Khun Pong waterfall

Khun Pong Waterfall at Loei Thailand

The closed forest locating in the north of Phu Kradueng National Park is not only a reserved forest area. It is also the house for many little springs that running through the forest and caused to various of beautiful waterfalls. Furthermore, this is a location of Acer calcaratum Gagnep that stand on along the blink of the water. In particular, in the cold season, the maple leaves will turn to mahogany and fall to cover the area, creating a picturesque panorama of the site that will impress for any visitors.

And the most charismatic spot to witness the maple in Phu Kradueng is where in front of a waterfall called Khun Pong that nestles in the forbidden area of the National Park. Thus, any visitor would like to visit the waterfall must contact the national park to get permission appropriately.

About the Waterfall

Khun Pong Waterfall” is classified as one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfall in Thailand. The fall is settled inside the closed forest part of the Phu Kradueng National Park, Loei. It is a large size waterfall with more than 60 meters in height and divided into 4 levels. The fall is created by the merging of the streams which are Phra Ong stream, origin from the Anodad Pool, and Tham Sor stream. The merging stream runs curvy through stones and flies down to the lower pond, creating a fine of mist defuse all around the area.

What to see at Khun Pong waterfall

May – September

During the water season in May – September, the waterfall features the visitors with full water in the pond and the strong spray from the swift water. The pure beauty of the landscape lures many people to come and touch the feeling of relaxing and pleasant atmosphere surrounded by verdant and shady trees.

November – June

However, during the draught season in November – June in each year, there is a few of water in the pond. And the maple trees that locate in the area of the waterfall turning from green to mahogany. And the leaves falling to the ground making a significant scene of the place. So-called a highlight of the spot, maple leaves cover around the waterfall ground is a pure fantasy of this journey. The period of the changing color of maple is in December specifically in late of December that mostly leaves turn to mahogany. Nonetheless, the beauty of the maple is last just a few days. So, before making the trip, call to check with the park ranger is recommended.

maple leaves of Khun Pong waterfall-Loei Thailand

Besides, there is an appealing activity for the visitor in the early of cold season (around November) that is a nature trail. The path that is quite dry enough to walk leads up to Khun Pong waterfall, whereas there is still the running water in the creek. And there are numerous of Guam Daeng Tree (Acer calcaratum Gagnep) start to shred the leaves and fall to the ground, rocks, and stream, making a fascinating picture of nature.

A recommendation for the tourists who would like to make a trip to the national park included the waterfall should avoid the busy period during 5-10 of December and New Year break since there are thousands of people over there.

The forbidden area of Khun Pong waterfall

A heath-taking scene of a massive waterfall which is decorated with a vast number of bright red maple leaves is so-called a trademark picture for the tourist who comes to visit the Phu Kradaeng National Park. Although the road to reach the destination is tough, but all travellers who wish to be one of the Conqueror of Phu Kradueng are pleased to overcome all obstacles. They know that it is worthwhile to witness the beauty of Khun Pong waterfall, the most beautiful waterfall of the famous destination for many tourists.

And if you have spare time, the closed forest hides some other beauty inside the restricted area. This location is prohibited for any tourists to enter freely. The visitors can access the area by leading from the national park staff only. The place is a dense and abundant forest with a diversity of ecological wildlife.

The most popular route for the visitors to see Khun Pong waterfall is starting from the tourist centre with the trip duration about 2 hours. Apart from that, along the way to spot the Khun Pong fall, there are several attractive waterfalls which are Pha Nam Pha Waterfall and Than Rattana Waterfall, that is the ideal journey for any wanderers.

Recommendation for the visitors

Khun Pong Waterfall-Loei

Best time to visit: in the morning between 8.00 – 10.00 AM.

Best Season to visit: December

Best viewpoint: around the area of Khun Pong Waterfall, Tham Yai Waterfall, and Pha Nam Pha Waterfall.

How to Get To Khun Pong waterfall

By Car:

To travel to Khun Pong Waterfall in Phu Kradueng National Park:

From Bangkok uses the highway number 1 passes the town of Saraburi. Then, turn right to enter to the highway number 21 passes Lopburi, Petchaboon, when departs from Ban Tham Phra about 10 km, there is an intersection. Then, turns right to enter to the road number 12 to Lom Sak district, Petchaboon. And once passing Don San district, there is a junction and makes a left turn to enter the highway number 201 to Loei province. Later, get to the left fork to the highway number 2019, and at the 276th km, you will arrive at the National Park office.   

From the city town of Loei, uses the highway number 201 (Loei – Phu Kradueng) and drives around 75 km. Then, turn left to enter the road number 2019, and about 8 km will arrive at the National Park office.

By Plane:

From Don Muaeng International Airport, there are 2 flight operators provides the flights to Loei which are Thai Air Asia and Nok Air. And from Loei Airport, gets a drive to Pha Nok, where is a starting point before the lead up to Phu Kradueng. The services are;

(1) By Taxi: hiring the taxi service from the airport. And the service is charged with THB900 estimate.

(2) Takes a minibus to the Transport Company Limited Terminal and gets on the bus route Loei – Khin Kaen. Then gets off at Pha Nok. The fee is THB 55.

And there is a private bus operator called Thai Loei Farm to serve the tourist from the city town as well. (call  

 (+66)8-9276-0950, (+66)9-7320-6963). And the drop in – off location at the National Park is at the Tourist Center.

Facilities at the National Park

Phu Kradueng National Park offers the accommodation for the tourists in the row house and tent style. There are 2 row-houses and 300 camping tents. However, the visitor is allowed to bring in the personal shelter but have to locate in the specific area.


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