14 Reasons to Visit Thailand

14 Reasons to Visit Thailand

When we are talking about a dream destination of the traveler from all over the world, it is undoubtedly that “Thailand” is one of the tops in mind. And as we already knew that Thailand is rich in its tourist properties – the abundant natural resource that is very beautiful and pure in the sea, mountain, and waterfall. On the one hand, you can enjoy the unique lifestyle and culture of the city. What you need is only your heart to travel, then you can pin any places in Thailand as your wish-list destination for this vacation. Touch the sea of fog and cold breeze air that rounded with the mountains in the north or explores the underwater world in the south. Otherwise, you can chillax with a beautiful sandy beach and clear sea in the east or enjoy the splashing at the waterfall in the central province. You would not only take time to relax but also get an unforgettable experience of the richness of nature of this country that could say “Amazing Thailand”. And for one who is still curious why you have to visit Thailand. Here (14 Reasons to Visit Thailand) we have some information to share that would brighten up your mind.

1The Beautiful Sea

Tonsai Beach bay with traditional longtail boats parking in Phi Phi island

Many people may see the pictures or postcards of the beautiful beaches in Thailand. Or you may hear or see the scene of the famous beach party that spreads its reputation in worldwide. And this is just part of many good things to magnet numerous of the people from over the world to come to Thailand. No one can deny the powdery white soft sandy beach and crystal-like water. Moreover, many locations of the beach in Thailand feature the visitor with a magnificent limestone mountain or cliff that is very attractive to the explorer. So, pack your bag together with sunshade and your favourite book then travel to visit Thailand sea. We guarantee that you would utterly be impressed with it.

Numbers of the beautiful beaches in Thailand especially the “Unseen Thailand” like “the Separated Sea” in Krabi where you can stroll over the dune that emerges over the water to Koh Tub, Koh Mo, and Koh Gai casually. Besides, Koh Tao (Turtle Islands) in Surat Thani is the best place for the diving lover and also for one who loves the sea, sand, and the sun must not miss visiting “Phuket” that contains lots of islands and one of them that is popular at the moment is a private island called “Koh Mai Thon” which is one of the plentiful coral reef sites.

Apart from that, Thailand is also the location of one of the best diving sites in the world which is “Similan Islands”. This archipelago provides the visitors both snorkeling and scuba diving activities. So, you will be exciting with the striking under the sea world here. And do not worry for anyone who cannot dive since it is an excellent opportunity for you to take some diving course in Thailand. There are lots of diving school in Thailand with the reasonable tuition fee, too.  

2An Exotic Culture and Tradition

An Exotic Culture and Tradition- Reasons to visit thailand

Besides a lot of tourist attractions, the culture and tradition of Thailand are so exotic and fantastic. Plenty of the interesting traditions considered the unique and beautiful event in the eyes of the tourists especially the foreigners. Whether “Songkran Festival” or the Splash Festival that everyone has fun with the water, but they do not forget the customary rite of Thai to pour the water and ask for the blessing from the elderlies. And another famous tradition is “Loy Krathong Festival” which the tourists bring along various styles of the flower floating basket – banana leaf vessel, bread vessel, or the floating lantern. Furthermore, there are a lot more festival and activities that are also interesting to sightsee for example Phi Ta Khon (the Ghost Festival), Boon Bang Fai (The Rocket Festival), and The Candle Parade of the Buddhist Lent Period, etc.

3Low Cost of Living

Low cost of Living- tuk tuk in Thailand

Thailand is one of the favorite destinations for the foreign tourists both luxury group and the backpacker which means taking a trip to Thailand you can enjoy the journey with the premium services or budgeting package in any locations in Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket. The various style of the accommodations from the 5-star luxury hotels to the budgeting guesthouse. Or even the Thai massage that offers in varied of the prices. So, it could say that Thailand is a paradise for the tourist at any levels.

The cost of living in Thailand is quite cheap compares to other tourist locations in Europe and America. Therefore, Thailand is top of the lists for the travelers especially the backpackers. You can enjoy the delicious food, stay in lovely accommodation, and take a tour of any tourist attractions with a friendly expense. And also, the landmark for the shopping lovers with a massive number of cheap products such as Sumpeng, Pahurat, or Jatuchak market.  

4Delicious Thai Food อาหารรสเลิศ

Delicious Thai Food

Thai food is second to none in its taste and presentation. And lots of Thai menus that both local and abroad present the thumb up, e.g. Som Tam (Papaya Salad), the north-eastern style dish with its hot and spicy flavor that some people like to add Thai pickled fish. Tom Yum (Sour and spicy soup), the tasty clear soup that sometimes added with coconut milk, Pad Thai one of the most favorite menus for the foreigners who visit Thailand. Green Curry is another popular one with the fragrant of the chilli paste and fresh coconut milk that goes well with steamed Jasmine rice or rice noodle. Num Tok Moo (Spicy Grilled Pork Salad) another mouth-watering menu that is perfect to have with warm sticky rice.

However, Thai food is not only Tom Yum Goong or Pad Thai, but there are many other tasty menus to recommend the tourists to try. And if you would like to save your pocket from eating, we urge you to try the street food that sites along the streets or the night markets in many cities. The street food features an array of delicious menus with the low price, for example, sticky rice with grilled pork, grilled meatball, Tom Yum, Tom Kha Gai to the fresh fruits, juices, and slushy, and various of Thai dessert, etc. And a must not miss for Thai sweet is “Khoa Neaw Mamuang” or mango with sweet sticky rice.

