Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Scenic Point

Sea of Fog at Kew Ta-khian Ngam Scenic Point in Sukhothai

Immerse in the Sea of Fog at Kew Ta-khian Ngam Scenic Point

Mentioning to Sukhothai, no doubt that many would think about the journey to the historical and archeological sightseeing which well-known globally like Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Nonetheless, just only a few people knowing that this ancient region of Thailand has a lot of more other tourist attractions for the travelers to visit, in particular, the natural ones that are second to none in the beauty at all. One of the interesting nature tourists that is a brand-new one we would like to introduce is so-called the “Unseen” of Mae Sin community which also the local tourism network is “Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Scenic Point”. Kew Ta-Khian Ngam is the viewpoint at about 450 meters from the sea level provides the misty atmosphere all year round; however the peak season to experience the sea of fog is in the wintertime during October – January annually. Also, the location features the magnificent view of the boundary between Mae Sin sub-district of Si Satchanalai district in Sukhothai and Wang Chin district in Prae, as well. The place provides enough challenge for any travelers to seize since the journey need to do via “Rod E-tak” (the tractor stag) of the villager and take a bit more footsteps to the destination. The tourist would be enjoying to spend the time there by taking the walks to the scenic point and see the sea of fog in the morning as well as do staying a night in camping.

Knowing about Kew Takien Ngam Scenic Point

Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Scenic Point located at Ban Pang ta-khian, Mae sin sub-district, Si Satchanalai district in Sukhothai province, which is approximately 40 km distance from the town of Si Satchanalai. The location is the frontier adjacent to Wang Chin district of Prae province which is just only 10 km from the city town of Prae. The site is about 520 km from Bangkok that would say that it’s not too far to reach this freshly natural attraction, indeed.

The typography of Kew Ta-Khian Ngam is surrounded with the rolling mountains, and the Yom river flows through the land resulting in the place is nicely cold all through the year, plus the sea of fog frequently perform even though it’s not in the winter. The local people here speak central Thai with a regional accent, as well as northern Thai dialect. The place is ideal for anyone who looks for someplace to recharge yourself in a friendly and peaceful place.

Apart from the lovely environment and climate here, Kew Ta-Khian Ngam also home of Ta-Khian Tree which dates back for over the centuries that was found by the resident in the river Yom at Ban Su Men village. And after brought it from the river and figures out that the ancient tree contains the graphite, a black crystalline form of the carbon.

The exciting thing of the place is Kew Ta-kKian Ngam developed by the cooperation among the community included village chief, sub-district administrative organization, villagers, and young generation. They all together have designed the site to be the tourist attraction offering the tourist to travel whether one day trip or stay a night in camping style accommodation that would be the perfect destination for one who would love to get even closer to nature.

Witness the Sea of Fog at Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Viewpoint

Sea of Fog at Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Viewpoint

Kew Ta-Khian Ngam nestled in the area of Ban Pang Ta-khian, a lovely small village in Mae Sin community. The place situated in the middle of the mountain ranges. Kew Ta-Khian Ngam features the remarkable scenic point that the visitor would enjoy with the pleasant natural land surrounded by the towering mountains. In the morning is the time to welcome the first light of the day with the misty blanket cover all over the place, while the glittering light from the village at nighttime from the viewpoint look similar to the twinkle stars on the dark velvet sky.

The journey to destine Kew Ta-Khian Ngam begins with the passage by the local tractor slag or better known in local in “Rod E-tak”. Along the way, the visitors would not be bored since there’s lovely circumstance along both sides of the path to the viewpoint. And before reaching the peak, the tourist can stop by at the coffee plantation where the place presents the country cottage environed by up to the arabica coffee tree. The coffee product here is manual manufacturing in every process with a unique taste. So, anyone who’s the coffee lover should not miss trying!

After the coffee plantation, the tourist shall take the walks to the viewpoint which is about 450 meters high above the sea level. The 815-stairs that took approximately 30 minutes walk bringing the tourist to the destination ‘Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Scenic Point‘ at the summit. Over there the visitors allowed to stay a night, however, there’s no restroom at the moment.

Dinner in Local Food Style

While the gloaming is coming, the villager who is the host and also touring guide will prepare the dinner for the visitors. The simple local food made from fresh ingredients sourced from the village is so exciting to try. For example, Yum Pak Kud Krob (spicy crispy vegetable fern salad), Gaeng Pa (Country Curry), and spicy chili dip with fresh veggies. And not long from the dinner time, the villagers serve the visitors with ‘Khao Lam’ (glutinous rice roasted in bamboo joints) but it would be too simple to serve the ready-to-eat version, since they prepare the mixture of the dessert in the large pot and the blank bamboo joints to roast and serve fresh Khao Lam for the visitor. This Khao Lam is distinctive with its ingredients that are all produced locally including black bean, coconut milk, sugar, and salt. And the secret of the deliciousness of Khao Lam of Pang Ta-khian village is it’s really lovely fragrant since it made for the new rice that combined well with the aromatic bamboo joint.

At night, the place is covered with the dark and the sky decorated with the twinkle stars leading to the fun activity before bedtime by counting them. So, this is a good warm up before seeing the highlight of Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Scenic Point in the next morning with the stunning scenery of the misty sea lingeringly floats over the area of this viewpoint while the aurora light is shining as the sign of a new day.

Information for the Tourist

  1. To watch the sea of fog in the morning, the visitors shall arrive at Ban Pang Sa School at 4.00am approximately. Then, the locals’ vehicle will take the tourist to up to the mountain to see the sea of fog at Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Scenic Point.
  2. To stay a night over the top of the mountain and watch the sea of fog in the morning, the tourists shall arrive at Ban Pang Sa School at by 4.00pm. Then, the visitors will go ascending to the viewpoint base by the villagers’ vehicle and stay the night in camping style at the site. The benefit is apart from the sea of fog in the morning, the tourist can spot the lovely natural atmosphere at the nighttime, too.

And for one who is interesting to stay a night at Kew Ta-Khian Ngam, following details is for your attention;

  1. The fee for Rod E-tak (local tractor slag) from the village to the viewpoint included the touring guide is THB400 that can carry several people.
  2. The rental for tent including bedding (pillow, blanket, and mat) is THB250 that is ideal for 2-3 people.
  3. The fee for carrier service is THB20.

Nonetheless, since Kew Ta-Khian Ngam is a natural attraction of Sukhothai province that opens to the public recently and hasn’t opened official because it is under development. But the place is not out of the dream for the traveler who would love to escape from the business to touch the pure nature and rustic life of the local people. For taking the trip to Kew Ta-Khian Ngam can contact Phu Yai Chuen (the village chief) at 096-670-0469 or can ask for more information at subdistrict administrative organization of Mae Sin district at 091-284-1663 and e-mail:

Traveling to Kew Ta-Khian Ngam Scenic Point

From the town of Si Satchanalai district, it is approximately 30 km of distance to reach Kew Ta-khian Ngam, and the tourist needs to walks up to the peak which is about more 500 meters. There are stairs with the balustrade along the path, and it’s 30 minutes of steps from the parking to the summit of the mount.


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