Hoop Khao Wong Reservoir

Hoop Khao Wong Reservoir in Pang Oung Suphan Buri

Hoop Khao Wong Reservoir, Pang Oung of Suphan Buri

This new and attractive destination is located at Dan Chang, Suphan Buri and just about 204 km from Bangkok or only 3 hours for travelling. The place offers the best deal to experience natural sightseeing that the visitors can enjoy starry sky at night with fresh and sweet fresh air, surrounded by the mountains and a sense of a rustic lifestyle similar to the northern region of Thailand. 

About Hoop Khao Wong Reservoir

Wooden House on Bamboo raft with blue sky

Pang Oung of Suphanburi or Hoop Khao Wong reservoir is a new tourism attraction in Suphan Buri that just opened officially in December 2015. And from the power of social network, just several days after it was opened, caused the place was crowded with numerous of visitors.   

Charming of the Reservoir

Pang Oung of Suphanburi or Hoop Khao Wong reservoir is lovely natural sightseeing that is not far from Bangkok. It is a reservoir with a capacity of 85 Rai (calculated by Google map). Its general character is a farming district and surrounded by low-rise mountains resulting in the climate around this area is relaxed and pleasant at the night time most of the year in particular in winter that is colder than other places in the province.

The atmosphere of Pang Oung of Suphanburi is a charm that attracts a lot of travelers to come to chill out and relax intimately in nature. The place features a variety of amusements, e.g., camping, cruising in the raft, walking along the wooden deck nearby the riverside where is a place to spot the sunset as well, fishing, and so on. 

More than that, if the visitors would like to extend their time of visiting by stay overnight, the place provides an accommodation in rafthouse and camping space that the visitors either bring along the camping facilities or rent from the site. However, there is no any electricity at the location and just only kerosene lamp to give the light during the night. And there’s no any mobile phone signal, too. 

Ecotourism attraction

The Hoop Khao Wong reservoir is an ecotourism attraction which is a tour with high responsibility towards the nature including do not bother or damage any natural resources and environment. This kind of tourism has its primary purpose to appreciate, study, learn and enjoy the scenery, plants, and wildlife including to any cultural characteristic that existing in that location.

Thus, it is necessary for all visitors to aware about the rules and regulations of the place before taking a trip. Since several things are not allowed to do in the area, for example, do not make any noises included too loud music, do not any activities that disturb others, any alcohols are not allowed, do not take any actions that may change /or harm to the existing environment.    

A highlight to have a trip here that any visitors must witness by themselves is a beauty of hundreds of the star glittering upon the clear sky. So-called is unique for the ecotourism trip. And one good thing that there’s no any electricity here since as less as the light then it allows the tourists to see the starry sky clearer.

Although the place is not allowed to the tourists to do water playing in the reservoir, but are still many activities to be amused – cycling, canoeing, camping, barbequing, etc. This seems like a perfect moment that provides you with a chance to enjoy the nature truly without any electricity and 4G!.    

General Information of Hoop Khao Wong Reservoir

  • There is no any electricity provided, only kerosene lamp to give the light during the night time.
  • There is no any mobile phone signal.
  • The restroom facility is 8 rooms.
  • There are some small food vendors operated by the villagers serving the simple a la carte menus; however, it may be crowded with long wait so to prepare own food and drinks is recommended.

Operating time

The place closes for the public during April 1 – August 12 yearly to offer the opportunity for nature recovery and maintenance. And during the tourism season, the operating time is between 6.00am – 6.00pm for any visitors who do not stay overnight on location.

Details of the accommodation at Hoop Khao Wong Reservoir

Bamboo huts, the resort countryside at Khao Wong reservoir, Suphanburi, Thailand


The accommodation at the Hoop Khao Wong Reservoir is offered into 2 types are;


  • Small size: THB400 / house (excluded meal) for 2 – 3 persons
  • Large size: THB2,000 / house (excluded meal) for 30 persons

Tent: (Self Assembly)

Rental is THB150 of charge (excluded meal) for 2 persons included lining sheet, pillow, blanket, mosquito’s net and padding. And for any visitor that bring the tent, the service charge is THB100 (excluded meal). The place provides the common restrooms and bathrooms.


Meal set is THB300 / set (Grilled Tilapia fish, Spicy chicken soup or Tom Yum Gai, Chili Paste and vegetables and a bowl of steamed rice) A set is for 2 – 3 servings. (please recheck with the place)

Admission Fee:

The Admission Fee is:

  • Car: THB20 / each
  • Motorbike: THB10 / each

Rules & Regulations:

  • Allows for cooking but having to clean up and do not harm the existing environment.
  • For any visitor that does not stay overnight must leave the place by 6.00pm for the safe journey. 
  • Any vehicle to access the location need to pick up the passing badge at the booth located in front of Phu Nam Ron Temple only. Without the identification is not allowed to enter the location. 
  • All officers of the location have to show the badge.
  • The limitation of the car to access at the place is only 150 cars/night.

For more information and accommodation booking, please call 092-493-3833


  • The visitor who plans to stay overnight at the reservoir should arrive at the place by 4.00pm to have time to enjoy the activity and prepare any necessary things before dark.
  • The best period to take a trip there is in winter that the weather is pleasant and the sky is clear.
  • The visitor should bring any personal things included toiletries, torch, mosquito’s repellent, etc.

Travel to Hoop Khao Wong reservoir

Ban Phu Nam Ron,Danchang District,Suphanburi

To travel to the Hoop Khao Wong reservoir or Pang Oung of Suphaburi, from Bangkok uses the highway number 304 (Taling Chan – Suphanburi) and from Kanchanaphisek Road about 66 km at the PTT gas station. There is a Suphanburi Ring Road with the signage to Kanchanaburi / Nakhon Pathom. Then take left exit and drives along the road number 357 about 14 km, later arriving at the crossroad to the highway number 322.

Then turn left to enter the highway number 322 and head towards about 3.9 km until reaching Ban Tha Sadet School, then get the left fork to the highway number 3460 and drives about 13 km. The road will lead to the crossroad to the highway number 333, then turn right and drives about 42 km, then take the left fork on the highway number 3086, drives along the road about 15 km, later arriving at Phu Nam Ron Temple where is the location of the gangway of the destination. And from this spot is a 9-km non-asphalt road with the signages all along the way.


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