the customers. The recommend serves are Crispy Roti and Roti with a banana that is all delicious, crispy fried dough topped with sweetened condensed milk and sugar is so perfect for a snack, especially have it with the traditional iced tea or “Cha Chak” (pulled tea).

9Touch the rustic way of Life of Krabi at Koh Klang Village

Koh Klang Village Ways of Life

For anyone who would like to open up your world and experience the new chapter of the tour in Krabi that is beyond the resort island, splendid seaside, and beach activity. You should put into your itinerary with the program to see how the locals live their life. The simple lifestyle never less in charm for the stranger to witnessing and being one of the most impressive moments of your trip, certainly.

9.1 Koh Klang Village

Koh Klang Village

Besides the remarkable seafood restaurant, Koh Klang Community is home of the hundred Muslim families for years. Although it is not too far from the city, it preserves the traditional way of life excellently. The lovely charm how villagers live projected through the edifice on the islet surrounded by the water in Krabi River and mangrove forest. The people here make the living homily with handicraft, agriculture, and fishing, as well as run a small business to promote the local economy, which is restaurant and homestay accommodation. The visitors also entertain with cycling around the space to see the enjoyable environment of this terrific island, too.

9.2 Making Batik Fabric

Making Batik Fabric

Making Batik textile is the cooperation among the residents of Ko Klang to earn extra income. The process to make this traditional fabric of the south begins with the plain white cloth stamped the pattern with the candle, then pull it tightly before coloring and leave for a day to let it dry. So, it’s a process to dye the fabric and dry it off one more time to be finished product and ready for trade. 

9.3 See how to make a model of “Rue Hua Tong” (the southern long-tail boat)

Rue Hua Tong

“The Learning Center of Rue Hua Tong Model at Koh Klang” established to maintain the traditional way of life and culture since the early days. Resulted from the number of this local boat maker is less and to protect the valuable native wisdom, the locals then set up a group to make the model of this long-tail boat and became one of the OTOP products in Krabi that support the local economy very well.

9.4 Rice farming demonstration of “Sangyod Rice.”

Sang Yod Rice-Koh Klang Village

At Koh Klang community is so fantastic as this area also the land to do rice farming with the particular breed grain called “Sangyod Rice.” The rice is distinctive from the location of the farm is a mixed area of freshwater and salted water; as a result, the productivity of rice when cooked is soft, tasty, and high nutrition.

10Snap your shot with “the Black Crab Statue” and Khanab Nam Mountain.”

Snap your shot with the Black Crab Statue

As the landmarks of Krabi that everyone who visits the province should not miss taking the picture with the Black Crab statue and Khanab Nam Mountain as the background. Regarding Khanab Nam Mountain or Khao Khanab Nam is two rocks with about 100 meters high brace to Krabi River faces to the town as the symbol of the province. The site is accessed by the long-tail boat from Chao Fa Pier, besides touring to see the stunning mountain and abundant mangrove forest; also you will entertain to explore the cave and numerous stalactite and stalagmite inside. Unfortunately, the ruin and fossil of ancient people that were discovered here in the large amount are not existed, presently. It assumed that those people resided at the land and vanished from the unexpected significant float. Furthermore, the location is the base camp of the Japanese troop during World War II, as well.

11Paying homage to the worshipful thing at Wat Tham Suea

The trip to Krabi can’t skip this place, “Wat Tham Suea” (the Tiger’s Cave Temple), an exotic and spectacular Buddhist temple on the mountain about 9 km away from Krabi Town. A not easy task to reach the holy place since you need to climb up ascending via 1,237 steps of the stairway, however, it’s worthwhile with the heart-taking viewpoint of the town from the top view. If you are lucky enough, you may witness the sea of fog blankets the city down there that is no less in beauty than the misty sea in the northern territory. 

12Immerse yourself with the charming nature at “Tha Pom, Klong Song Nam.”

“Tha Pom Klong Song Nam” refers to the magnificent natural site of two kinds of waters, 25 km distant from Krabi Town. The venue is so impressed with the flawless charm of nature, one of the most abundant ecosystems in Krabi. The name of this place derived from this canal contains two kinds of water; a mouth of spring produces freshwater that flows through the end at the estuary into the Andaman Sea. When the sea is low allows clean water from the canal runs into the sea, resulting in a channel is lovely clear water, while the tide is high and salted water from the sea get in the canal caused turbid water that is time for aquatic animals come out for food from roots of mangrove in the area.

13Drowsing into the Hot Spring Waterfall

If you yearn to find somewhere you can touch the feeling of natural spa, you should not miss “the Hot Spring Waterfall” or better known locally “Namtok Ron” in Krabi. The extraordinary cascade only one in Thailand created by nature from a stream nestled in the swamp forest called “Saphan Yoong” sited over the joint of crust generated thermal energy that releases together with the splash. Nevertheless, the temperature of the water is not too hot, which is approximately 40 – 50 degrees Celsius. The tourist who comes here will experience as if you immerse yourself and relax in a wonderful spa in nature. A perfect time to visit here is in the morning with a pleasant climate.

14Isolate from the crowd to “Ko Cham.”

Isolate from the crowd to Ko Cham

“Ko Cham” or “Ko Jam,” an island in Krabi under the administration of Ko Si Bo Ya sub-district, Khlong Nue district. This quiet destination consists of 3 villages from the north through the south, namely Ban Ko Pu, Ban Ting Rai, and Ban Ko Cham that each one is not too far from each other. Most of the beaches are in the west of the island, the extended coastline from the north features the beautiful seaside beaches, which are Lu Bo Beach (Ban Ko Pu), Ting Rai Beach (Ban Ting Rai), and Ko Cham Beach (Ban Ko Cham), and the most popular one is Ting Rai Beach. The island features quiet, serene, and rustic natural atmosphere, which is an ideal hideaway destination for one who wants to isolate from the hustle and bustle.


A must things to do in Krabi that you should find time to do during the trip in Krabi is “kayaking.” Just so you know, there’s a lot of fantastic kayaking spots that recognized the world ranking in Krabi!! The tranquil circumstance and splendid natural beauty, partially along both sides of Tha Lane Bay that rich in limestone mountains and abundant mangrove forest that you will meet diverse species of the mangrove living – monkey, fish, crab, bat, and so on will make the 2-hour trip will be an awe-inspiring moment.  

Well, those we mentioned above are just some sample of the things to in Krabi; actually, this famous province of Thailand is a lot more for you to explore and do. So, how about you? What will you plan for your next vacation in Krabi?


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