5The Vibrant Nightlife

The Vibrant Nightlife is a reason to visit Thailand

Lots of tourist spots in Thailand are the pleasant place to visit in the daytime. And more than that, they turn to be a heaven-like to the nightlife that so vibrant with the light, music, and entertainment. The tourists can enjoy at the pubs, bars, and nightclubs located in many areas, for example, Khao Sarn Road, Sukhumvit, or Silom in Bangkok. And in the eastern region it cannot be any other but Pattaya with lots of fantastic performing shows. And in the north, the walking street and night bazaar are still attractive to the visitors to wander around and enjoy the night.

6Relax with the Thai Massage and Traditional Massage

Relax with the Thai Massage and Traditional Massage

The traditional Thai massage and Thai massage are not less favor among the tourists both local and abroad partially the pressing massage that can make you relax. Or the oil massage that offers the peace of body and mind. And also, the foot massage which is very famous as well. More than that, the massage in Thailand is not so expensive.

7Peace of Mind and Sight the Architectural of Art in the Temples

Peace of Mind and Sight the Architectural of Art in the Temples

Thailand is an independent country that has never be the colony of any state. Either culture, tradition, including the architecture, are all genuine Thai with the uniqueness and aesthetic beauty. Above all, Thailand has the Emerald Buddha Image as the palladium and the most sacred objects of the kingdom. And also, other images that are all the significant holy things, for example, Phra Buddha Sihing and Phra Buddha Chinnarat. And the most focal sacred site is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or called, in general, is “Wat Phra Kaew” that situates in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The monastery is not only the house to enshrine the Emerald Buddha Image but also the fresco art on the wall here is recognized as the longest and most magnificent mural painting in the world.

8Beautiful Forest and Nature

Beautiful Forest and Nature

Apart from the sea that is the important natural property of the tourism in Thailand, the places like mountain and waterfall are not less in the beauty. For example, Wang Num Kheao that is a metaphor as “Switzerland of the Northeast of Thailand”, Doi Ang Khang where is the location of the Wild Himalayan Cherry or so-called the Siamese Sakura. Erawan Waterfall at the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi or Khao Yai National Park where you can take the fresh cool breeze of CO2 together with the nature trail in the tropical rainforest. 

9Thai People are Friendly

Reasons to Visit Thailand-Thai people are friendly

The people of the land of the smile are friendly, generously, and polite. These are a good character which attracts and impress the tourists who come to visit Thailand continually. And many of them look for a chance to go back to travel again. 

10Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market or Four Regions Floating Market

The floating market in Thailand is one of the favorite locations for the tourists because you can touch the rustic way of life of the people along both sides of the canal. They travel and live by boat, including trading. There are lots of floating market sites in Thailand i.g. Umpawa Floating Market, Don Wai Floating Market, Four Regions Floating Market, Klong Lud Mayom Floating Market, etc. And one of the popular activities for the tourists to travel to the floating market is cruising along the canal to see the lovely scenery on both sides of the canal. 

11Safe and Warm at Heart to Travel in Thailand

Safe and Warm at heart to travel in Thailand

Even though there is much news about the safety in Thailand, but it is not less in trust for the people in safety and security in this country. Why? It because that Thai people are friendly, sincerely, and generously. The local would love to give a hand to support and help the tourists especially the foreigner.  

12Convenient to Travel

Convenient to travel-Reasons to Visit Thailand

It is so comfortable for transport in Thailand whether by personal vehicle or public transportation. There are lots of option for the visitors to take – plane, boat, train, or bus. So, you can get what you want to experience in the transportation in Thailand. And most of the tourist attractions are accessible, although there are some places that the road is not right. But think optimistically, it is a chance for you to experience some countryside life.

Further from the transport in the country is convenient and comfortable. Travelling to the neighbouring countries is also facilitated. Thailand connects to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia so to go to these countries is easy for both rounded trips. More than that, Bangkok is one of the most important hubs for transportation and accommodation in Asia. Thence, you can leave your belongings at the hotel and travel to other countries with some payment for bag deposit. And also, the flight ticket to any countries in Asia from Thailand are quite cheap for instance the flight to go to India, Nepal, and China.

13The Full Scale of the Facilities

The full scale of the facilities

As Thailand is the tourist country, so it offers the tourists with full facilities of tourism. In particular, the eatery in Thailand that you can enjoy the delicious food wherever part of this country. And the accommodation that provides for the visitors in most of the nation – luxury hotel, boutique resort, budget hostel, or camping site. Moreover, the booking of the accommodation presently is very convenient via the Online Travel Agent (OTA) or Traveloka. The latter is interesting since it offers you not only flight booking but also the accommodation. And the service is so easy to access on the application platform that you can download from both IOS and Android.

14Lots of Unseen Locations

Lots of Unseen Locations

There are many unseen tourist attractions in Thailand that are waiting for the travellers to visit. Or even you have ever been there but once being not enough to indulge its beauty. Lots of sightseeing in Thailand features the beautiful appearance, activities, food, and life of the people that we guarantee you would be impressed, indeed.  

All These are just some reasons to visit Thailand. Many foreigners who have a chance to visit Thailand mention that they would love to come back here entirely. And some of them plan to relocate to Thailand because they fall in love with this beautiful country. So, now is it worthwhile for enough to put Thailand as your next destination.


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