14 Best Beaches in Krabi

Best Beaches in Krabi

Best Beaches in Krabi, where your sea journey begins

The expanded coastline and the soft powdery sand in every beach make Krabi is one of the world’s top destination for numerous travelers around the world to spend in the holidays. Named “the Emerald of the Andaman Sea” is not to exaggerate the southern province of Thailand acknowledging in the beauty and quality of the beach in the commonplace. Unsurprisingly, it’s quite difficult for the tourist to choose which beach you should put in your schedule, especially when time is your limit. To make it easier, here we brought you “The Best Beaches in Krabi” that would help you to make your decision. 

1Railay Beach

Railay beach in Krabi Thailand

One of the best beaches in Krabi and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world that many travelers would love to visit for once in life. Railay Beach sited on the west coast of Thailand has welcomed thousands of visitors yearly. The location is distinctive as the resort destination and world-ranking cliff climbing spot, the lovely white sand beach, transparent turquoise water, serene atmosphere is so perfect for those who want to recharge from the fatigue. 

Actually, Railay Beach is partial to Ao Nang Beach, the site is stunningly beautiful with the towering limestone mountains to environ the pool in the middle and splendid viewpoint. The beach is magnificent with the sand beaches on both sides of the venue; the West Railay and the East Railay. Those features the soft-touch powdery sand, glass-like seawater that lures lots of sea goers to visit, also the cliff climbers come to the Railay Beach entertaining with challenging rocks.

Apart from that, Railay Beach is another fabulous place to watch the sunset in Krabi, the reflection of twilight on stones to the beautiful coastline is as if heaven on the earth, indeed. Additionally, you can access to a famous Tham Phra Nang Beach from here, as well. Just so you know, you shall not to skip to pay respect to the worshipful shrine at the cave that it believes among the locals will bring you luck. And for those who want to come to Railay Beach is so convenient by the boat from Ao Nam Mao Pier at Ao Nang Beach.

2Tham Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Cave in twilight, Phi Phi Krabi Thailand

Also, well-known “Phra Nang Beach” another top ranking of the most magnificent beach in Thailand voted by the travelers worldwide. Undeniably, Tham Phra Nang Beach is somewhere you can’t miss from the program although the venue tends to be fuss during the day you do not want to miss a chance to witness the impressive scene of the sundown here. The tranquil ambiance after the crowd dismissing from the site and leave you with peace, if only you can hold the sound of your breath you might hear the voice of the sun is moving down at the horizon. 

3Ao Maya

clear water in Maya bay Phi Phi Leh island, Thailand

Or Maya Bay, a marvelous beach nestled in the Phi Phi Le Island well-known among the world travelers as the hidden paradise beach from the Box Office film “The Beach“. The crescent bay features the fantastic emerald clear water, and the delicate powdery sand beach calls for the visitors to experience this remarkable secret gem of the Andaman Sea and considered as one of the best beaches in Krabi.

4Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang beach in Krabi

So-called the gate to Krabi’s sea, Ao Nang is renowned the must-to-go place in Krabi, indeed. About 17 km from the town or 28 km distant from Krabi International Airport, the site is a transportation hub to reach other sea attractions with the numbers of tour packages and one-day trip program. Most of the trip will bring you to the favorite islands and beaches, such as Gai Island, Poda Island, Thap Island, the Separated Sea, Hong Island, Phi Phi Islands, Ao Maya, Railay Beach, Tham Phra Nang Beach, Nopprat Thara Beach, and more.

Since it’s a significant spot for the tourist to get the boat to other tourist attractions within the region resulting in many hotels in various rate from hundreds to more than thousands per night are here to serve the travelers.

5Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Thara Beach in Krabi

A beautiful beach is not too far from Ao Nang divided by the stone cliff is a transportation center to many islands in Krabi sea. Formerly, it called by the villagers “Had Khlong Haeng” (means drought canal) because when the low tide, water that regularly flows from the north will dry out and turns to the stretched white sand coast into the sea and reach to Khao Pak Khlong Mountain. The soft sandy beach blended with the particle of shell and the area is pleasant and shady with the She-oak trees throughout the beach, looking ahead into the sea is terrific seascape and stunning ridges allowing you to access by walk when the tide is low. Ideal location to relax and get some sweet breath, also Nopparat Thara Beach is one of the most expansive habitats for the dog conch, as well.

