Tha Pae Walking Street

Tha Pae Walking Street in Chiang Mai

Tha Pae, The Sunday Walking Street of Chiang Mai

Every Sunday when the sun is going down, it is well-known for local and the visitors who make the trip to Chiang Mai either Thai or international to head to the popular walking street of this city “Tha Pae”. Tha Pae Walking Street lines over the area from Tha Pae Gate to Ratchadumnoen Road and Klang Wiang Junction and further to Wat Phra Singh. And from Klang Wiang Junction, there is a left fork to Wat Chedi Luang, on the other hand, the right fork to the Three Kings Monument. Or in total is approximately about one and a half kilometer long of this walking street which claimed as “the largest walking street in Thailand“.

Charming of the Tha Pae Walking Street

The busy traffic road turns to be the shopping street which features the broad array of interesting local products especially handicrafts are along both sides of the way – hand weaving textile, silverware, engraved wood, painting, goods of the hill-tribe people, including the contemporary pieces of artwork.

Moreover, the tourist would entertain to witness the various side street shows from the artists or the amateurs that take the avenue of Tha Pae as their stage to sing or play music instrument merrily at any corners of the market and the ground at the Three Kings Monuments. And don’t worry about the edible things since Tha Pae Walking Street offers you with lots of local street foods and snacks that you can taste all along your journey.

About Tha Pae, Sunday Walking Street  

Tha Pae Walking Street is the largest walking street in Chiang Mai where the place was ranked by famous tourism website “Trip Advisor” as “Top 10 of the Famous Market in Thailand” dated August 29, 2013. The ranking derived from the reviews and recommendations by the travelers in worldwide that Tha Pae Walking Street is the 1# ranking of the most famous market in Thailand. 

What to Buy at Tha Pae Walking Street

What to Buy at Tha Pae Walking Street

The products that sell at this market are mainly local goods such as the northern style or tribal design clothes and bags, painting, handicrafts, dolls. Also, traditional food, snack, beverages, silverware, gifts, souvenirs. And the price here is quite lower than ones at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar since due to that place targets to the foreign tourists more.

Apart from the diversity of products, Tha Pae Walking Street also offers the traditional massage service with the rate about THB80 for 30 minutes with the selection of body, shoulders, neck, and foot massage. However, the shop at the Tha Pae Gate area is sporadic, so you have to walk across the street to Ratchadamnoen Road which the whole space is the proper walking street.

musicians performing at the Sunday Walking Street market

The various styles of performance show like singing, traditional dancing, playing conventional or modern music instrument by the amateur artists included children, adults, and seniorities are effortless to spot all along the street. And they would be appreciative for your support by putting some money in the box in front of them. And don’t surprise if you find out that you might get familiar with some of them in case you have ever been to Wua Lai Market. Because most of the shop owners and show people occupy in both locations.   

Tha Pae Street currently becomes the more favorite place to stroll around and shopping for foreign tourists than in the beginning. In particular the Chinese that is the majority of the international visitors in Chiang Mai that may be the influence of the Chinese hit film “Lost in Thailand”. 

Background of Tha Pae Walking Street

People are shopping in Chiang Mai

The emergence of Tha Pae Walking Street initiated from the tourism-promoting project called “10 Amazing Lanna Tha Pae” which was the plan to organize the walking street in every Sunday at Tha Pae Street during Sunday, February 3 – Sunday, April 7, 2002. Consequently, the event was huge succeeded, therefore, it had organized continually until in August 2004 it moved the venue from Tha Pae Street to Ratchadamnoen Road, instead. Moreover, it included the performing shows and activities at the Three Kings Monument’s plaza next to Wat Inthakhin (the City Pillar) and spread over the shop space to the nearby areas from that time on.

Presently, Tha Pae Walking Street is not only the favorite shopping spot and tourist attraction. But the location is also one of the must-not-miss landmarks in Chiang Mai that any travelers should not skip for your trip to this fabulous city.

