The Royal Projects in Chiang Mai

The Royal Projects in Chiang Mai

Following the path of King Rama IX traced along the trip to the Royal Projects in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, apart from its reputation as the tourist landmark of the northern territory and of the country as a historical city that rich in culture, art, and architecture of Lanna and the lovely way of life of the dwellers here. At the land of the mountains is also the location of many “Royal Project” bases that are founded followed to the initiative of the beloved King Bhumiphol or Rama IX of Thailand. With the long perspective and vision of the king to eliminate the opium plant from the country in order to improve the life of the hill-tribe people that used to rely on opium and shifting cultivation. On the other hand, it is the effective way to preserve natural resources – forest and source of water. Consequently, Thailand is the first country that conquers the opium peacefully.

Here we will guide you to some of the work of the Royal Project Foundation at the 10 significant and notable sites of the Royal Project in Chiang Mai where the places are revived to be the golden land that offers genuine sustainable life for the local based on the “Self-reliance and Sufficient Economy Philosophy” the most precious heritage of the King Bhumiphol to the people of Thailand. Any tourists, in particular, the agritourism fan should not miss.

Royal Agricultural Station Ang Khang

Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang

The first royal project in highland under the initiative of King Bhumiphol (Rama IX). According to the king’s perspective to enhance the career for hill-tribe and residents in the are with the potential and productive agriculture instead of opium and shifting planting. The Royal Agricultural Station Ang Khang is the first research station of the Royal Project that locates in the Daen Lao Range. It is a notable research station in Thailand in winter plants especially fruits, fast-growing wildwood, vegetables, herbs, flowers, ornamental plants, and tea. Read more

Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon

The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon

Nestles in Inthanon Peak (which known locally as Doi Inthanon) the highest mountain in Thailand. The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon is a research center in winter flower with the most prominent plant is Chrysanthemum from its bright and vibrant color.  Besides, it also researches strawberry, study and collects species of fern, research of coffee, squeezable guava, and fruits – Chinese pear, persimmon, kiwi, soft seed pomegranate, etc. And flowers – gladiolus, gerbera, roses, and more, and vegetables – pepper, tomato, celery, for instance.

Moreover, lots more vegetables, herbs, and small fruits that are all distributed under the brand “Doi Kham”. The station also the plantation to propagate Rainbow Trout. Further, the charm of culture, custom, and wisdom of the local such as terrace farming of Karen, the New Year Festival of Hmong at Bab Khun Klang, and other surrounding natural attractions included bird point and star watching point. Read more

Royal Agricultural Station Pangda

Sunn Hemp Field of Royal Agricultural Station Pangda

One of four royal agricultural stations under the administration of the Royal Project Foundation. The place serves as the learning center of fruit plant for whom who interesting, including to the field study location and demonstration farm. The Royal Agricultural Station Pangda is another royal project site which facilitates the visitors with accommodation among the lovely natural atmosphere of the mountain and diverse kinds of trees.

For one who seeks the place to relax and rejuvenate your spirit this is an ideal place for you. Apart from the guest can indulge in the tranquil and refresh circumstance of the cottage accommodation, you also can stroll around the demonstration farm of seasonal fruits; mulberry, seedless grape, passion fruit, and dragon fruit. Also, vegetables and herbs like Chinese Chive Flower, White Chinese Chive, French Bean, Pepper, Artichoke, and Asparagus for your entertainment and education. Read more

Teentok Royal Project Development Center

Teen Tok Royal Development in Chiang Mai

Formerly served as the plant research and development center; currently Teentok Royal Project Development Center becomes another dream destination for the tourists who yearn for the pure beauty of nature and warm hospitality of the villagers. Apart from the abundance of Mae Takrai National Park at Mae On district, Chiang Mai, the outstanding geographic characteristic of the place is steep, and slope resulted in the marvelous and extraordinary landscape that attract to lots of travelers to come over here continually whether holidays or weekends throughout the year. 

