Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Taking an adventure at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

This would be another new location for the traveler who comes to visit Pattaya, assuredly, your adrenaline will reach to the max. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, a remarkable waterpark in Thailand that imitated the Amazon Jungle environment with lots of world’s famous cartoon characters, such as Ben Ten, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and so on from the hit global TV channel, Cartoon Network. So, that is to say, this waterpark is a must-visit in the famous tourist city, especially the family group, indeed.

Background of Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Background of Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is so-called the first waterpark in the world under the theme of Cartoon Network. The venue sited on Na Chom Thien sub-district, Sattahip in Chonburi Province that is just only 15 km from the city of Pattaya. Within the area of this fantastic waterpark designed with the tie-in of mysterious rain forest “Amazon Forest” ambiance. The site consists of numerous plaything and variety of entertainment – slider, sea simulator, rafting, flow rider, for instance. Also, the show and parade of the famous cartoon characters of the Cartoon Network, i.e., Ben Ten, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, and the Wonderful World of Gumball, for example.

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark operates under the administration of Amazon Falls Company Limited. The project started development in 2012 over the piece of land on the roadside of the Sukhumvit Road in Na Chom Thien sub-district adjacent to Bang Saray Beach in Chonburi province. Initially, the waterpark planned to open officially in the fourth quarter of 2013; however, it had to postpone the schedule resulted from the delay of construction. Then, Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark launched its soft opening in August 2014 serviced exclusively for the customer who purchases the annual pass, and the grand opening took place on 3 October 2014, respectively. 

What to do at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark allocated the site into 6 zones, which are the zone with sliders are 3 areas, including Omnitrix, Adventure Zone, and Cartoonival Zone. There are up to 18 styles of the slider. The other zones are Mega Wave, Riptide Rapids, and Surf Arena, etc.

The Omnitrix

The highlight of the waterpark with the most massive slider of the location. The slider design inspired by the watch of the famous cartoon character, “Ben Ten” to be the long distant and exciting slider beyond other attractions in this waterpark.


A striking slider which designed followed to the mighty Ultimate Humungousaur where the player will be fun with the vertical upward slider. It allows for the two players having a seat on the ring and take the journey along the adventurous way to the end with soaring to the cuddle of Humungousaur from the 8-meter of height with about 51 kilometers per hour speed.  

Intergalactic Racers

A four-lane slider which inspired by “Bloxx,” one of the Ben Ten’s aliens. The player has to lie on the stomach over the board and slides down following the deep vertical and curvy path, just like you take the journey out of space.

Goop Loop

The player has to get inside the Ben Ten Slime’s capsule and dives downward from the 12-meter of height with the maximum speed before making a round of the 360-degree and end your journey on the ground. Just so you know, Goop Loop considered the most thrilling plaything ranked among the toy in the waterparks in the year 2015.


Challenges you with up to 18 meters high of a slider which simulated the speed of Ben Ten’s alien “XLR8” whose rate is equal to the speed of light. The XLR8-TOR accepted as the highest and steepest slider in Asia.

Adventure Zone

An area designed under the theme of cartoons “Adventure Time” and “Johnny Bravo.” It consists of sliders, including

Jake Jump

A gigantic yellow slider belongs to Jake, a main character of the Adventure Time. It allows the 2 passengers to occupy inside the ring and slide along with the high and steep slider. The fast speed of the slider drives the players uprising to reach Jake’s face part at the opposite side before throwing down to the pool underneath.

Banana Spin

The 2 players are getting in the ring and passage along with the slider connected to a substantial green swimming pool of Johnny Bravo. Then, the current will take you to whirl around the pool and will be sucked into the tube, which leads the players to the exit.

Cartoonival Zone

The paradise for the kids with more than 150 of the playthings to have fun, including tunnel, slider, fountain, and games. The kids will enjoy at Cartoonival all daytime where they can take the journey to explore lots of their favorite cartoon characters, Dexters Lab, Gumball, Ben Ten, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and so on.

More than that, this interactive swimming pool features various size of the length and height and 9 styles of slider created to provide the most exciting moment of fun for everyone in the family. Plus, it is accessible to other areas, such as the giant water tank in Four Arms and Omnitrix, where you can get a massive splash, too.

Anyhow, this zone is preserved for the kids. Specifically, during the special occasion and public holidays, for example, Songkran Festival, this zone turns out to be the exclusive zone to play the water all through the holidays, as well.

Mega Wave

The man-made sea with the enormous waves, plus the swimming ring for the visitors to entertain surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and sunshine. More than that, the shows on stage and lively beats by the DJs all day long. Furthermore, around the area of the sea is ‘cabana’ for you to relax and the sunbathing space that the visitors can chillax after enjoying the playthings here.

Riptide Rapids

Enjoying the sailing along the ‘Lazy River’ with up to 3,650 feet long environed by the numbers of cartoon heroes of the Cartoon Network that you are familiar and the diversity of flower and palm trees. The so-called roundabout watercourse in the deep jungle of Amazon, which will lead you the enjoyable experience and unexpected playthings during your adventurous journey by the river. One good thing is you with your swimming ring can jump in anywhere of this waterway and have a good time, then.

