Klong Thom Hot Spring Waterfall

Klong Thom Hot Spring Waterfall in Krabi

Krabi, one of the top destinations in Thailand for many travelers, both local and abroad. Apart from its reputation of the extreme beauty of the emerald sea and charismatic islands, there are many more hidden gems for the tourists to discover. And one of the appealing natural attractions in Krabi that we would like to unveil is one of the Unseen Thailand that is “Klong Thom Hot Spring or Hot Waterfall” in Krabi.

Klong Thom Hot Spring is another Unseen Thailand Destinations in Krabi. The fall locates at Klong Thom district and is not too far from the famous Emerald Pond. The stream flows over the mountain and drops to the pond being a natural bathtub that hides in the middle of the woods. But it is not like any other waterfall in general since it is a hot waterfall which carries the mineral content from the mountain. So, it is a natural minerals pond that lures many tourists to experience both for recreation and health purpose. And thanks for the convenience to access the area with full facilities resulting the Hot Waterfall is another recreation spot for everyone. 

About the Hot Waterfall

natural minerals pond in Hot waterfall

Klong Thom Hot Spring is originated from a hot spring that naturally emerges from the geothermally heated groundwater rises from the ground. The water is descending over the steps of the mountain and pouring down into the basin. It contains many minerals in particular sulfur that help in relaxing and heal any sickness related to rheumatism, back pain, and dermatitis. And it has the proper temperature that is suitable for bathing.   

The location is so-called a natural rehabilitation destination for anyone who fancies someplace to relax and recover both physical health and mind. The cascade is surrounded by pleasant atmosphere and verdant trees that enhance the place to be a real paradise to escape from any bustle. The hot minerals water of the fall is abundant in the property to rejuvenate the physical health. Therefore, the place is an excellent natural spa that is a must-not-miss destination for one who loves the well-being. The hot waterfall being packed with a lot of tourists on the weekends and holidays. So, for anyone who would like to enjoy the place more peacefully shall come to the area during the weekdays.    

Sightsee at the Klong Thom Hot Spring

People enjoy Klong Thom Hot Spring Waterfall in Krabi

Once you arrive at the Klong Thom Hot Spring, there is a well-constructed walkway that lining into the rich and verdant Low plains forest. The site is the only low plains forest that currently exists in Thailand. The path to the waterfall is about 400 meters by foot from the parking, and there is a nature trail along the way. Moreover, the tourist may spot some weird stones under the water, too. A small cascade is 5 meters in its height and 10 meters in its width. The waterfall is 3 steps, and each tier is distinctive from its appearance that is similar to the pool caused by stacking up of the limestone in hot water. There are 4 -5 basins in each tier that deep about 1 – 1.5 meters.

The hot water emerges from the geothermally heated groundwater with mineral contents that rise from the earth’s crack and then descending over the steps of the fall and end at Klong Thom. The water contains the solution of Sulphur and proper temperature that suitable to soak in. There is steam rising over some parts of the hot stream, but the water is not too hot. So, the visitors can enjoy the bath of the flow. And it is precaution since the rock is slope and slippery, although the cascade is not high. The Klong Thom Hot Spring is one of the favorite attraction especially for well-being lovers to explore. And mostly the visitors will take a trip here together with a renowned Emerald Pond that is not far from this place.      

How long to stay in hot spring

Besides the hot waterfall at Klong Thom Hot Spring, there are the constructed pools to store the hot spring that arranged to welcome any visitors to enjoy the bathing. This natural spa provides the visitors with relaxing their body and mind in the 40-50 degrees Celsius of temperature rounded by the lovely environment of the shady trees and fresh air. Notwithstanding, the recommendation for the tourist is should not soak in the hot spring more than 20 minutes since the more extended period may cause any fatigue and dehydration to the body. For the visitors who would like to play in the waterfall or soak in the hot spring should bring some clean clothes for changing. The location provides changing rooms and bathrooms for the visitors.

Currently, Klong Thom Hot Spring becomes popular among the tourists both Thai and foreigners that take the chance to visit the place continually. So, it is not too complicated to pin this place as your wish-list destination the next trip in Thailand, isn’t it?

How to Get to Klong Thom Hot Spring Waterfall

The Klong Thom Hot Spring settles in Klong Thom district between Ban Bang Kram and Ban Bang Tiew village in Krabi. The tourist can drive by car from the city town on the Petchkasem Road route Krabi – Trang with 45 km in the distance. Then, arriving at Klong Thom takes the left turn to the highway number 4038. And turns right to Sukhaphiban 2 Road and drives more 12 km later arriving at the destination. Signages are leading to the location intermittently to the entrance of the waterfall.

Information for the Visitors

The site opens daily between 8.30am – 6.00pm and the admission fee is;

  • Thai:  Adults = THB20 / Children = THB10 and
  • Foreigners: Adults = THB200 / Children = THB100   

The period to travel to the site is all through the year. The highlight of the place is the hot stream with 42 degrees Celsius approximate emerged by the geothermal groundwater that bursts from the ground crack, contains a lot of mineral contents particular is sulfur. Klong Thom Hot Spring features the visitors with the attractive activities which are soaking in the hot spring, playing in the hot waterfall, and nature trail. 


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