The Charismatic Charms of Tha Pae Walking Street

Tha Pae Walking Street nowadays provides the visitors with the numbers of vendor stands from Tha Pae Gate lines along the Ratchadamnoen Raod to reach Wat Phra Singh that is about 1 km or so in its length. And later, the space is expanded to Phrapokklao Road that crosses to Ratchadamnoen to Ratchamunkha Road and the Three Kings Monument. The market is packed with the numerous of vendor stands with different goods which are the familiar picture that we can see every Sunday from the late afternoon through the nightfall.

The interesting products at this walking street, definitely the handicrafts such as the brassware, one of the most famous products of Chiang Mai, basketry, another souvenirs with the price that is not to high for the tourist to get some to home, and the traditional handmade stuff which is the signature design of the Lanna. Moreover, there are lots of street artists that choose the street of Tha Pae as their outdoor gallery to show for the audience. And another favorite activity of the tourists both local and abroad is to get the portrait picture service. Or be entertained by the street shows that some are a very exotic talented show. 

Which is the perfect time to visit Tha Pae Walking Street?

crowed people in Sunday walking street in Chiang Mai

Tha Pae Walking Street opens weekly every Sunday throughout the year. Yet, the most favorite season for the tourists is “winter” (November – February) which the climate is average between 22-28 degree Celsius. So, it is the perfect time to chill out and stroll along the market pleasantly. Furthermore, this time of the year is the festive season in Chiang Mai whether Loy Krathong Festival (Loy Yi Peng) or the Celebration of New Year. To indulge in the walking street at Tha Pae casually is about 2 hours’ walk minimum, so please make sure to prepare yourself properly to get the fun trip at the market.

Anyway, the place is not limited to visit in other periods of the year. In the summertime (March – June), it’s suggested to the tourists especially the foreigners be aware for the sticky climate, so that you should to get the comfy outfits and do not forget to carry on a bottle of water. In the rainy season (July – October) is precautioned for the thunderstorm or any monsoon. To check the weather forecast before you make a trip would be a great idea.

Additionally, there are many hotels and guesthouses available for the tourists to stay around the area of Tha Pae Walking Street that would be some idea to facilitate yourself from travel.

Tourist Information of Tha Pae, Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street

Tha Pae Walking Street is at the heart of Chiang Mai city. The location is not only convenient to go, but also there’s a lot of spetacular tourist attractions nearby the market, for example, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Jed Lin, and more. So, to plan your tour appropriately by visit those places during the daytime and you can enjoy the walking street in the evening to end the one-day trip is a good idea for the tourist with the time limitation.

Some tips for the Visitors to come to Tha Pae Walking Street

huge lunch box only held on Sunday night

It would be a better idea to come here without the car because the traffic is really dense. The best choice is the red pick-up truck service, metered taxi, Grab, or Uber. And the best time to walk along the walking street with pleasure is at 6.00pm since it is not crowded as much. During 7.00-8.00pm is the peak period at the site, specifically in any holidays and the special season that the location is overcrowded with the people. Plus, it is highly recommended to mind your bag so it would be safer to put it at your front.

Travel to Tha Pae Walking Street

The market operates on Sunday weekly between 6.00-10.00pm. And there are many options for you to go to the location which are;

By Car:

For one who drives to the walking street here, you can find the parking in the places around the market; Wat Phra Singh, Anodard Hotel, or Phutthisophon School. Yet, it’s better to come here without the car.

By Public Transportation:

  • The Red pick-up Truck Service or Tuk Tuk that are available all around the city of Chiang Mai. And the price is between THB15 – 60 per trip/person (negotiable) depends on the distance of the starting point.
  • Chiang Mai taxi that available either from the town (the visitors can check for more information and rate at website Or Grab car that is convenient to get the service via Grab Application.

By Walk:

For any tourist who stays in the city area, it is convenient for you to take a walk to Tha Pae Walking Street. Especially, if there are any special events at the venue, walking to the location is the best idea. 


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