San Kamphaeng Walking Street

San Kamphaeng Walking Street

San Kamphaeng Walking Street, central of traditional Lanna Art

Regardless of the world is changing whether from advancement and people, undeniably impact to the way of life and culture. However, the presence in San Kamphaeng community still maintains its beauty of traditional Lanna lifestyle which is unique from others even the people who live in Chiang Mai city district. And for one who would like to find someplace to shop the traditional Lanna style products, plus to touch the rustic way of life of the villagers. “San Kamphaeng Walking Street” maybe your right destination.

The rustic Lanna style which projects in costumes, textile, and handicrafts are all handmade by the villagers from the folk wisdom that has been inherited from generation to generation.

Shopping in Lanna Style

Shopping in Lanna Style

Saw lo, fiddle, and Seung, the northern stringed music instruments perfectly describe the unique character of Lanna. If you would like to buy it for the keepsake, you would not be disappointed. Since they are all handmade and maybe one in the world! So, it’s definitely worthwhile for your money.

Also, the spoon, dipper, and other utensils that made from the coconut shell are might be unexpected things for you to see at this place.

Simplicity, this is the native wisdom of the Lanna people for energy saving. How? Because the products are man-made so it won’t consume any kinds of fuel and energy that can affect the globe. That is, we are part of the world savior. Well, this is attractive enough to invite you to visit this rustic walking street?

San Kamphaeng Walking Street is so lovely and exciting for the visitors who make the trip to Chiang Mai, especially one who yearns for the classic way of life and genuine handmade products, taste the northern style foods in the same time.

About San Kamphaeng Walking Street

People come to walking street

The walking street at San Kamphaeng is a local walking street which is organized to support the residents to earn more income. The place warmly welcomes for both domestic, and outsiders that would like to experience the proper rustic lifestyle in the pure walking street in the countryside that is entirely different of you see in the city.

The diversity of the people who visit the market here which are from the residents within San Kamphaeng district and Mae On and Doi Saket district which are the nearby community come to the walking street market as usual to buy the household stuff. The goods provide at the market are varied, including delicious local food, diverse species of young plants, and fashioned and traditional clothes. San Kamphaeng Walking Street opens every Saturday between 5.00-10.00pm.

Although it’s quite a sparse number of the tourist visitor here resulted from the distance of the location is about 14 km from the city of Chiang Mai. But it might be an excellent experience to visit this walking street for the tourist who stays within the San Kamphaeng area. Who knows, you might fall in love with this lovely village.

Background of San Kamphaeng

Umbrella Making by villagers

It would be interesting and useful for the visitors to know some history of San Kamphaeng district. So, this would make you more understand and maximize your happiness during the tour.

San Kamphaeng is known as the hub of the early Lanna civilization. Its title was debuted for the first time in the age of king “Phra Yod Chiang Rai” or literally called “Phra Chao Sri Satthammangkru” of the Mangrai Dynasty (1487 – 1491). According to the discovery of the stone inscription that later known as “Muen Darb Ruen Inscription” and the epigraph on a pedestal of the Buddha statue “Phra Chao fon Saen Ha”, since then the district of San Kamphaeng was flourished in its civilization and culture. Together with the great patronage in Buddhism of the great king Mangrai resulted in the extremely delicate pieces of art that reflected the faith, nature, and life of the Lanna people at that time very well.

San Kamphaeng Walking Street Today

San Kamphaeng Walking Street Today

So, it could say that San Kamphaeng in the last 40 years is the same definition to describe the city of Chiang Mai; also every route to go to Chiang Mai need to pass by San Kamphaeng. Thereat, San Kamphaeng was known as the first gate to Chiang Mai along with its reputation in handicraft and handmade art. Unfortunately, the rapid development of the transportation, after that the road that used to bring the tourist to San Kamphaeng previously turned to be just the small country road and declined its primary role, respectively. 

Day by day, the former significant tourist landmark had been lifeless since the place was overlooked by the tourist. Yet, the area has firmly maintained its “folk wisdom” the real core of San Kamphaeng civilization by transmission of the knowledge and train to the offspring of the artisan. And those skillful artists still produce the delicate and exquisite pieces of art in San Kamphaeng and wait for you to see by your eyes from that time on.

What to see at San Kamphaeng Walking Street

The walking street at San Kamphaeng will be the path to bring you to touch the good rustic lifestyle and atmosphere of the rural Lanna. Also, you can enjoy shopping the traditional products which are mainly produced locally.

The walking street here has organized since 2003 by initiation of Ms. Suppanimitr Worrakitti, the mayor of Sankamphaeng District to promote the tourism in San Kamphaeng as the manufacturer of handicraft products with high quality and delicate work.

San Kamphaeng Walking Street starts at the front of Khuang San Kamphaeng (Cultural Plaza) through San Kamphaeng Public Health Center which is about 650 meters. And both sides of the street are packed with numerous vendor stalls which are;

What to Buy at San Kamphaeng Walking Street

Handicraft: The handmade products including pottery, carving, carpentry, souvenir, gift, decoration items, and more. The products all available along the street, in particular, the central section of the path.

Food: The food zone is from SCB Bank until the front of San Kamphaeng Market. There is a broad array of traditional northern food, snack, and dessert. Also, drinks, fresh vegetables and fruits, and herbs.

Factory: Locating at the Tum Jub trisection until San Kamphaeng Public Health Center. This area provides the products from the factory such as consumer products, clothes, household, and home appliance, fashion, second-hand products, etc. with low price. 

How to go to San Kamphaeng Walking Street

How to go to San Kamphaeng Walking Street

The tourist can travel to San Kamphaeng Walking Street that locates in the downtown of San Kamphaeng district from Chiang Mai city on the highway number 1147. And it takes just only 14 km to reach the destination.


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