Railay Beach

Railay beach in Krabi Thailand

Railay Beach, the Paradise of the Cliff Climbing

Railay Beach or also spelt Rai Leh, a heart-taking peninsula situates within the Nopparatthara-Phi Phi Islands National Marine Park in Krabi. This is one of the famous beaches in the Andaman Sea with about 10-15 minutes away by boat from Ao Nang. The Railay Beach divided into 2 parts which are the East Railay Bay and the West Railay Bay with its unique characteristic for each one. The famous location has lured many travelers over the world to experience the distinctive place. The peninsula that isolated from the world outside is environed with the towering limestone cliffs and is accessible by the boat only. And besides its beautiful beach and pleasant atmosphere, the site is also one of the dream destinations for the rock climbers from all around the world.

About the Beach

Railay Beach locates at between the Krabi town and Ao Nang features the striking appearance with the soft white sand beach next to the limestone mountain. The location is well-known among the rock climbers with its challenging cliffs to strike. The beach separated by the towering cliffs to be the East Railay Beach (Nam Mao Beach) and the West Railay Beach. The West beach is more famous for the tourists with its lovely sandy beach, crystal-clear water and it is another nice place to watch the sunset, as well. On the one side, the East Railay is a favourite spot for the rock climbing including to the Ton Sai Bay and Phra Nang Cave Bay that are neighboured in the same area.

“The West Railay Beach”

The Beautiful white sand in the West side

It is a beautiful curvy bay with its eggshell radiant sand beach and turquoise clear water (the water is more transparent than Ao Nang Beach that is not far from here). The high limestone cliffs are the barrier for the beach in the north and the south which isolate the area from the land transport. Consequently, the beach is tranquil and very peaceful that is perfect to chillax on the beach including to swim and sunbathe.

Besides its lovely beach and clear water, this beach is also another fantastic location to watch the sunset. The spectacular scene of the twilight with the reflection of the sun on the water with the rows of the coconut trees line along the beach and the fishing boat anchor next to the coast is such a heavenly picture to memorize. Unfortunately, this beautiful scenery is reserved for the tourists who stay the night at the resorts at the West Railay, the East Railay, and Phra Nang Cave Beaches only. The last trip of the long-tail boat services between the West Railay Beach and Ao Nang departs from Railay around 5.30-6.00pm, If you do not book the accommodation, so you will miss the boat to go back to Ao Nang. The accommodations at Railay Beach range from the rustic bungalows to the collections of luxury resorts.

“The East Railay Beach”

A part of West side suit for rock climbing

This part of the beach is the mangrove forest and muddy coast which is not suitable for the beach activities. However, this is a place for the adventure fanatics since there are many challenging cliffs climbing spots. And don’t worry for anyone who is not skilled in climbing since there are numbers of the rock climbing school that provide the international courses. And to dock at this part of the beach is more convenient since it has a dock. And there are plenty of recreation facilities for the tourists to enjoy in the evening i.e. restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc.

Paradise of the Rock Climbing

Adventure man traveler climbing on limestone cliff in Krabi

The tourists all around the world specifically the rock climbers recognized Railay Beach as one of the challenging spots for the rock climbing with its striking character of the location nestles among the peaceful atmosphere and the fantastic viewpoint that is mainly for one who reaches the destination.

The cliff climbing at Railay Beach opens all year round; nonetheless every year in April there is the annual event of the cliff rising here. The competition divided into 3 categories which are Speed Climbing, Lead Climbing Marathon, and Deep-Water Soloing. The cliff climbers from around the world would like to touch the moment at the Railay Beach Challenge for once in their lives. Furthermore, the romantic ambience of the place from both day and night time is something that hard to resist.

And for the amateur, the beach features a variety of the cliffs for you to practice with more than 600 climbing spots ranges from the beginners to the professionals. Any tourist who interesting to the rock climbing activity at Railay Beach, please contact;

Railey Rock Climbing Club: +89294 0686, +81797 2517 or

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Krabi branch: +75622 163, +75612 811-2

Other interesting things to do at Railay Beach

Long tail boats on tropical beach

Apart from the rock climbing, the visitors should not miss to entertain with the long-tail boat touring to sightsee many neighborhood islands around the Railay Bach i.e. Koh Kai, Koh Thab, Koh Poda, the Separated Sea, etc. And even though the beach is occupied with the numbers of accommodations but there is a small fishermen village that still maintains its tradition and lifestyle which is very charming for the place, indeed.

The Tourist Season of the Railay Beach

Aerial view of the beach and coastline

The location welcomes for the tourists throughout the year.

How to Go to the Railay Beach

  • From Ao Nang, the tourists can go the Railay Beach by long-tail boat service which takes about 15 minutes. The price is THB80 per person / trip. This is the most favorite option to travel to Railay Beach because it takes short time. And for the tourist who travels from Krabi town can gets the bus or pick-up truck services to Ao Nang and then transits to the long-tail boat to Railay Beach. The duration time from the town to Ao Nang is approximately 20 minutes.
  • From Krabi town to Chao Fah Pier by the long-tail boat service takes about 45 minutes of the trip. The price is THB100 per person/ trip. Even though it takes quite much time but it is very convenient for one who travels from the city of Krabi. However, this option is not recommended during the rainy season.
  • Traveling from Ao Nam Mao which is adjacent Susan Hoi (Fossil Shell Beach Cemetery) can go by the long-tail boat service to reach the East Railay Beach. This option is a good idea for the tourist who travels to the Railay Beach during the rainy season.


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