10 Best Islands in Thailand

10 Best Islands in Thailand

Thailand is the country that rich in its natural resources for tourism that there are many remarkable places are famous among the tourists both domestic and abroad. In particular, the seas and islands in Thailand that are second to none of the beauty and productive sandy beaches, clear water, and under the sea animals. Here are top 10 of the best islands in Thailand that any tourist who plans to take a journey to the land of the smile would not miss.

10Hong Island, Krabi (the Andaman Sea)

Koh Hong in Krabi, Thailand

The island with the emerald sea water, Hong Island situates in Thanbok Khorani National Park which is another tourist attraction in Krabi province. The island that also called ‘Lao Pileh Island’ is a lovely place environed with the turquoise sea and plenty of coralline algae and corals that are not too far from the beach. The best spot to visit is Pileh Bay a flying bird shaped bay with the clear emerald water that allows the visitors to see the shoals of sea fish swim all around. The recommended activities to do at this paradise island are kayaking and snorkeling that ranked as Top Ten of the hideaway destinations of the world. 

9Lanta Island, Krabi (the Andaman Sea)

Lighthouse and National Park of Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

A 472 sq.km space island nestles in Krabi consists of Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi; however, the favourite spot for tourists is Lanta Yai. On the other hand, Lanta Noi is a location of Lanta district office. The residents on the island blend of various races and religious – Thai, Chinese-Thai, and Chao Leh who praise Buddhism and Muslim. Due to Lanta Island is distant from the mainland; therefore the island still maintains its pure nature. 

The strong point of the island is the 13 beaches that lining continually including the white sandy and rocky beaches. There is also Lanta Island National Park situated in the area where is a verdant rainforest with the red stone or the soft coral that shines in red when reflecting the sunlight. Moreover, there are the sea anemone and coralline algae. The attractive spots such as Tanote Cape of which space reaches into the sea in the east of the island featuring the powdery white sand beach.

On the one hand, the beach in the west is the rock that filled with various shapes and sizes of the stones lining all along the shore. Moreover, it is a place that the island hallmark ‘the White Lighthouse’ situated. The view from the top of the lighthouse presents a lovely picture of the numerous of palm trees.  

8Tao Island, Surat Thani (the Gulf of Thailand)

John Suwan view point at Koh Tao in Suratthani

Tao Island locates at Surat Thani in the Gulf of Thailand. The bean-shaped island is 21 sq.km in its capacity. The name of the island comes from the island, in the past was the location for the sea turtles to lay their eggs (Tao means Turtle in Thai). Tao Island is another tourist destination among the travellers worldwide led to it called as ‘the Paradise in the Gulf of Thailand’.

The prominent feature of the island is the stunning and productive coral reefs for snorkelling and scuba diving including to a variety of sea animals. The place, currently, is so-called the centre of the diving with full facilities including the diving schools. Furthermore, the beaches here are lovely and sweet to enjoy. Other attractions on the island that are favourite for the tourists such as Pagarang Beach, Chalok Ban Gao Bay, and Nang Yuan Viewpoint on Nang Yuan Island, etc.

7Samet Island, Rayong (the Gulf of Thailand)

Koh Samet Island in Rayong Thailand

One of the famous tourist attractions that are just a few hours from Bangkok. The island features a lot of lovely sandy beaches such as Sai Kaew Beach, Wong Duen Beach, Ao Pai, Ao Prao, and Ao Noi Na. And there are various styles of the accommodation for the tourists to select from the rustic bungalow to the luxury resort. The island never sleeps with a lot of activities that the visitors can enjoy – water playing, snorkelling, sunbathing, jet skiing, banana boat, and nightlife. 

6Koh Lipe, Tarutao National Marine Park, Satun (the Andaman Sea)

Koh Lipe -Lipe Island in Satun Andaman sea, Thailand

The famous island of Andaman which has its reputation as “Maldives of Thailand”. Lipe island is the last island in the south of Thailand where is close to the territorial waters of Malaysia. The highlight of this heaven-like island is its crystal-like clear water and abundant coral reefs which is another best site for diving both snorkelling and scuba. Lipe is part of the Adang-Ravi archipelago.

The must not miss taking the trip to Lipe Isle is diving at the islands surrounding the area and checking in the viewpoint at Chado Cliff on Adang Island that is nearby Lipe. The perspective features the stunning beautiful panorama of the whole island of Lipe floating in the middle of the turquoise sea. Travelling to the Lipe island, the easiest way is getting the flight to Had Yai and gets the taxi or pick-up truck to Pak Bara Pier, Satun and gets the boat to Lipe.   