6Tup Kaek Beach

Another hideaway best beaches in Krabi for one who looks for someplace with pure natural beauty to pamper your body and mind. Tup Kaek Beach is the real secret of the Andaman Sea that you would fall for at first glance. The name of the place derived from once used to be the residence of Thai-Muslim that they called locally “Tup” means “home.” Away from the crowds is the most fantastic venue to witness the last light of the day, thank for the location hidden from the hustle and bustle features the breathtaking vista of the Andaman Sea and all significant 13 islands well arranged at the front beach. And Khao Hang Nak (the Naga’s Tail Mount) is perfect backdrop by nature with the abundant landscape.

7Ton Sai Beach

A lovely bay connected to the West Railay Beach by the walks along the ridgeline during the low tide. The site is another wish-list spot for the cliff climbers, in particular, the able ones with more exciting and ambitious rock mountains.

8Klong Toab Beach

Klong Toab Beach in Krabi

Not less in the charm and details to explore, although Klong Toab is just a little beach in Krabi. The place is a dock for the local fishermen to rest the long-tail boat, as well as the food hub for the villagers with abundant sea shell and crab that can find along the ridge. Klong Toab Beach is outstanding with the rustic style cottage simply constructed by the villagers to service the tourists, the distinctive sea view, and traditional shops with a friendly atmosphere. 

9Klong Dao Beach

A prime area on Lanta Island offers the 3-km distant white sandy beach with the vibrant ambiance for anyone who wants to visit the energetic beach to cheer you up. Easy to access and plenty of nice restaurants and convenient shops to service the visitors. The beach seems a bit crowded, but the place is no compromise in the beauty with the lovely beach and clear water, plus many styles of accommodation for you to stay, such as the chic modern resort “Costa Lanta,” attracts the guest with the rustic masonry building and trendy decoration.

10Phra Ae Beach

One of the crucial spots on Lanta Island and one best beaches in Krabi which is predominant with the brick shade sand beach. It’s ok for a swim but be careful of the rocks, and some parts are deep water. Quiet from the crowds resulted in the location is the right destination for one who yearns for the peaceful and relaxing area where you can please with the sound of She-oak and coconut leaves are dancing with the wind.

11Kaw Kwang Beach

The northernmost coast of the Lanta Island that is limited for accommodations, nonetheless the real advantage of the beach here is when the tide is low that it allows you to walk along the beach lines distantly for kilometers! Plus, you may spot the numbers of crab which will present to the visitors only at the specific time.

12Klong Nin Beach

Another should not miss going on Lanta Island is Klong Nin Beach, which naturally peaceful area with transparent seawater. Anyone tired from the business and plan to find somewhere to rejuvenate your mind and body, lingeringly lie down to hear the waves or taking deep breathe and enjoy the lush forest environment would be nice, isn’t it? Klong Nin Beach features a kilometer-long beautiful seaside and tranquil atmosphere, the abundant wood contrasts to the bright blue sky.

13Laem Tanot (Tanot Cape)

Or Tanot Cape is in Lanta Island within the area of Lanta Islands National Park. The cape is at the end of the island with a pleasant and peaceful environment. Less of the crowd since it needs some effort to reach the location by laterite route and allowed to access by 4-wheel drive vehicle only. The essential beauty of nature, crystal-clear water and windy partially at the scenic point at a lighthouse would be another hidden spot for you to chillax unless the lonely path of the journey back when the sundown maybe not secure enough for the stranger.

14The beach at Ngai island, a connected line of Krabi – Trang

The smallest island of Krabi that does not give in charm with refreshing clear water and lots of lovely resorts line all through the beach. The serene seaside is favorite among the tourists, which is mostly European who come here for long holidays, although it’s limited infrastructure to stay conveniently. The accommodation here is ranged between THB2,000 and THB7,000 anight depend on location and type.

Furthermore, “Had Ling” (the Monkey Beach), a famous attraction of Phi Phi Island presents the soft white sand beach and pleasingly sea, also home of the Macaca irus who welcomes the guest as well as the guard of the island. If you want to make friend with the monkey here, you just carry some food it would come to you cordially. “Khlong Khon Beach,” an only beach on Lanta Yai Island that the beach is sand mixed in bits and pieces of corals, another tranquil spot if you prefer the peaceful beach and paradise for the backpackers. The best period for a swim is when the tide is high, while the low tide the beach reveals a vast amount of sediment that is a perfect time for the villagers to gather seashell. The best opportunity for the outsiders to witness the simple way of living here, closely.

So, what do you think? We much hope you would please to the information that we mentioned above. Well, now it’s your turn to sit down and make your wish-list to go beaches in Krabi. Anyhow, the province is further than the seascape site since it’s fruitful enough with the tourist attraction that you have never imagined. Let’s pack your swimming suit and enjoy the beach!


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