The center focuses on the research task in mushroom and coffee propagation over the land with more than 6,400 sqm. There are various young plants to distribute to the farmers for planting. And anyone who favor in the rare species of flower, you can discover those flowers inside the center such as Begonia, Butterfly Orchid, and are available for you to shop, as well. Plus, the site offers accommodation for the tourist, too. Read more

Khun Wang Royal Project Development Center

Khun Wang Royal Project

The visitors who come to visit Khun Wang Royal Project Development Center will entertain by the agritourism with a broad variety of winter plant plots that are so lovely and spotlight to all the area of the center – Chinese pear, plum, Japanese cherry, nectarine, or strawberry. Otherwise, to wander through the demonstration farm within the royal project here is also exciting. Also, the Wild Himalaya cherry blossom is ready to perform its beauty to the tourist if you come over here during the winter season. Read more

Mae Sapok Royal Project Development Center

Mae Sapok Royal Project in Chiang Mai

Mae Sapok Royal Project is a medium size development center of the Royal Project Foundation which is at the rear of Inthanon mountain. The location is the greenish forest with lovely fresh air all year round. The highlight of the center is the vibrant flamingo flower and the ornamented plants like Philodendron Xanadu. Alternatively, explore Mae Sapok Waterfall that is just 200 m from the royal project base. And one more thing is the development center at Mae Sapok is a vital planting ground for right breed of passion fruit that is unique in its deliciousness and less sour than others. Read more

Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center

Nong Hoi Royal Project on Doi Mon Cham, Chiang Mai

Unbelievable that the romantic land that covered with the sea of fog flow beyond the vegetable plots and the lovely flowers farms in Mon Cham. Once it was the denuded forest caused by reclaiming of the land for shifting cultivation and opium growing. Then, after the establishment of the Royal Project Development Center at Nong Hoi in 1974 within the National Park Suthep-Pui, the life of the people here was upgraded from the help of the center.

The citizen here was introduced to many industrial plants together with the know-how to do the agriculture appropriately with natural resource concern. Nowadays, Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center is another remarkable learning center in agritourism and native way of life of the tribal in Chiang Mai. Read more

Mon Ngo Royal Project Development Center

Mon Ngo Royal Project in Chiang Mai

This royal project development center nestles in the National Reserved Forest, Mae Taeng in Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai. The citizen here is native people and Hmong with most of the land are hillock, and towering mountains with approximately 700-1,250 m above the sea level and the temperature are around 24 degree Celsius on average. The center was founded in 1985 by His Serene Highness Prince (Mom Chao) Bhisadej Rajani, the president of the Royal Project Foundation.

The mission of this center is to develop and promote the local people to do the proper agriculture instead of opium planting with the good support from many organizations. The stunningly beautiful landscape of Mon Ngo Royal Project Development Center which situates over the high mountain that allows you to witness the scene of towering mountain range with the numbers of the village hidden among the greenish verdant forest. In the morning, you would experience the sea of fog gently flows over the parch of the cottage while you are waiting for the first light of the dawn. So, it’s such a wonderful feeling that you should not miss. Read more

Wat Chan Royal Project Development Center

Wat Chan Royal Project including to the demonstration farming

Wat Chan Royal Project that locates at Galayani Vadhana district in Chiang Mai is another spot under the administration of the Royal Project Foundation to promote the career for the residents, in particular, the winter plant cultivation. The majority of the citizen here are Karen that has maintained their traditional culture and custom very strictly.

Once you step in this land, you would not see the pure beauty of the vast pine forest only, but also you will discover the rustic way of life of the people who live here from generation to generation. That is to say, it is an exotic experience to lure us to visit and see by our eyes. And just so you know, at Galayani Vadhana is the home of Southeast Asia’s largest pine forest “Wat Chan Pine Forest” that is a must not miss for any tourists, indeed. Read more

Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center

Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center

Anyone who is seeking for somewhere to escape from the rural, here is a place that is not too far from Chiang Mai town that we recommend you to check-in. Thung Roeng Royal Project is the site we mentioned where the area features the lovely and romantic roses garden “Pak Pai Roses Garden”. The royal project that locates in Hang Dong district is a brand-new agritourist attraction that welcomes the tourists to love in nature tourism.

The garden is plentiful with the diverse species of roses that are arranged in the English garden landscape. Moreover, the highlight here is an organic café that serves a broad array of healthy and tasty menus – main dish, herbal tea, fruit juice, smoothie, and dessert that all made from the productivity of the royal project.

With the far-right vision of HM King Bhumiphol or Rama IX of Siam to wipe out the opium in Thailand and aid his people to revive from the lousy cycle of drug line by introducing the way to live self-reliance. And cultivate the natural resource conscience at the same time together with the encouragement to the local to preserve the source of water.

Nonetheless, it was a long and winding road to become the abundant land with various species of winter plants as we see at present. Until the first fruit of strawberry, Chinese plum, or avocado to occupy the former opium farm it shows the effort and diligence of King Rama IX that would love to see his people, in particular, the unprivileged can rely on themselves with good quality of life.  Presently, it’s been 47 years of the Royal Project and still counting to maintain the mission of the beloved king of Thais. Read more


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