5Kood Island, Trat (the Gulf of Thailand)

Koh kood island,Trat,Thailand

The last island in the territorial waters of Trad Sea and the 2nd largest island from Chang Island in Trat province. The island is abundant in its natural resources – mountains, low hill plains which are the source of streams and waterfalls, and the lovely sandy beaches and clear water.

The must not miss thing to do at Kood Island is diving to watch the corals around the island and chillax in the pleasant atmosphere or kayaking on the new streams here. To travel to Kood Island is convenient by gets the car from Bangkok to Laem Sok Pier. From there gets the boat trip to the island with THB600 estimate for round trip. So, it is friendly price trip to the beautiful sea sand sun place that you would enjoy it.

4Tarutao Island, Satun (the Andaman Sea)

Stone arch at Khai Island, Koh Tarutao National Park

The legendary island which is former prison site in the past which renowned as “the Hell in the Andaman Sea”. However, the island, currently is a heavenly dream destination for the wanderers with its beautiful landscape, powdery white sand beach, clear emerald water, and abundant marine resources. Tarutao island is the largest island among 50 encompassed islands of the Tarutao National Marine Park Archipelago which is the first national marine park of Thailand. And the fantastic beauty of the place led it to be recognised by the UNESCO as the ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves.

3Similan islands, Pang Nga (the Andaman Sea)

Similan Islands National Park in Phang Nga Thailand

Mention to the most beautiful islands in Thailand and also in the world, we can’t skip this heaven in the south sea. “Similan Islands” the magnificent islands in Pang Nga where the water is transparent like glass and breath-taking powdery sandy beaches. Furthermore, the place is rich in its marine resources – various corals and shoals of sea fish.

The tourist who plans to visit Similan Islands we recommend to take the 3-day-2-night trip that you will be a delight with the full pack of the water activities such as diving and kayaking. And to travel to the islands, you can get the flight to Phuket and then hire the car or van to take you to Pang Nga which is very convenient.

2Racha Island, Phuket (the Andaman Sea)

Koh Racha (Raya) Island near Phuket

Becoming a popular destination recently, Racha or Raya Island is not far from the world-famous destination “Phuket”. The island divided into 2 isles which are Racha Yai Island and Racha Noi Island with about 10 km distant from each other. The island is abundant with its natural resources. The beach in between the valley called “Ao Pa Tok” locates in the west of the island features the super soft white sandy beach and crystal-clear water.

The area is popular among the tourists for sunbathing and kayaking, and there also is a viewpoint at the end of the beach providing the top view of the island. And from the west beach is a walkway leads to the rear of the island where is the location of other 2 beaches – Ao Siam and Ao Khon Kae. Both are the snorkelling points of the island that rich in its coral resources, i.e. staghorn coral, disc coral, and bush coral. The species of sea fish to be found in this area, for instance, are butterfly fish, grouper, etc.

The way of life of the people on this island does coconut and orchards farming to live their lives. Anyone who would like to take the journey to this island can get the boat from Chalong Bay or Rawai Beach in Phuket.

1Phi Phi Islands, Krabi (the Andaman Sea)

Phi Phi Island or Koh Phi Phi in Krabi Thailand

The archipelago nestles in the middle of the Andaman Sea within the area of Nopparatthara Beach – Phi Phi Islands National Marine Park. The islands consist of 2 mains islands which are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh; nevertheless, the centre of this famous islands is Phi Phi Don. The natural beauty of the archipelago made these islands to be 1# ranking of Top Ten Most Charming Islands in the World and also called as “the Emerald of the Andaman”. The islands spotlighted from the world when it was the production site of the Hollywood Box Office Film “The Beach”. And that allures many people all around the world to pin this heavenly island as one of the dream destinations to visit once in the lifetime.

The highlight of the Phi Phi Islands is its emerald-like clear water and Maya Bay which is surrounded by the limestone mountain, and it is a fascinating diving spot for both scuba and snorkelling with vibrant and stunning coral reef. The tourist attractions of the archipelago, i.e. Ton Sai Beach, Lo Da Lum Bay, Viking Cave, Pileh Bay, and Bamboo Island. Besides, there is much interesting sightseeing nearby such as Lanta Island, Hin Daeng-Muang (Red-Purple Ridge).  



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