Thung Roeng Royal Project

Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center

Vibrant Roses Garden and Tasty Avocado at Thung Roeng Royal Project

At Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center where the place situates in Hang Dong district is an extraordinary royal project destination in Chiang Mai that we would like to introduce you. The area that is well-known from the lovely and vibrant roses garden that anyone who has a chance to come over here would say “wow” to the gorgeous and vibrant species of roses. And we ensure that you would fall for the place insensibly.

Background of Thung Roeng Royal Project

Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center was established in 1978 in accordance with the initiative of HM King Bhumiphol to enhance and inherit the appropriate agricultural technology toward the local farmers to be skillful and gain decent income. Also, the objective to empower the community and reserve native identity and culture of the hill-tribe, including to restoration and preservation of the natural resource sustainably.

What Thung Roeng Royal Project Does

At Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center, the operation is allocated into 2 functions which are;

Research which is the task regarding the testing of flower plants and fruits species that will be suitable to the local geography.

Another responsibility is the promotion task that the center supplies any kinds of plant are field crops – transplanting rice, maize, soybean, ginger, and garlic. Vegetables – cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage michilli, carrot, for instance. Also, fruits such as avocado, persimmon, Chinese plum, lychee, and flowers like roses, etc. Nonetheless, the noticeable plants that make potential income for the center and farmers here are ginger, persimmon, avocado, and roses.

productivities from Thung Roeng Royal Project

About the productivities from the farms over the pieces of land with up to 320,000 sqm belong to more than hundred of farmers from four villages surrounding the project are Chayote shoot, Chinese Chive Flower, Jalapeno, Japanese cucumber, cabbage, green pepper, red pepper, white bitter gourd, Chinese cabbage, eggplant purple round, carrot, chayote, French bean, and Japanese pumpkin.

And the fruits are avocado, papaya, sweet passion fruit, banana, and lychee over the vast land with approximately 900,000 sqm. The field crops – maize, rice, and peanut (416,000 sqm of more than 100 farmers), and flowers – cut roses (24,000 sqm). And herbs, for example, jiaogulan, Italian parsley, chervil, oregano, angelica, lemon thyme, and rosemary, etc.

Productivities under brand “Doi Kham”

Productivities under brand “Doi Kham”

As stated by Suebsak Navajinda when he was a director of Thung Roeng Royal Project mentioned that “Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center opened officially in 1981 to promote the farmers in the community which majorly are Hmong tribal. The residents that used to live their lives by shifting cultivation was introduced to grow avocado and chayote instead. And currently, the pieces of land here turn to be the planting ground of avocado with up to 100 tons and more than 150 tons of chayote of productivity. And the royal project supplies for all products and distribute them under the renowned brand “Doi Kham”.

Additionally, at Thung Roeng Royal Project is considered as the significant avocado plantation in Thailand. Partially the local farmers are about 180,000 sqm, and the royal project’s farm is approximately 24,000 sqm. The harvest period of avocado is between July-October yearly, so if the tourist comes over the location during that time, you also can purchase the avocado fresh from the farm. That is to say, avocado is a commercial fruit that gains good revenue for the farmers here, indeed.

The Roses Garden

Pak Pai Roses Garden:

Pak Pai Roses Garden in Thung Roeng Royal Project

Nowadays, Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center is not only kept doing to enhance the local in the agricultural occupation. Also, the center develops the property to be an interesting tourist attraction, too. And the most exciting spot that we would love to introduce you is “Pak Pai Roses Garden” a garden with more than 200 breeds of roses including to the diverse species of avocado demonstration farm, organic vegetable plots – Chinese cabbage and Chinese mustard, for example. Moreover, you will witness the simple way of life at Ban Mae Khanin Nue, Blessing ceremony of the buffalo that organizes before the growing season to present the gratefulness to the buffalo that help the farmer for farming, and the rustic lifestyle of Hmong, etc.  

Pak Pai Roses Garden is a part of Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center in Chiang Mai. The site is considered as the “agritourism attraction” that welcomes the visitors to experience the beauty of the colorful roses in various species. The beginning of the place is initiated by Queen Sirikit of Rama IX to enhance the farmer to plant and propagate roses within the land of Hay Pak Pai. And presently, the location becomes one of the most significant tourist attractions and learning centers of more than 200 species of rose.

Organics Kitchen:

pleasant coffee shop in Thung Roeng Royal Project

Not far from the roses garden is an “organics kitchen” of the royal project where feast on the very best royal project ingredients to cook a variety of menus for the gourmet to taste such as fried rice with Chinese black olive, Chinese black olive chili dipping, organic green salad, Som Tum, and more. Regularly, the menus to be served here created by the seasonal ingredient from the farm. And the not only delicious food you can delight, but the selections of drinks at the café are also attractive as well, the recommended ones are the 7 herbs tea, peach smoothie, cold-pressed organic veggie juice, etc. 