Surf Arena

Just like paradise for the extreme sports lovers where you will explore the ultimate challenging experience with the surfing. The “Flowrider” team as the trainer for the visitors who will give you a technique also introducing the new posture for the amateur. The hits music by the in-house DJs is playing to build up the atmosphere during your challenging moment to seize the striking giant wave with up to 35 mph and 30,000 gallons per minute of the water mass. Alternatively, you can enjoy the “Flowrider,” a plaything that can support 2 surfers at the same time.

The Shows

Apart from numerous playthings at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, the variety of the shows here is a must-not-miss for the visitors to witness, as well. Whether the show by lots of famous cartoon characters of the Cartoon Network, such as Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max that will conquer the ruthless and cunning hunter “Khyber” in the show called “Ben Ten Lived”, the mission to save the world of “Blossom Bubble Girls, and Buttercup in the Powerpuff Girls Show.

Moreover, the adventure of Jake and Fin and Princess Bubble Gum, Iced King and Marceline in the Adventure Time Lived, as well as the joyful goldfish buddy “Gumball and Darwin,” and the most handsome man alive “Johnny Bravo.” So, other shows that would be entertained for the visitors, i.e., DJ Show, B-Boy, and K-Pop Boy Band and Girl Group.


Do not worry if you are hungry, at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark features “Foodville,” an international food village serving you the broad array of delicious food that all inspired by the traditional Thai dish and great local food worldwide. Besides, the select show presented by the Cartoon Network to entertain while you are enjoying your meal, too.

And Foodville also serves as the venue to organize all kinds of events, such as birthday party, company party, and seminar outing. Well, within the area of the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark are many restaurants and food vendors to serve the tourist, including

  • Johnny’s Restaurant: serves a variety of fast food and snack, i.e., smoothies, slushies, fish & chips, popcorn, salad, sandwiches, and crisp. 
  • Burger Johnny: serves a various delicious menu of burger – chicken, beef, and fish.
  • Gumball Chinese Restaurant: the dining room offers the tasty Chinese dishes of both vegetarian and meat lovers.
  • Wings Kingdom: tasty and spicy chicken and kinds of seafood.
  • Mordecai Grill BBQ: serves all about grilled menus.
  • Marceline Pizza: Special menu of the pizza or creation menu that you can pick your ingredient – dough, sauce, and toppings – meats, veggies, and spices.
  • Powerpuff Girl Asia Delight: serves the delicious local Thai food, such as Som Tum, Grilled chicken, curries, and more.
  • Dexter’s Iced Lap: a broad selection of ice-cream – vanilla, Nutella, chocolate, mango, and strawberries, for example, served with coned waffle, Sunday, or warm waffle.
  • Dee Dee’s Café: a place for the sweet tooth serves tea, coffee, and many delicious sweet and dessert, including cakes, cookies, crape, and fruits.


The very first rooftop restaurant under the Cartoon Network theme in the world. The dining room offers the freshly cooked menus by the excellent chef at your sight with the cooking station called “Molteni Stove” designed by the expert of Electrolux with the exceptional design exclusive for Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark and produced in the factory in France. Within the restaurant furnished the ambiance with the figures of Cartoon Network’s characters from Wonderful World of Gumball, Chowder, Adventure Time, Ben Ten, and The Powerpuff Girls. The Toonalicious scheduled its opening in the first quarter of the year 2016.

Additionally, there’s a gift and souvenirs shop within Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark called “Cartoon Network Amazone Store” provides many attractive items and merchandises under the brand Cartoon Network, such as Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Wonderful World of Gumball, Johnny Bravo, and so on. The products including clothes and apparels, swimming suits, doll and toy, and gifts, also the particular items with Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark license, too.

Tourist Information

Tourist Information Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Operating Time

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark opens Monday – Saturday between 9.00am and 6.00pm.

Admission Fee

The ticket is various types by the following detail;

Daily Ticket:

Thai: Adults is THB1,290 and Children and Seniority (aged over 65 years) is THB890.

Foreigners: Adults is THB1,590 and Children and Seniority is THB1,190.

Annual Ticket:

The annual price starts at THB6,000 depends on the type of ticket.

Traveling to Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Traveling to Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

From Bangkok, drives along the Sukhumvit Road and passes Chonburi and Pattaya Town. And when you enter the area of Ban Amphor the way to Wat Yannasangwararam to Bang Saray sub-district, you will spot the gangway of Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark that is oblique to Suan Nong Nuch Pattaya.

And for one who travels by public transport, the bus departs from Ekamai Bus Terminal (Bangkok – Sattahip) that you can get off at the destination (we recommend you to inform the bus driver in prior when you get on the bus). And in case you travel from Pattaya Town, you can get the picked-up truck service or taxi to the destination. Otherwise, you can hire the vehicle at the hotel you stay is convenient, as well.


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