Thailand Do’s and Don’ts

Thailand Do's and Don'ts

Thailand Do’s and Don’t, something you should know before taking a trip.

It is general for Thai people to seek any necessary information before taking a trip abroad. Similarly, the foreigners who plan to make a trip to Thailand that need to know any necessity for Thailand. Besides where is the best place to go, food, hotels, etc. and here we brought you the Do’s and Don’t in Thailand that you should know to make your trip to Thailand is one of a pleasant experience in your life. 

Thailand Do’s

1. Thais greet and pay respect to others by “Wai” or salute together with saying “Sawasdee.”

2. Thais regularly smile to other people to show their friendship even though they don’t know each other before.

3. Once hearing the Thailand National Anthem, you should stand-up to esteem and honour to the national institute.

4. Once hearing the Royal Thai Anthem in whether playhouse or cinema, you should stand-up to pay respect to the king institute.

5. Takes off your shoes when getting into the house or any religious sites in, i.e. Ubosot (ordination hall), Viharn (Buddha Image Hall), etc.

6. In Thailand, it is a good manner to bring some present when you are invited to visit a place. On the other hand, the house owner should prepare thing to welcome the guest.  

7. Thai people mannerly call each other with the first name and when they get more familiar will call with a nickname with the prefix “Khun” to be polite.

8. Thai uses spoon and fork when dining. And Thai eats food in the set and share among the people at the dining table, so do not take the food for yourself unless you order a la carte dish.

9. Thai praise and honour to the seniority and important person.

10. Thai offers the priority to the senior which is a proper manner when dining with others for Thai people.

Thailand Don’ts

1. Do not act any offend or disrespect toward the Thailand nation, religion, and king institute.

2. Head is the most important thing so do not touch or pass something over the head of other since it is very impolite for Thai.

3. Feet are the lowest thing for Thai, so do not use the feet to point, scratch, or crossover anyone or some objects for instance book and food.

4. The Buddha’s image is the object that Thai people worship, so do not do anything which refers to the offence or disrespect such as climb up on the Buddha’s image or put it in any appropriated places, i.e. bathroom.

5. Do not dress in black in any auspicious ceremonies and events, i.e. wedding, visiting the patient, birthday party, etc.

6. Do not show your love for each other either cuddle or kiss in public or religious sites.

7. Do not dress any inappropriate costumes – shorts, armless or shoulderless top, see-through, etc. when visiting any holy sites or important locations such as temple, palace, museum.

8. Do not behave anything that makes other to be embarrassed or disgrace in public.

9. Do not greet Thai people especially the ladies by cuddle or kiss.

10. Do not talk or chew loudly while you are eating; it is impolite.

Don’t Miss In Thailand

Additionally, we have some more recommendations for the foreign tourists that will make you more enjoyable for the trip and things you should not miss in Thailand. Let’s check them out!

1. Sightsee the Royal Palace and Temples

Thailand Do's and Don'ts-Sightsee the Royal Palace and Temples

There are so many beautiful royal palace and temples in Thailand whether in Bangkok or other provinces. Those places, besides represent to the glory of the royal family and Buddhism in Thailand, they are also the historical and cultural sites which are second to none in its beauty to the other place in the world. Since the king and Buddhism are very significant and faithful things for Thais, thence it reflected in the architectural arts at many palaces and monasteries in Thailand such as the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, Wat Arun in Bangkok, Bang Pa-in Palace at Ayutthaya Historical Park, etc.

2. Travelling on Tuk-Tuk

Thailand Do's and Don'ts-Travelling on Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-Tuk is the name of a tri-wheel car in Thailand. Initially, it was adapted by tri-wheel truck from Japan in 1960 to replace the trishaw that was prohibited on the road in Bangkok. Later, it becomes the iconic symbol of the way in Bangkok with its unique character of which is small and capable of driving on any small streets and alleys that is suitable for the bad traffic in this metropolis. Moreover, the open-air concept of the car which allows the passenger to enjoy the air and view along both sides of the road that is very popular among the foreigners.

However, the tourist should ask for the price from driver properly before getting in the car. Otherwise, you may experience the nightmare since some Tuk-Tuk drivers cost too over price from the customers especially foreign tourists.

3. Travelling to the sea and islands of Thailand

Thailand Do's and Don'ts-Travelling to the sea and islands of Thailand

Thailand sea is so-called top class in the world with its abundant natural resources sequence lead to it becomes one of the wish-list dream destination for many travelers worldwide. Consequently, the sea site of Thailand is the famous tourist attraction all through the year among the tourists both domestic and abroad. The Thailand sea features the visitors with lots of activities – resting, sunbathing, swimming, diving, etc. The under the sea world including seas, beaches, and islands are plenty of sea plants and animals. Some of them used to be the production location of many Hollywood films, for example, are Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Tachai Island, Tarutao Islands, Racha Island, Hong Island, Kai Island, Mak island, Pattaya Beach, and Hua Hin Beach, etc.

4. Riding the Elephant

Thailand Do's and Don'ts-Riding the Elephant

The elephant is the symbol of Thailand for a long time. The elephant was essential animals for Thai people in the old days which was used in daily life as the vehicle, load things, and even to be a part of the armed force. Moreover, the elephant is the national animal of Thailand until it presented on the former Thailand National Flags. You may spot the elephant only in the zoo if you travel to other countries. But you can see the vast number of elephants in many locations in Thailand. Many elephant camps in Thailand, e.g. Chiang Mai, Surin, Ayutthaya, etc. is the place that you can see the elephant performing shows – painting, playing football, splashing the water. Furthermore, riding on the elephant to wander in the forest and beautiful nature of Thailand that will be one of your most remarkable memory that once in the life you have a chance to get close to one of the biggest creatures in the world.

5. Strolling around the market

Thailand Do's and Don'ts-Strolling around the market

Apart from the morning market, there are various styles of the market in Thailand which are settled to be compatible with the lifestyle of the people in each location. And one of the most famous markets in Thailand that lures many tourists to visit is “Floating Market“. The floating market reflects Thai lifestyle since the old time because the river is the main passage. Therefore, Thai resides along both sides of the river and also the trade. The famous floating markets in Thailand, for example, are Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Umpawa Floating Market, Bang Nampueng Floating Market, etc. And the famous markets which are attractive to visit are Jatuchak Market, Sampeng Market, Pak Klong Talad Flower Market, and Rong Kluea Market for instance.

6. Eating Thai Food

Thailand Do's and Don'ts-Eating Thai Food

Thai food recognizes as one of the most delicious food in the world. Thai food cooked delicately from excellent ingredients. And it is entirely the must not miss thing for the foreign tourists to taste proper Thai food. The recommended menus of Thai food such as Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, Som Tum, Hoi Tod (Oyster Omelets), Green Curry, Larb (spicy minced meat salad), Musman Curry, Pad See Ew (fried noodle in soy sauce), Noodle, Pad Kraprao (stir-fried meat and basil), etc. In particular, tracing along the road to taste the “street food” which is becoming more popular among the tourists. Besides, you can have the tasty Thai food, it is also not too expensive, and you can touch the real-life style of Thai people, as well.

Well, we think now you are ready to pack your bag to visit Thailand. Have a nice trip!


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