Organics products:

For the sweet-tooth ones, there are many menus of dessert here that are so mouth-watering. Anyone who loves to delight your bud at this café you must not miss ordering – organic veggie smoothie, fresh herbal tea, and carrot cake or passion fruit or avocado ice-cream served with crisp waffle. In particular, avocado, just so you know, it is a special breed of the royal project here that guarantees for its taste as it is served at the royal court and only available here in Thailand. Furthermore, the dessert menu sets mentioned previously do not only look good and tasty, but they both are favorite menus of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn once she visited this roses garden, too.


An organic kitchen is a perfect place for you to relax in the lovely atmosphere and the shady trees while you enjoy with an array of food and drink made from fresh and good quality from the royal project farm that every bite and sip of yours would be satiated.

The roses garden consists of diverse species of roses, for instance, Miniature Roses, Midnight Blue Rose, Pink Peach Rose, and Beverly Rose. Whichever part of the garden you would indulge in the vibrant, lovely roses similar to the colorful carpet by nature along the path in red, pink, yellow, purple, white, included any novel colors that is hard to see.

Wander around the Roses Garden of the Royal Project

Pak Pai Roses Garden is somewhere you can’t possibly miss visiting. Next to the little organic café is a dining zone which is hidden among the pastel pink roses and shady plants that would impress the vintage English garden fan, definitely. Soak in the relaxing moment environed by the branches of roses which are blooming and diffuses the gentle fragrance around the area while you are sipping your favorite drink. Hmm, it’s such a beautiful moment, isn’t it?

Moreover, there is a shop that many products processed from the royal project productivity are available for the visitors to try and shop. For example, avocado soap or shampoo and conditioner from avocado as on Thung Roeng Royal Project is the top rank of avocado plantations among the royal project bases in overall. Also, other interesting goods like tea, coffee, ointment oil, and essential aromatherapy oil. 

Whether you would start your journey here with a promenade in the garden first or chillax at the café is preferable. Anyway, if you notice that it is not too crowded inside the restaurant, we suggest you check-in here to top up your energy before entirely walk. Enjoy the aromatic tea that is a specialty blend from various herbs; Stevia, Japanese Mint, and USA Mint that features fresh and irrepressible aroma from herbs. Besides, there are other recommended selections of tea for you to try such as Lemon Lime, Chamomile, including Rose tea that is a lovely smell.

Enjoy Food & Drink:

Worry-free for fit & firm person since the café here serves lots of dishes that you don’t have to worry for calorie included fresh juice that is a secret recipe of the restaurant here. The emerald green color of kale, Chinese mustard, and passion fruit smoothie which is a best seller with the mellow taste without any foul-smelling as expected, instead the fresh smell of mint and sour passion fruit enhance the flavor of this healthy glass to be more exciting.

Avocado-Salad in Thung-Roeng-Project

For the main menus, they look fantastic and yummy. Most of them made from fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm; green salad with egg, roses garden hors-d’oeuvre, Tom Yum Gung, Som Tum with prawn, Stir-fried kale shoot, or Tuna Spicy salad. And the price is reasonable with the average between 65-220 per menu that compare to finest ingredients and taste that would say it worthwhile for the price.

2 Zones of Gardens:

After we are satiated from the delicious food at the organic café, now it’s time to stroll in the lovely vintage style roses garden. The garden allocated into 2 zones which are the “lower garden” and another is in the same area of café. With more than 200 species of roses, Pak Pai Roses Garden is a real paradise for one who is the rose lover. The roses that can be found in the garden here such as Red Minijet Rose, Midnight Blue, Lavender Dream, Pink Peach, Beverly rose, including the number of rare species which are abloom in assorted colors – red, pink, yellow, white, purple, and more.

Then, we move forward to the upper zone that presents the atmosphere like English garden from the Jane Austen’s novel. Keep walking to the end of the path, there are a well and rose arch with wooden benches set in the garden furnished with red roses for us to have a seat.

At the roses garden, even though there is no any cottage as accommodation but the place offers campground and facility for rent to anyone who escapes from the hustle and bustle to soak in the natural beauty of the site. A good thing is the roses garden situates in the National Park space that opens to the public all year round because the roses here are the seasonal plant to be ready to welcome all the guests.

Travel to Thung Roeng Royal Project

The visitor can travel to Thung Roeng Royal Project Development Center and Pak Pai Roses Garden by car in 2 directions;

  • From Chiang Mai city, drives on the highway number 108 (Chiang Mai – Hod) passes Hang Dong district. And when arriving at 10th km and a junction then turns right to Samoeng. On the road number 1269 drives from the intersection more about 18 km, the destination is on the right (the same route to go to Chakawan Ban Din Resort). This direction is 40 km in estimate with about an hour.
  • Another route is the road Chiang Mai – Mae Rim – Samoeng – Hang Dong. This one is longer and steeper with about half an hour from Mon Cham. The way is suitable for the tourist who comes to visit Mon Cham and would like to continue the trip to this royal project site. 


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